The Restrainer Removed

As the kings of the north and south "spoke lies at one table" the text stated that this would not prosper until the time of the end - for it was "yet at the time appointed". The lies functioned on the basis that the unity element in the octal (instead of under its natural absorption in the octal's operation), is sent to the empty set instead - it is the removal of the unity element that allows the dialectic process to function as if logically. This is the removal of "the restrainer".

Dan 11:29 At the time appointed he shall return, and come toward the south; but it shall not be as the former, or as the latter. (KJV)

With the removal of the restrainer there is an implicitly defined set of tools for a pseudo-logical process (see the creationism area) that allows logical discussion on the basis that elements of fixed and absolute truth (as the unity element) may be discarded from the setting and truth decided merely on the basis of relativism, without any fixed position.

Now the removal of the restrainer is such that there are three possibilities in the octal for a unity element if one static subgroup holds fast. (Those elements not in the group itself.) Then, there are four stages to the dialectic process, and the position of antichrist that accumulates these four empty sets (in place of unity) in the octal becomes total nullity (the dialectic is a null process) - and this state is spiritual "Death". Then the system contradicts itself and the only truth is found in the static subgroup of Christ as "sat at the right hand of God the Father". (The only elements remaining.) Truly Christ is "the resurrection and the life".

This unfolding process of the restrainer being sequentially removed is the correct interpretation of the first four seals of revelation - with the famous "four horsemen" that ride out to conquer the people of God whom, with the restrainer removed are put into far more stringent selection on the basis of their ability to hold fast to the truth - the system that had the restrainer in place.

Great tribulation is "more selective" election into the kingdom of God - and we find naturally that "great" is an indicator of duration for the opening of the seals - culminating in the fifth and sixth seals with affirmation of martyrdom and part in the first resurrection - as the sealed found in the book of life.

So, as the king of the north functions neither as the former (in the terms of the "fortress") or as the latter (functioning as antichrist to implicitly obtain the static subgroup "fortress") obtaining the kingdom by flatteries - wee can expect that the last king functions purely as antichrist - with no regard for "the God of his fathers" - i.e. the correct operation of the octal that was in place previously.

In so doing with the removal of the restrainer we also expect that the last attempt of the king of the north is such as to supplant God - taking away the daily sacrifice and placing the abomination that makes desolate - a system that God will turn His back upon without question - In opposition to "Death" there is no "God" in the battle - but only the "Hell" that follows after.

So we may place the last king of the north into the NT timeline with the opening of the seals after the victory of Christ - and quite plainly we may refer to Revelation as our "cheat sheet" for the answers to the symmetries in the passage. We should also be mindful of the 1290 days as well - for these refer to the restrainer in place as surely as if the grace of God was unfailing to those that hold true to the octal as opposed to "The God of Forces" - the effort to make both left and right (or north and south) as an instrument of the king of the north's will - in the terms of dialectic thesis and antithesis - conjugating as gHg-1 with the "Hell" of the image system numbered 660+6 that he has created.

The end of the passage concludes with the king of the north sat in the central position fulfilling the 1335 days of the two systems of 666 to the left and right with the three "devices" forecast against north and south in the centre. What we expect then is for there to remain only one king in the centre facilitating between both positions as if he was God Himself - yet the effort of the king of the north is to make real the image system to the left and right - as if they were "true almost everywhere". The nature of the dialectic though is such that the empty set belongs to it in the octal which is the underlying truth - thus there is no ultrafilter in place as "the god of forces".

Then as we expect thesis vs antithesis to be in place to either side of the reference octal and its left hand counterpart - we see the king places his carnality (c.f. A5 in the image or carnal man) in the centre - thus we have to watch for the supplanting of the octal's operations with the king placing the group A5 in the centre - removing the unity element (taking away the daily sacrifice) and replacing it with the abomination that makes desolate. (the empty set). There remains one element then - and this takes the place of logic or the mind of the king which is replaced with the dialectic process itself.

Now, God is not removed easily - yet by the removal of the restrainer Christ exits when the system (the abomination) is set up - so that the abomination (the dialectic) and the desolation (removal of the daily sacrifice) are both equivalences, rather than cause and effect. It is the mind of antichrist and the carnality of man that God despises for its disobedience and rebellion - Free will can be dangerous for the soul if we choose to live without God.

The king of the north sets up the image to the beast - yet the "beast" in revelation has a deadly wound - can we see in the text how Christ did this? There is no hint of a deadly wound in the text so far - we simply see that the king sets up his devices and "will go to his end, and none will help him." Perhaps Christ stops fighting because He has completely defeated the attempt to set up His person as a "God of forces" - the result of the king - merely a man, dying in his sins is as far from a picture of Christ one could imagine. Man can never declare himself to be God.

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