Power To Tread On Serpents And Scorpions

Now, Christ promised to the 70 disciples He had sent out that they were given power, affirming on their return that power is to "tread on serpents and scorpions. "

The angel we see stood on the earth and sea is imbued with similar authority - such that the sixth seal "serpents" which dwell on the octal sea and the fifth seal "locusts" which dwell in the land, (forming S5 with the fallen star opening the pit), are under that same God given authority.

God's authority given in this respect is absolute: there is no sense of "take it or leave it" which is the case with which the gospel is disseminated to potential human believers. These spirits are fallen, and have no power over the believer, as that power is already broken. In abstraction, they make no sense and the door is wide open to leave their influence.

That said, it is not an easy thing to simply laugh in satan's face, and some weaponry is given the believer as it is warranted. I have somewhat of a little book myself when this is a matter for concern. In Ephesians ch.6 We are given the verses encouraging the believer to put on the whole "armour of God" for protection.

What my little book states is that the believer does not wear this armour, but God Himself - whom is ready to fight for us.

Gods armour, if you like, is the protection God wears to shroud His person from "hurt" from the physical material universe. Whilst God dwells everywhere, He is withdrawn to some extent from experiencing the full workings of His cursed creation, yet He has the potential to witness everything. God, however does not do so, for He has sometimes come down to see if the "cry of it" has been according to the rumour of the sin. (in Sodom for example.)

In similar manner, the creation is made for Christ's enjoyment, yet half of the octal group in the Father is "outside of the static K4 group".

So then, we see in the revelation the presence of the last "half hour" of silence in heaven (a measure of the emptiness of the Godhead's symmetry, the nullity that is the difference between Christ and His Father) of the region that is become "the lake of fire", that same coset of K4 that is trodden as the wine-press of God as the sea of glass is manifested.

We have a three fold prayer to combat all the opposition of the Devil. First, we must make absolutely sure of our own salvation as Ephesians states. We must be sure that the prayer does not backfire on us. (If we are not worthy, will God fight for us or against us?) For we implore God to break His armour into shards, then to seal the enemies attack into that empty "half hour" between the person of Christ and that of His Father, so that we may form a connection or path to that destruction with the join of God's armour to the perfection of His redeemed work of creation.

Now, if God is everywhere and may know everything, then with such spiritual opposition as is already damned, We know that it is a light thing for God to damn them twice - it makes much clearer sense to imagine the universe as a sphere, and the shell being broken to squeeze out the worse, rejoining only when the surety of the join of the chain of events to the last judgment is made strong. The "join" must be in common with the final state of the spirit that is to be cast out.

Is there a simple proof that would state this is the case?

We may assume that God is perfect and has the "potential" to know as much or as little as he wishes. If we are in distress and the salvation of such a one as any may be threatened, then God will need to intervene. (However, if there is a judgment it is made already with regard to the opposition.) If God is prevented from ignoring the threat to the salvation of one of His elect, He can not ignore it and such a join is implicit if it be to correct the path: The "time to torment the spirit" is brought forward.

However, if there is no such threat then God is free to ignore the prayer, but not free to ignore prayer if it is in fact needful.

So, God is perfect, His works are perfect, and salvation of His chosen may not be undone.

So, a spirit that would undo such a sure salvation is contrary to all creative design, this universe plausibly being the worst "possible" to justify God as the sole creator. Such a spirit was not created for such purpose, unless that purpose is to be excluded (damned) and driven out to damnation alongside the connection or "join" of God's redemptive works, going to its final reward.

Now, such a join extending down from the final judgment of God in all His perfection is enough to simply warrant the spirit's removal from all that constitutes present "reality". As such a spirit is unable to dwell in the correct part of the chain beyond the breaking of the armour of God, the sealing of the spirit's demise and the join resulting in it's damnation.

In the partially ordered set of predetermined events that lead to the judgment, the time leading to the judgment is completely under God's control if He is present and not in ignorance, (or partially unaware due to His other concerns. Prayers are always heard we assume, if we are known to Him and the reason is sound.) Remember that grace is sufficient, unless it can not be found so and requires divine action against the devil himself.

So, we simply state that there is no place or set of consequent events in creation inside or outside of that ordered chain that would permit the spirit to continue dwelling alongside the believer. Else such a spirit is not moved and never is moved and redemption fails. (Yet God will show mercy on those he chooses to show mercy upon, and not the enemy except those that are needful to purpose, but will flee such a fight.)

So, such a contradiction to the presence of the join, the chain of events leading to the judgment and final rest of the believer requires that God's armour break so that the salvation of the believer may be made sure. (the chain must be altered for salvation.) It requires such an exit to damnation in the future of the evil spirit and the redemption of the saved from damnation to life in the same sealing act, and finally for God to reinstate His control over the whole creation as He wills it. There is nothing to break but God's armour so that He becomes permeable and then torments the spirit with the shards of His armour; (The white shards are the worst by appearance, rather that which follows shortly thereafter is to be used in extremes.) rather the sense is that the spirit drops out like a stone and flees to exit. (Satan will quickly flee if you resist him.)

So, just remember the triple, "break", "seal" and "join" and you cant go too far wrong.

If you are worried that your armour is going to be broken, then simply pray to God to keep your own armour intact and for Him to break only His own. If you are still unsure, then maybe you have no armour at all. Then God bless you! Your armour wont be broken unless it was somehow lacking already. With God, His perfect strength is all and is truly made perfect in yours when your strength is weak. Let God do the fighting!

Ok,. the prerequisite math for this page is found in the creationism area in the infinite descent section. That said, I expected readers to simply check online for the definition of a "poset" or partially ordered set.

Such a set as a set of events is a collection of subsets of a wider collective (of events) within which each subset has a lower bound. In effect here, we may state the lower bound to be the cause of an event, or the salvation part of the poset, and the upper bound if it exists to be the redemptive part. (I.e. all events in the collective that were caused by the lower bound.)

The trace of the scarlet thread of redemption runs through the individual events in a chain from some "lower" element to another "higher" where the lowest bound of the whole poset, i.e. say creation or plausibly the cross of Christ for example, has affected the redemption of all that are in the poset.

Likewise, there are other sets in the poset, which are not redeemed but are created, or have salvation in potential or "in store", some being baptised to life with the Holy Spirit and others to destruction with "fire" as John put it.

So, when there is a join, we simply state that for the believer in question to become redeemed the scarlet thread of salvation must be made to run through them also - and that they become connected by cause and effect to the perfect redemptive work of God, whether over His role as creator or as individual saviour, as with respect to creation and the cross respectively. The scarlet thread is then the work of predestination by the Holy Spirit, and He should be the first to work.

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