Divided Into Three Parts

When the seventh vial is poured out, the city is divided into three parts. One of the dialectic bows surely fails because the 666 system is outside of Christ in the octal. The city which numbers 666 has its fourth part mapped to the empty set when the Lamb is separated from the octal and the octal is removed with all creation put under Christ as GF(4).

The cities of the nations fall, every corporation which employs the dialectic process also falls (from grace as well as function) and become also the recipients of wrath, being leavened in the same manner as with the recognition "of equality to the image" by the NWO global beast's legal approval.

The city of "Mystery Babylon" becomes the object of God's wrath as seen in all its manifest guises as in worldly corporations. Every high place of worship (mountains) and refuge in the sea (an island, as a particular set of four "eathy" elements from any octal in the sea) flee from this judgement in fear - there is no corporation that is defensible before God's wrath - all are guilty of drinking the maddening wine of the woman's fornication with the dragon and the beast. As "artificial persons" God has nothing but indignation for them.

There is a monumental plague of hail that follows. The hail is representative of the right hand subgroups under multiplication by a seven cycle. We are now in the K4 ultrafilter of the elect - but those ungodly that are still in the "sea" under the vials of wrath are being acted upon by the Holy Spirit that treads the winepress, effectinvely "tightening it" as it is cycled across the seven subgroups of the octal, so that the seven vials are relatively cycled to eradicate the elements outside the K4 ultrafilter. After seven of these movements of hail, the octal is completely emptied and its contents destroyed whilst the remnant of spiritual Israel is preserved in the K4 ultrafilter (or GF(4)).

We can assume these seven plague elements of "hailstones" each the weight of a talent - are as the full reward of election due Christ in the K4 ultrafilter from every other sealed believer or choice of unity in the octal. The talent in weight of gold is the debt of forgiveness offset to forgive each believer his own faults - and is the gift of God. In gaining a talent besides, the believer does no work of conversion but forgives one other person all his debt. (we do so to many we know not where they are) Likewise the plague of hail separating the forgiven from those that can never be forgiven (and are never elect or in the least called) falls upon those dwelling outside of Christ justly. Notwithstanding the debt they owe, they still blaspheme God being unforgiven.

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