Burn In Hell?

I will make this page short and sweet, as you have no doubt jumped to the end of the section to see how things end,.. and the provocative title certainly catches the eye if not the imagination. That said, leave your imagination aside for now and take stock of the text in front of you, for the devil is always and forever set upon those he may devour, and a sober and vigilant mind will always be upright after he has done his worst.

The imagery of a lake of burning sulphur in the book of revelation does not indicate a hell of red pajamas, flames and pitchforks. The imagery speaks of the last system of religion (the image riding the beast) becoming the eternal reward of all those who seek God within it that dwell in perpetual blasphemy. Whilst God has removed from the "Church" all those He has called to Himself, It is the then closed system of the image (and the beast) that is the lake of fire. We may disassemble the criteria that up until now have been misinterpreted by those seeking to paint a picture of God as a cruel tyrant - It is true in fact that satan has held sway over the Church for a far greater length of time than any would admit: For even today religion teaches the enlightened that God is not enlightened, and the rightly peaceful that they should not be at peace.

There is most certainly a "Hell", do not mistake me on that; (it being impossible to please God without faith upon Jesus Christ alone.) the problem is that the Church has been operating the same system of Hell that is their eternal reward, and whilst it is prepared for the Devil and his angels, it is only true that this ultimate spittle in God's face is the only such organised religion that satan has any real part in that threatens God's sovereignty, and at which He takes exception. The rest of organised religion is not God's concern, they not being chosen as God's own..

So, lets look at the terms the "Church" has broken;

"Lake" That which is left after the (octal) sea is gathered into one place, the "sea of glass" in the text as of God's presence. The "Lake" is the area in the spiritual realm where the wine-press of God's wrath is trodden out.

"Fire" That fire is the action of the "spirit" that is "reaching up" to God and to His throne. We see then that the smoke which rises up does so forever and never reaches the paradise of God. (being far from incense, for the obvious reason that...)

"Burning Sulphur" Hell stinks, there is no water to drink, God is completely absent. Also, there is no other reason for "sulphur" other than to generate the smoke that obscures God's spirit in the fifth trump sequence. The sulphur is the replacement for the life given by God in heptad cycles. (I.e. the group S5 is the "sulphur" and the fire is the action of the image by numbering 660+6. Mimicking sin.)

"Destroyed in Hell" People condemned to Hell are no longer a concern for God, and may be "closed in" within an eternity separate rather than present with God in eternal life. We see Death and Hell are thrown into the same lake, this would imply that the universe becomes a prison for the curses of God upon it, and the blessings given the Israel of God are no longer to be granted them by grace.

The "rich man in Hell." Jesus' own teaching on the rich man in torment refers not to the lake of fire but to the rubbish heap outside of Jerusalem, "Gehenna". The man is found burning with all the trash unable to find refreshment or rescue. That draws the bottom line under the extent to which God (Christ) taught on the matter.

The authority of God as we have been given it only applies to those upon which the kingdom is bestowed. We hold true L(G) as an axiom, and it makes plausible sense that the lake of fire is to be greatly feared not for the torment that has been associated with it, but for the ease at which the believer may be found to have backslidden or fallen into the mire of doctrine that I stated the devil has cooked up these past two millennia.

God has chosen His people... the rest are not "saved" yet they In my experience have less to fear than the Church itself, which should be fearful at the extent to which they are deceived having had their inheritance stolen from them or having been beguiled, with it taken from out of their grasp. And we should all likewise fear the one God whom has power to cast into hell, for the ease at which it is then done, leaving us to become excluded from Jesus and the grace of eternal life He gives freely.

We are taught Hell is "outer darkness" where "their worm can not die". There is then no access to God and no refreshing of a life that is ultimately aging and unfruitful. It can not be said it is torment, unless that torment is to have God withdraw so that peaceful and full life is unattainable. Can life be "rotten"? We know that it can be; here and now, but rotten for eternity? If man finds eternal life and health through science, I despair that such a life would appear rotten to the core in the long run. I would rather choose Christ and the rewards that go with Him. Good health and long life do not bring one peace.

The "weeping and gnashing of teeth" Christ's revelation mentions shows that the "Church" cast out into their eternal reward just can not come to terms with such a rejection by God at the judgment. For most everyone else (except the saved) Hell will just be "what the doctor ordered."

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