The Beast Risen Up From The Sea

The beast that rises up from the sea is constructed of the same device as that of the four horsemen. It is in view as a contemporary beast, constructed of the Lion (British) Bear (Soviet) and Leopard (Nazi) beasts that were before it. The sea is the dwelling place of this beast kingdom, as it is the stars of heaven, (the angels of the dragon) that provide the methods to construct these "heads" on the beast. The beast is satan's masterwork, being his effort to create a worldly empire in his own image to fulfill his jealous imitation of God.

The dragon has given the beast his own authority and power, as well as his primacy over the earth in an attempt to construct a seventh kingdom to counter the kingdom of God. The seventh head, (that of the USA, a kingdom of the dragon) is the one head of this beast that has properly inherited the deadly wound that is healed. That may seem like a fault in self reference but the deadly wound was with the cross of Christ in setting up the kingdom of God. Today the wound has been inherited by the USA from the era of Rome and is now under the dragon's healing of the deadly wound with the image in a last time application of the horsemen devices.

It is more accurate to note that the other six heads (previous to the USA) are the modern consequences of the dragon's previous empires brought into this modern time. (the result of the dragon's tail following the head or crown through history.) This beast is actually constructed upon the seven churches of revelation that have inherited the false doctrine of history upon Israel. These churches form the heads, rather than the kingdoms (as in the dragon) we have seen previously. The false doctrine that seduced the OT state of Israel is employed in the modern time line against the churches by the dragon.

We saw in the first seal that the rider on the white horse is given a crown (authority with his bow). Two such riders form a red horse - a conflict. Three, a facilitated consensus in black, and four an abstract contradiction, (though not logically deduced as the method itself is faulty) as pale.

The ten horns with the ten crowns (note ten) are such as to use the device of the white horse rider's crown three times upon a fourth of the same ilk. Whereas there is but one crown used, the dragon has placed his authority in the beast (as made of these three kingdoms Britain, the USR and Nazi Germany) into the last seventh kingdom, the USA. Only one kingdom is manifested as the beast, yet historically, the USA is all three, anglo-soviet and fascist. The deadly wound is to a head preceding the USA, and it is actually a spiritual wound to a spiritual head, and not upon a physical beast.

If the first six heads correspond to the first six churches of revelation and the last laodicea, we can align each church with some apostasy from OT Israel that has found its way into the church, to which Jesus wrote in seven letters for those within to come out. The white horse rider's crown (Death's, or Wormwood's) is used to instantiate this "Death" spirit physically in the formulation of the modern USA. The use of 'wormwood' to do this identifies this re-use of the one crown of satan to construct the beast physically and as definitively from the "sea". The six heads before the USA represent the historical strength of antichrist upon Israel before Christ came, as well as in this last kingdom (the USA) after Christ.

Under the beast (the free USA) it became apparent that every wind of doctrine is legally equal, and the dragon has left the melting pot to mix the leaven in wherever it could be found. All that could be required is tacit government sanction to the freedom of religion, and the body of Christ is tainted if it demands this pact as a founding requirement of their faith in exercise, making the government God and not the creator Himself.

The Beast as it were before the deadly wound

The deadly wound is properly deduced as the exit of the Philadelphian church that is at rest in Christ. In being separate from the five refining churches' own false doctrine and requiring no approval from government to function it is in obedience to the laodicean letter. The beast requires a head to replace it in order for the wound to be healed. We find this replacement is formed of the "synagogue of satan", a christian cult based more on attempting to perfect the gospel with the old testament, as if the NT were somehow faulty to begin with. The standard of rest found in the laodicean letter is supplanted with the legality of approval by modern government on the basis that all the five refining churches and the synagogue of satan are equally valid and are open to each other.

Then the USA beast is actually properly the seventh head and is also all the beast's body, (in supplanting Christ's rest as a reward to the obedience to the laodicean letter.) as was previously indicated and the deadly wound is of a spiritual sense upon one of the heads, (that would be corresponding to Philadelphia) a wound which was inherited from Rome after the victory of Christ and the arrival of the kingdom of God.

The synagogue of satan supplants philadelphia to heal the deadly wound

The image to the beast takes up residence in the former position of the synagogue of satan.

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