The Fourth Vial Of Wrath

The fourth angel pours out his vial upon the sun. Power is given unto him to scorch men with fire. Here we see the complete arrival of the wrath of God as upon the non-elect believers themselves dwelling only in the octal.

The sun octal is composed of GF(8) with seven floating unities. The fourth vial is poured out on every element, showing that there is no healing in the tree of life for the elements of every octal (in a correctly ordered correspondence) - as including those that dwell in the four earthly elements as well as those whom are "in christ" but in the two parts cut off. All three congruences to unity of the serpent spirits (last three trumpets) are also as with the wrath poured out upon them. There is no possibility of election, as the K4 ultrafilter is the only one in which spiritual life is preserved.

The elements of fire (or the Holy Spirit) is given to the angel to scorch men with fire and great heat. At every attempt to enter the rest of Christ through a map towards unity (a non-identity element or inverse), election in Christ as unity of the K4 ultrafilter is enough to preserve those alive that are chosen and to exclude from life those that would dwell in the spiritual "Death "of the serpent spirits.

The effect of being burned with fire is to be brushed aside with astoundingly great force. Men blaspheme the name of God (in trinity by denying Christ and the Holy Spirit as well as the Father.) Because the heat and force of this exclusion has truly caught them "between a rock and a hard place". In refusing to repent and give God glory they testify to their lack of regard for triune God and the gospel.

So how are those in Christ as unity preserved through this vial? Firstly the K4 ultrafilter is now separated from the octal - although to be unity (election) in Christ is to be found as unity in the octal, it is not done so only in correct correspondence of the octal's static subgroup to one of four choices of unity. Rather it corresponds to the intersection of the two filters. If the sun is burned as to every element, that does not imply that the K4 ultrafilter is also burned: merely that the unity of the octal (and of every left hand unity element as well) is now made separate! The octal becomes completely impassable as a route to life from death, not as for the continuation of life to life found in Christ.

The altar of the lamb as slain before the throne is completed in its effect and the lamb is seen in this vial to be now standing on mount Zion with His 144,000 elect as shown in chapter 14. There is no further requirement for Christ to be offered in place of an elect. It is now true that the Earth has become His footstool, as the dwelling place of His enemies. Now His enemies are made His footstool over all the earth, He no longer is required to sit at the Father's right hand.

a = 1 = [a,b,c]
b = [a,d,e]
c = [a,f,g]

The earthly elements {d,e,f,g} form the footstool - the two parts cut off in the K4 ultrafilter are those in the Father's octal as {d,e,f,g} and are separated from the election to God's people as unity. (many are called but few chosen.) The face of Christ [a,b,c] is turned towards His people who take the place of the unity element.

The Father is preparing to switch out His primacy over creation for that of His Son's at the judgement, when everything will be made new once Jesus once again subjects all to His Father once it is sanctified by judgement. That is another subject, but it is important to note that that event is on the spiritual horizon.

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