The Seven Trumpets

Now we have another conundrum: for the seven trumpets are presented in the text after the opening of the seventh seal. The devices of the seals are overcome by the angel as in sequence - and the trumpets represent the same devices over the octal sea of 30. In effect the circuit of the angel is one of a possible 200,000,000 in the count. What entails is that the trumpets are blown with the overcoming of all in the elect. (They undergo great tribulation during the ministry of the two witnesses.) This leads to the last trump on the last day.

Then it is apparent the angel overcomes the devices aligned with the churches as in the previous page (and its diagrams), whilst the generalised case over the sea is declared overcome by the appropriate trumpet. The trumps are handed out at the seventh seal and are blown together after the overcoming of the whole remnant (as in laodicea) made final with the last elect to leave laodicea to enter philadelphia: In fact on the last day. (As after the sixth seal with the ministry of the two witnesses.) The trumps then align with the viols of wrath.

The angel is just one person, it makes sense that the seven "churches" or "false doctrines" are co-existent in the timeline with the synagogue of satan. Then the angel begins his circuit in the time of the fifth seal corresponding to the device used upon Sardis in the first woe of the fifth trump (per the restrainer on the earthy elements then fully loosed) though he begins tested with the one seal system first as if he were tested with the alignment beginning "In Ephesus".

So we expect the least to be tried as if in the worst circumstances for gaining his faith.

So it appears the trumpets are blown only after the completion of the angel's circuit is applied in a general sense and the whole remnant follows him out. (with the judgement that the conditions of the letter to laodicea are "overcome".) The trumpets themselves represent the generalised form of the seal devices (in sequence as on one octal only - the angels circuit) now widened to all 30 octals and then witnessed as overcome for all by the two witnesses. The wrath is poured out alongside all conviction upon the not-saved in a manner that would convict them justly: Whereas the flock is convicted by the exit of the least - all remaining are convicted by the exit of all the elect from that "church" or those tenets of false doctrine. (The scale is also widened.)

So the angel completes his circuit during the full blown image system during the fifth seal, and the great tribulation is ongoing with the sixth seal after the thunders bring back the reckoning of wrath to align as we expect.

The angel himself is also present up to the opening of the sixth seal since we could assume he is worthy to be sealed (to be preserved through the trumpets) - and there is the utterance of the thunders for the alignment on his overcoming, but he may not be present after the fifth seal, We know that the angel overcomes (fifth seal) before the ministry of the two witnesses (in the sixth seal): It is then unlikely that the angel is present in the sixth and seventh.

The angel really is present during the image system and overcomes the same devices as in the seals and trumps - as the burden upon him is increasingly ratcheted up. He eventually overcomes the image system by exiting the church. Drop every conception that the seven churches align with the seals chronologically - in fact only the results of the seals as satans devices (to overcome) are put to the angel to test him. The trumpet devices are present in the first four seals and the angel overcomes these as if he were also overcoming the first four trumps. Likewise, the three woes are overcome by adequately staying within philadelphia: So with the time of the fifth and sixth seals in actual chronological sequence the preservation of the elect (the Fathers work) with the angel's circuit is aligned with the period of the fifth seal and due to the thunders the sixth seal is in alignment to the trumps and therefore the wrath.

Merely think of the seven trumpets after the sixth seal as (the completed overcoming of) the generalised case of that which the angel overcomes in the churches. Whilst they (as devices) were overcome in one single circuit of one seven cycle by the angel - the trumpets open that sequence over every seven cycle in every octal in and across seven symbols. Then the overcoming of the same devices are witnessed to by the two witnesses as within every octal. It is within these that the elect go through great tribulation and the "not saved" are simply left to go completely evil about them.

The "least" then overcomes the trumpet devices during the fifth seal. Those devices are opened or applied at the seventh seal and up to the resurrection (coming quickly) across the whole octal sea of 30. The wrath is then "solved for" as completing the seven cycle on the K4 group of seals, trumpets and viols under the action of the Holy Spirit - moved with seven thunders to place the wrath at the sixth seal.

The result is that the devices overcome by the very least are placed upon the 30 octals through which that "least" angel managed to hold firm to good doctrine with the restraint upon him totally loosed. As the angel overcomes, the same standard is demanded from all those in the "sea" as to likewise overcome those same devices as we see in the ministry of the two witnesses - and thus it is done justly. The effect is that the least overcame and all those that are punished in the wrath (and whom upon all it comes) are demanded to show a like standard of obedience to the angel's own. (All are then called to repent.)

So it is true even for the least that the Lord has a plan for him. By having the least overcome and leave the flock for philadelphia, God has convicted all in Christ that live under the same devices to come out and be separate: With the devices overcome, the trumpets then (and all at once) are blown with the final overcoming of all that are drawn out by the angel; after (during the fifth seal period) the least has left every fellowship and drawn out the whole flock. The wrath is then filled out to the vials with the seven trumpets answered justly. The mappings (works) onto identity or "rest" in the angel's cycle are just as valid over every octal. Thus the remnant is preserved at the fifth seal by the Father for His Son, by saving the very least, and the elect are all sealed during the sixth seal as not under those same trumpet judgements with which the vials of wrath are filled to be poured out upon "those wicked".

It is possible that although the plagues are the "reckoned answer" to the trumpet judgements upon those that dwell in the sea under those devices, the viols of wrath that are to be poured out may be poured out on the very last day.

The last trump is then just one of all seven with the voice of thunder; and the resurrection on the last day as stated in the new testament.

Rev 10:7 But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets. (KJV)

1Th 4:16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

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