This section details the seals of revelation in terms of the underlying algebra and symmetries of the octal. The octal is held fixed whilst the identity element of multiplication is cycled across the additive elements. This is referred to as "floating unity".

The Seals - Shifting Identity
The floating identity is explained in terms of colouring (cf the first four seals - the horsemen) as well as stating the argument that John saw a "bow" as like a cycle of three singleton elements. Our first true "word picture" is unlocked.

The Tail Of The Dragon Is Constructed
The "bows" of antichrist accumulate into the final "bows" of the four horsemen. Outside of Christ we see that the dragon or satan has only one real device with which to deceive and confuse mankind.

The Removal Of The Restrainer
A brief explanation of the restrainer upon the people of God. There is a subtle difference between the seals and the trumpets: the trumpets align to only the first four seals whilst the restraint upon God's wrath is loosened with the last three seals. We can only watch and pray, whereas the church goes to its determined end. It is a sad fact that satan is not out of work just yet - he has been empire building in the background to take advantage of the seals and the restrainer and attempt to leaven the church to the utmost... However, that said; he is no good at timing, and is not able to coincide his own with God's own schedule. (In the heavens.)

Behold A Pale Horse
We see for the first time how the structure of GF(8) is rich with numerical outcomes. The opposition to the K4 subgroups of Christ in the octal have a very convincing numbering; indicating that this model is the same of which John wrote.

Last Three Seals - Alignment
The last three seals correspond to the resurrection and life (then sabbath rest) found in Jesus Christ. This structure appears many times in revelation. Keep it in mind - as Jesus is God Himself, and He alone is worthy to open the book of life.

The Last Three Seals - The Resurrection
The opened book of life shows that those left alive and remaining (the 144,000) are "sealed". The 144 is not an arbitrary number but is a consequence of the symmetries of GF(8) with its subgroups. The 24 elders of the heavenly throne scene are separate - but we find this factor of 1000 appears - and also the outpouring of grace with it.

The Last Three Seals - Triune
There is evidence in the scenes of heaven of the seals that show that Christ Himself unlocks the resurrection blameless before His Father. His triune structure in infinite regression is shown in the sequence of seals trumpets and viols - we see that the sequence finishes with the seventh element of each heptad, as one common element to all three sequences - the resurrection of the saints themselves. The last three seals each correspond to a member of the trinity. Revelation contains the mystery of God finished and complete, truly - it is a "Revealing."

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