The Trumpets - In Or Out?

In aligning the trumpets to the sixth seal, there is a distinct sense of going against the grain: We think of the trumpets as historic judgements rather than limited to a particular point in time. However the trumpet judgements are "all blown at once" in heaven and spread out by the seven thunders in the world as we know it.

In aligning the circuit of the angel of the church to the period of the fourth/fifth seal and fifth/sixth trump (the setting up of the image system) there is the question of when the first four trumps were blown. How could they be out of sequence at all? The devices of the fourth seal line up with the third trump, so the sixth seal should align with the voicing of the fifth trump where we expect.

However the angel as the least is also elect and the restraint upon him is loosed within the sun octal by the seal elements, not as by the same devices of backsliding or disobedience across octals in the wider sea, revealed by the trumpets.

Then the restrainer is loosed on the reference octal only and the sea of 30 octals is not under divine restraint. It is a fact that the world as we know it (as leviathan) is without restraint except bridled as by God - and the body of Christ, blissful lumbering behemoth as it is in the world is careful and well kept, chief in the ways of God.

So, the trumpets are not blown with the judgement upon the world that they have broken and continue to break; (that leviathan is humanly untameable), but that the elect have overcome the devices on the earthy elements in completeness whereas those in the world that do not have Christ have been unrepentant. The trumps reference the judgements that Christ's angel has not only overcome - but that all whom belong to Christ have overcome the church (doctrine) that aligns to that device or trumpet. That is; that flock or "church" of revelation is left desolate behind them.

Then, the wrath may be poured out as we are not appointed to wrath. (Does this wait until all have overcome ?)

Then the seventh trumpet sounds when the very last has exited to philadelphia - and the angel or least, overcomes and the Church is judged. (The end of the third woe.)

Likewise, Do the trumpets indicate Christ exiting heaven to earth or arriving in earth from heaven? In heaven we may expect the trumps to be blown all at once and to be rearranged in sequence to arrive with judgement in the earth (with the oath of the same angel with the voice of seven thunders in reply. The angel does not fall that easy - heaven moves.) Christ one way or another, has His victory complete and blown with the trump of God when it is truly and finally witnessed with "It is done."

So, if the trumps are blown with the overcoming by the remnant of the false doctrine in the "church" (with which the angel had to overcome) - then as they are devices of satan they may be more or less universally known - (and the final state is to hold firm, with what one has already in doctrine rather than to keep looking.) I understand the blowing of a trump then is to be taken by understanding that the duration of the sixth seal (in which the remnant are sealed) indicates that same period of the ministry of the two witnesses that the same remnant must exit and be separate for sudden judgement (destruction) to come upon the Church image system.

Then we have sequence for the remnant to be preserved, sealed, exiting the church and overcoming false doctrine altogether under conviction by the Holy Spirit - drawn out by the least of the flock as witnessing the guilt of the devices of satan upon the churches by the words of two witnesses.

Jesus, in opening the seventh seal may receive a sevenfold fanfare as the act of opening the book of life is made - Christ has been victorious and the thunders give us our sense of sequence, heaven has its order, and Christ truly comes quickly, often before he is noticed! (As a thief.)

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