Voices, Thunderings, Lightnings And Earthquakes

As far as identifying the elements in the text in this page's title goes, "voices" may seem to be either the most obvious or perhaps the most ambiguous of terms. We must first clearly define what is meant by the thunderings, lightnings and earthquakes in the text of revleation.

Thunderings represent a movement from one "state" of heaven to another state; that is, either the static subgroup in the "sun" octal is permuted in the octal under multiplication or there is a mapping from one of the six multiplicative elements onto unity. "Thunderings" then become synonymous with "overcoming" or an attainment of a "rest state" as in unity or the movement of a rest state as to another.

Lightnings are a "falling or casting down" from unity or the static subgroup within the sun octal to one or more of the four elements represented by the four beasts about the throne; lightning is a "movement from heaven to the earth", (simple enough.)

An "earthquake" is a movement of the earth, (simple, right?) It represents a multiplication of the four "earthy" elements (including unity) by an element of a seven cycle. It is movement from the coset of the static subgroup in the octal to another different set of four elements (i.e. one of the arrangements of the four beasts about the throne as under movement in the sense of their "six wings". One can safely assume the action of unity is excluded since movement is implied. (NB: Such a coset of a K4 subgroup may not be mapped onto a proper K4 subgroup under multiplication by our seven cycles.)

"Voices" however are somewhat enigmatic. They appear whenever there are facts given about things to come, when the nature of the true state of things is explained or when an angel intercedes with John to give us the benefit of understanding. There are also moments where "thunders" have voices! What could this mean in general?

"Voices" occur (the one remaining case) when there is no movement implied in the octal whatsoever. The trumpets sound with voices, but since there is nothing "spoken" we may omit these cases, (although technically the trumpets do show further movement of the octal, but it is the case that the trumpets reveal the "Earthly" equivalent of the opening up of the seals. The trumpets allow the results of the seals (now open) to be shown in the "sea" of octals through the relation of subgroups in "the left hand" octal to the right hand singletons. The trumpets assume a "fixed unity" in the "sun octal" and shift static subgroups - they show the consequences of the seals opened in heaven upon the earth.)

When thunders have voices, specifically in the cases of the overcoming of the "strong angel" of the church; we state that "heaven" doesn't move under the thundering (by the operation of seven cycles), rather the throne (from which most of the thunders in revelation are uttered) is in stasis yet the angel having overcome is now at "rest" as before the throne. It is the angel that has moved onto "unity" and has overcome - his lampstand (of the seven stars) is one of the two that stand before God; The other being the one comprised of all the seven churches or as a single church (actually the unity element), that of Laodicea. The seven stars would generate the seven thunders, though the states of the 24 elders in view are "static". In this sense the angel is the "moved" and "heaven" stands upright, even though in these times the kingdom is likened to ten virgins.

Thundering voices may then show that the kingdom of heaven stands unmoved by evil on earth or in the heavenlies, and that the victory of God and His Christ Jesus, is complete: Heaven is not in danger of falling any time soon.


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