Life To The Image IV

So far we have constructed the five refining churches into the sensual body together with the source of leaven as the mind of one construction - the image. The dialectic process forms the final six elements that are the core of the image systems and form the woman riding the beast's heart. There are 120 choices of three from ten kings: and it quickly becomes apparent that although each one of these sets of triples may align with a permutation of the churches as would temptation on the senses that there is no apparent mechanism to match the elements of S5 in the churches by which we conjugate the group A5 with those triples of kings.

That is, until we introduce the believer into the process. The believer may take the place of the "empty chair" in the system of the seventh king after which the consensus of all five (+1) churches (kings) follow as one mind after. This empty seventh chair is the result of facilitated meetings using two antagonists and a facilitator, (our three kings.) Often this is simply the analogue of a church meeting with a vote.

The believer is then in the unique position that he is presented with the permutation on the churches with which he may uniquely and naturally identify as with his carnal self upon his own senses. Anyone in the dialectic process may quickly find after many years that similar ongoing conditioning in this world (speaking and acting out the one same process) releases dopamine - by which we learnt once to love sin. In some cases it became second nature to expand the sensual experiences, but uniquely the forgotten thrill of ducking the Father's authority as a child is more damaging to the spiritual self than the benefit of learning ones own limits:

Long forgotten pleasure from "middle fingering the kingdom of God" as the ultimate Father's patriarchal system is in view here, and even though as children we were once unable to conceive of our own finite lives; (so we had known the clear mind of the Father) we took pleasure in dishonouring our earthly fathers authority and now in the dialectic process we find again the dopamine that promises our senses revival but should set our minds alarms bells ringing.

So, in the heady mix of group consensus (to conjugate the heart as with inverses) and carry every question of doctrine and acceptance over the whole of the fellowship of every sort; we have the mind or heart of the image (woman) as actually in bijective alignment with the heart of the believer, and not the scripture in any case. The scripture has been relegated to the "empty seventh chair" and is within the process reduced to the believers conscience or his heart, the word put to the vote as if it were just someone's opinion.

Now, the "logical mind" of the woman is the synagogue of satan to be worked through the churches as the source of leaven. The same process of three from ten kings is in view here also, yet one church is swapped out for the synagogue. Again, in any group vote, pleasure defeats pain when such process is under steered facilitation and the heart that chooses is deceitfully wicked - (whom can know it?) The believer does not realise the depths of satan, (known as they are spoken.) And the result is that the Lord's people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

So, the kings as the mind of the image generate the carnal heart of the woman riding the beast to complete her number from 660 to 666. The mind of antichrist numbers 666 but only 120 of those are available for each position of unity in the octal. (Those sets are clearly not disjoint.) Then the kings themselves require the fellowship in question to come to consensus on each question of conjugation of the images churches (including the synagogue) upon which the heart of the believer is aligned and then manipulated into carrying the motion, to accept doctrine and welcome others as a source of leaven in now universal apostasy.

The result is that each believer becomes imbued with the spirit of the false prophet and the church operates on the principle of dopamine release - and none of the pleasure or pain from it relies on the truth or falsehood of doctrine, all is a result of following the group or the risk of breaking relationships.

The cycle is then completed when the life given the image is as the alignment between the expectation of the heart of the believer and the result of the process. The "life" that flows though the alignment with the image's churches is dopamine in the believer.

The number of the false prophet in the mind of antichrist (as bow triples outside of Christ) is 666, the number of the human heart with the double mind is numbered 660+6 = 666 and finally the number of the image to the beast set up by the false prophet is the number of (a) man and is also 666. The believer in the system is the false prophet spirit itself; in essence the spirit of the false prophet has induced the believer into believing that they themselves will accomplish the vision of God, and not God Himself. Truly a shortfall of the human mind.

In order to inspire the believer the false prophet has induced a move of the fellowships to the final result of "ye shall be as gods" after they themselves were made to decide the path God's people should take, (on good intentions only). The uptake of the system with the group consensus under the alignment to the individual's heart is a mimicry of the Holy Spirit's own comfort - a warm, and fuzzy feeling is something an adult expects their pets to feel when they are stroked, why would satan consider us God's pets? Why can't we learn better?

With the lying result of the false prophets inducements or seduction there is the truth that the process ends in that result and only that result. Entering into the process is sin, as well as the end of it: there is no going back on the institutionalised and unrepentant blasphemy of the Holy Spirit as within the system - it must be left forever or undone. Now, which would you succeed in?

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