The Abomination - A Little Help Given

Continuing on, the passage describes the help that will be given the believer against the king of the north's device that interrupts the operation of the field GF(8) - (Thus removing it's multiplication) which God acts upon by removing the unity element and the restraint upon His people with it.

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Dan 11:33 And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days.
Dan 11:34 Now when they shall fall, they shall be holpen with a little help: but many shall cleave to them with flatteries.
Dan 11:35 And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed. (KJV)

Now, they that understand we may relate to those that do exploits instructing many; in rows we have:

a = [a,b,c],[a,d,e],[a,f,g]
b = [b,e,g],[b,d,f],[a,b,c]
d = [b,d,f],[c,d,g],[a,d,e]
c = [a,b,c],[c,d,g],[c,e,f]
f = [a,f,g],[b,d,f],[c,e,f]
g = [a,f,g],[b,e,g],[c,d,g]
e = [a,d,e],[b,e,g],[c,e,f]

We may assume that the top row of "those that understand" among the people (of the northern octal) that oppose the supplanting of the octal by the ships of chittim (and the opposition by the king of the north to them) under action of the Holy Spirit in the seven cycle which is valid in the north, permutes their subgroups down through the rows above so that "many" are instructed to likewise stand upright in Christ.

Yet they fall by the "sword, flame, captivity and spoil" - the cosets of the ships of chittim under action by the same seven cycle likewise in cosets are preserved in the rows downward, so that we have in opposition to the "arms" that stand:

a = [a,b,c],[a,d,e],[a,f,g] and {c,e,g},{c,d,f},{b,e,f},{b,d,g}
b = [b,e,g],[b,d,f],[a,b,c] and {a,e,f},{c,f,g},{a,d,g},{c,d,e}
d = [b,d,f],[c,d,g],[a,d,e] and {a,b,g},{e,f,g},{b,c,e},{a,c,f}
c = [a,b,c],[c,d,g],[c,e,f] and {b,d,e},{a,e,g},{a,d,f},{b,f,g}
f = [a,f,g],[b,d,f],[c,e,f] and {a,c,d},{a,b,e},{b,c,g},{d,e,g}
g = [a,f,g],[b,e,g],[c,d,g] and {b,c,f},{a,b,d},{d,e,f},{a,c,e}
e = [a,d,e],[b,e,g],[c,e,f] and {d,f,g},{b,c,d},{a,c,g},{a,b,e}

Thus those instructed wisely are opposed by the four cosets that in rows form octals incompatible with the seven cycle acting in columns. In like manner we see that universally applied across every possible seven cycle (many days) the people are opposed and they somewhat fall - (They on the whole are countered i.e. "taken" by the supplanting of the seven cycle by the king of the north's device against the ships.)

Now the seven cycle in each row (with the singleton on the left as unity) under frobenius cycles the three groups on the left so that they are helped with "a little help" They also in the columns have the same groups cycled (as familiarly as before - in the northern octal we have [b,d,f] static) so that the rows corresponding to b, d and f cycle also.

In place as the "little help" we have a floating unity element in the singletons on the left so that every possible static subgroup in the north (corresponding to the choice of unity) under the seven cycle acting on columns is static in their rows also.

What is common to those that fall? Clearly in both rows and columns those that hold to the K4 form of the three groups in both octals (the columns and one of the rows) there is but one element to consider - the unity element stands out . In place we now have the restrainer - as a "little help". The position of the unity element in the northern octal under the action of the seven cycle on the columns corresponds to only one choice of left hand (southern octal) from the four columns formed of the ships.

Now there are eight seven cycles acting on each octal. Now, we introduce that there are two seven cycles that hold fixed the northern octal and each of the four columns forming possible southern octals as in the "estate of the south".

Now, the ships are such that they cleave to the triples of groups in each row to join to make a different octal - and under action by seven cycles downwards these people are arranged by candidates for the southern octal - we transform back to the unshuffled octal of the north and it's oppostition by the ships as we saw them first.

[b,d,f] = {c,e,g} or {a,e,g} or {a,c,g} or {a,c,e}
[c,d,g] = {a,e,f} or {b,e,f} or {a,b,f} or {a,b,e}
[c,e,f] = {a,b,g} or {b,d,g} or {a,d,g} or {a,b,d}
[a,f,g] = {b,d,e} or {c,d,e} or {b,c,e} or {b,c,e}
[b,e,g] = {a,c,d} or {c,d,f} or {a,d,f} or {a,c,f,}
[a,d,e] = {b,c,f} or {c,f,g} or {b,f,g} or {b,c,g}
[a,b,c] = {d,f,g} or {e,f,g} or {d,e,g} or {d,e,f}

And those that implicitly define the static subgroup (on the left) found in the four cases of the triples (ships) {x,y,z} are the same that "cleave to them with flatteries".

The little help given of the floating unity element ensures that there will always be a "left hand" or southern octal opposing the king of the north. Yet we see that the many that "cleave" to them with flatteries are these triples above that cling to whichever subgroup is static - corresponding to the floating unity and the choice of column. We can assure ourselves that the same 28 triples are present outside of the 7 in the north - as they are also accounted for in both orderings of the "ships". (there are but 35 ways to choose 3 from 7 ... then 35 - 7 = 28.)

The little help is for them to hold fast in the northern octal (obviously) so that they will logically stand for "many days". God, in giving His people a floating unity ensures that for many cycles (of seven - days in a week) the three groups of those with understanding are appropriately cycled in triples under frobenius also.

Now, some of those of understanding indeed fall. In the northern octal under say the seven cycle (a,b,d,c,f,g,e) the rows corresponding to [b,d,f] are static - but also those that correspond to the elements of {c,e,g} are cycled statically also. (In order to try them aside from those that cleave to them with flatteries)

a = [a,b,c],[a,d,e],[a,f,g] and {c,e,g},{c,d,f},{b,e,f},{b,d,g}
b = [b,e,g],[b,d,f],[a,b,c] and {a,e,f},{c,f,g},{a,d,g},{c,d,e}
d = [b,d,f],[c,d,g],[a,d,e] and {a,b,g},{e,f,g},{b,c,e},{a,c,f}
c = [a,b,c],[c,d,g],[c,e,f] and {b,d,e},{a,e,g},{a,d,f},{b,f,g}
f = [a,f,g],[b,d,f],[c,e,f] and {a,c,d},{a,b,e},{b,c,g},{d,e,g}
g = [a,f,g],[b,e,g],[c,d,g] and {b,c,f},{a,b,d},{d,e,f},{a,c,e}
e = [a,d,e],[b,e,g],[c,e,f] and {d,f,g},{b,c,d},{a,c,g},{a,b,e}

Now, if the rows corresponding to [b,d,f] are static (with a = 1) then the rows corresponding to c, e or g are amongst those that are in opposition as a triple in a "bow" only. (They fall) Those that remain in the static subgroup [b,d,f] are those that are tried and purged and made white - with the exclusion of those that are outside (as antichrist) in whichever column of the ships they belong - as in their original ordering (i.e. one of {c,e,g},{a,c,e},{a,c,g},{a,c,e}).

Now this process occurs even until the time of the end - for the restrainer is in place in this situation - it is not removed but indeed shows how many are excluded from the election of grace though no doubt well meaning.

We have found how in floating four choices of unity (in opposition to an octal) may be induced by a third agency - the ships of chittim. We truly have in the case of such a collision a "setting up" of the set of "bows" or "ships" that across every possible octal numbers 666.

Now we may relate to the 1290 days - that universally in each octal (a candidate for the north) There are eight groups C7 acting as multiplication. In seven groups generated across rows by one group as in our "angel's circuit" we trace out 42 elements of mutiplication and one unity element. (The excluded group of C7 transforms the others amongst themseles and is implicitly defined.) Then we have a total of 43 elements over 30 octals and we find 43*30 = 1290.

Now, the "ships" of chitim as they are defined are then arranged in four columns (which includes the south as one of them) but are reordered in opposition to form octals in rows. Each column originally had two valid C7 groups acting with it on the northern octal. Somehow, we have reshuffled so that we have found seven octals incompatible with the original seven cycle of the north. (we may do so by switching two members in the 7-cycle)

Now, we must be able to state that these rows formed by transposing elements correspond somehow to these incompatible octals.

for beginning with [a,b,c],[a,d,e],[a,f,g],[b,e,g],[b,d,f],[c,d,g],[c,e,f] we switch any pair of elements (b and c here) and find a new octal: [a,b,c],[a,d,e],[a,f,g],[c,e,g],[c,d,f],[b,d,g],[b,e,f]

Now there are 21 ways to choose two from seven for such a switch: resulting in 21 possible octals - yet switching (b,c), (d,e) and (f,g) all have the same effect - so we have certainly defined seven new octals. (Upon which no seven cycle on the north is valid.)

In respect: these seven alternate octals in the rows are formed by two transpositions - one to the north and another from it. Performing this upon a seven cycle yields

(a,b,d,c,g,f,e) to (a,b,d,c,f,g,e) to (a,d,b,c,f,g,e) say.

Then (a,b,f,e,d,c,g) is likewise incompatible with (a,b,d,c,g,f,e)

Yet each row is formed by the action of the northern seven cycle. Finding seven cycles that operate on the rows,

a = [a,b,c],[a,d,e],[a,f,g] and {c,e,g},{c,d,f},{b,e,f},{b,d,g} say (a,b,d,c,g,f,e)
b = [b,e,g],[b,d,f],[a,b,c] and {a,e,f},{c,f,g},{a,d,g},{c,d,e} say (b,d,c,f,e,g,a)
d = [b,d,f],[c,d,g],[a,d,e] and {a,b,g},{e,f,g},{b,c,e},{a,c,f} say (d,c,f,g,a,e,b)
c = [a,b,c],[c,d,g],[c,e,f] and {b,d,e},{a,e,g},{a,d,f},{b,f,g} say (c,f,g,e,b,a,d)
f = [a,f,g],[b,d,f],[c,e,f] and {a,c,d},{a,b,e},{b,c,g},{d,e,g} say (f,g,e,a,d,b,c)
g = [a,f,g],[b,e,g],[c,d,g] and {b,c,f},{a,b,d},{d,e,f},{a,c,e} say (g,e,a,b,c,d,f)
e = [a,d,e],[b,e,g],[c,e,f] and {d,f,g},{b,c,d},{a,c,g},{a,b,e} say (e,a,b,d,f,c,g)

and reordering them

We may more easily see that there are subgroups in the intersection of any two rows (therefore there are always three common subgroups in each pair of rows) So the situation is generally universal - under the ships of chittim, it may be stated that there are no seven cycles in common between any two such rows - we have no "god of forces".

What does this mean? Simply that the 1290 days are unique to one octal and its possible candidates for the south. - And with these seven other octals in rows, there is no common seven cycle to construct the 1290 days upon these "ships of chittim". The Lord is commanding to stand firm - not to scatter or find fellowship with those that are oppose God.

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