A Sharp Two Edged Sword

So the introduction of John and His description of Jesus as having a sharp two edged sword coming out of His mouth is to be taken to mean that the same sword cuts both ways. Firstly, the command to come out and be separate is fulfilled by every elect believer that reads the revelation and is convicted in the spirit by the letter to Laodicea: And also the same words of Christ have cut off from His sabbath rest the unbelieving and tare - the Laodicean conglomerate that will never overcome.

The deadly wound inflicted upon the beast in the chapters to come is done so by the sharp two edged sword from Jesus' mouth - the command to be separate from the beast gives the beast of satan's jealousy a deadly wound. (It is a command followed by the elect). Also, the beast has its deadly wound "healed" so that it may function; albeit limping on. The replacement of the Philadelphian remnant and of course, the angel is bound up in the spirit of antichrist and the false prophet. (Which will be examined elsewhere.)

The wound of the beast as healed is done so with a "fake church" or rather a fake remnant of Israel - which takes its place in the Laodicean conglomerate as the synagogue of satan as Jesus alluded. The leavening influence that begins this process is the nation state of Israel. However, This is not the fault of the Jews or the non believing Christ rejecting Israeli citizenry. They for the most part are completely innocent of this rehash of satan's double mind. Israel remains outside the 666 system over the churches so that satan can use the synagogue within the 666 system to leaven the churches with Israel as a previously enginneered baseline. (Here's one i made earlier...etc) . This is not to state that satan does not work on Israel, he has done so since the day of Israel's birth. Rather in the particular system of the image over the churches with which Christ is principally concerned in His letters, Israel is a separate spiritual position. ("I would thou wert rather hot or cold".)

Israel simply provided the opportunity for satan to mix in false doctrine into the church - it is not their fault: (whereas more damage to the gospel is done by quasi-christian Jews teaching others to become circumcised and teaching against grace as in the early church of Paul's day.) The state of Israel for their part is as a single grain of leaven (yeast) that has been massaged into the dough of the church patiently by satan until the whole dough has tasted of it. It is the Christian's fault however that they have allowed their churches to take up all manner of leaven and add it into the kingdom of heaven in order to complete the work of satan for him.

The wound is to the beast's influence on the true kingdom of heaven is as over Philadelphia: The process of leavening is the real enemy: becoming separate from the process is the correct way to establish oneself in God's good graces. The process of this leavening is described in the body of the book to come: as well as the consequences of the work of the cross - answers as to why these fake doctrines are permitted.

The book of revelation has three sections, seals, trumpets and vials of wrath. The seventh is a transitional stage to the first of the next sequence. We can equate each seventh in the sequence from a C7 group as the identity or rest period: In fact the identity of the C7 group in question does no work in the spirit: it is "static". It is also the start of its own sequence and every other subsequent sequence of seven since the elements are under action by the identity element continually. (It sends every spirit in C7 to itself, even itself). That means the initial state of each sequence is similar to the action of identity, (as were the angel starting in Laodicea, or in the same spiritual state.)

The end of each sequence and the beginning of the next is coincident with the starting from rest of each sequence. Thus sequence is mathematically coincident in these C7 cycles, so we have plenty to look out for! The first six in each sequence are those non-identity elements that are not at rest as is identity, therefore we start at identity and finish where we started! (with the overlay of a new cycle). The seventh or rest is as such, like a background to the imagery shown in word pictures.

Each of the seven letters have some form of commandment for the believer to overcome. Laodicea's letter commands the believer to be refined in the fire - (persevere through suffering) in order to refine his personally held doctrine. Also to be clothed with the righteousness of Christ (fine linen - to be of good standing before God) and to open the "eyes" through the anointing of eye-salve (an indicator that all is not well at the OK corral) that is, to get some discernment.

These three things would permit the "angel" or messenger/minister to spot the false apostles of Ephesus (to receive discernment to recognise Christ and eat from the tree of life for spiritual healing), suffer for Christ in Smyrna, (and not suffer in hell, being delivered - as losing ones life for Christ's sake), withstand the synagogue of satan in Pergamos, and to recognise the true Israel of Christ's body, (being rewarded with tokens of election to the body of Christ). The church in Thyatira is in risk of being absorbed by a larger church with the false doctrine of "Jezebel" a false prophetess: (The angel is charged to reject the doctrine openly. and is rewarded with good judgement over many things having been faithful in a few - and also given the inheritance of "morning star" a title of Christ, as a coheir)

Then in Sardis the letter commands that the believer although of good reputation has much to repent of - that doctrine has become intermingled with the cares of the world - the believers have become too comfortable in a worldly setting, and their doctrine must be trimmed back down and refreshed in the manner it was first heard. (being rewarded with open recognition in the realm of heaven rather than of the world, with assured salvation.) Then Philadelphia is assured of good standing and is commanded to hold firmly and retain that which they have so that they will not lose their inheritance in Christ, (being rewarded with a full measure of inheritance in the resurrection as a coheir in Christ.) whilst Laodicea awaits for those that do none of these things. Laodicea is rewarded with the right to enter heaven and be reigning with Christ: which is a common reward of all his sons and daughters. He will live and reign with them for not just a thousand years, but forever.

Each of the letters begins with a description of Christ in His own words to encourage the angel. the Ephesus letter assures the messenger that He is in the right hand of Christ,.. that he is given assurance of success if he is faithful. The second to Smyrna assures that Christ is the resurrection and life - that the suffering he faces is rewarded no matter how bleak it looks (as by the angel starting out), to Pergamos that Christ is able to cut asunder false apostles with the words He places in the mouth of his Elect - (The angel must have overcome in Smyrna in like manner.) To Thyatira that Christ has zeal in like manner as the angel has shown against Pergamos, fighting with his mouth - whose feet are like fine brass (He has done all the hard work).

Then Christ assures the messenger in Sardis that He has the seven spirits of God - now the angel is being assured that the authority he has attained is from Christ - not to his own credit but as Christ's servant, not to become "puffed up". To Philadelphia Christ assures the messenger that He chooses whom enters heaven and whom is kept without (as to the door to the palace of the king), and that the messenger is most welcome as long as he holds fast his election by grace. To Laodicea Christ introduces himself as the "Amen" the holy one of Israel, the first and true witness of all creation, Which can only be answerable by repentance if a man claims to know how to direct his own steps. Thus we see the identity-state of rest is set for the overcoming of all the other churches and as the reward of all who are just starting to listen to God.

This phenomena is the "six, seven, eight cycle" as coined by James Lloyd of the apocalypse chronicles radio show on Christian Media Network - many thanks to James and for his ministry in revealing the pattern!

Then we simply acknowledge that the final state remaining (Laodicea) is also the starting state of the church 7-cycle - it repeats and continues indefinitely. Spiritually the cycle both ceases and begins with the leaving of the "least of the flock" as Jeremiah ch:49 and ch:50 puts it.

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