Racing The Restrainer

The first four seals of revelation and the rider on the horse(s) that go out from amongst the four beasts (before the throne of God) can be aligned with the four beasts in Daniels night dream. Revelation refers to these kingdoms as the last four horns of the dragon, (the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th) and three of the dragon's horns fall to make one kingdom (ie, the 7th, 8th and 9th fall to strengthen the 10th.) This last 7th collective "power" becomes the seventh head of the dragon. This seventh kingdom is also seen as "The beast from the sea" in the revelation text. That beast is formed in the likeness of a lion, a bear and a leopard, (aligned with Daniels first three beasts whcih we deduce to be the fallen horns.)

However, the beast in revelation has a deadly wound caused it by the exit of philadelphia from under it's auspices, the seven heads of the beast were supposed to be formed of the six churches of revelation under condemnation of the rest element (the laodicean letter of Christ) coupled together with the false prophet's quasi-christian synagogue of satan as the seventh in the place of Christ. These form the seven heads of the beast from the sea, yet the wound caused by philadelphia's exit is stated in the text as healed with the image system formed by the ten kings that takes the intended place of the synagogue of satan which itself then has been shifted to take the place of exeunt philadelphia.

The extraneous three horns of revelations first beast form the image to the beast from the sea; (a reflection of the dragon's seventh kingdom as the USA) and are a "single mind" the judgement of which the remaining six (and seventh) kings simply follow after blindly - taking the churches with them in doctrinal freefall, anchored to the leavening system of 666 in the image (which the woman; the Church rides.)

It is implausible to separate revelations first beast from the ten kings whom rule for one hour with the beast: yet it is possible to show the last church of laodicea riding the image system of ten kings which is shown in her judgement, riding the scarlet beast which itself is "an eighth king" and is of the seven heads of the dragon. (The seven empires referenced in the text with the words "there are also seven kings" (emphasis mine) is an indicator that these seven kings are the separate kingdoms of the dragon.) The false prophet adds in the doctrine from a kingdom that survived these kingdoms of the dragon - and is therefore identified as the "little horn state of Israel." Those that carry in this doctrine are neither jews nor christians, and are correctly "of satan". (of the enemy who sowed tares.)

However, Israel has no place in the image system set up by the separate false prophet. (Who is often identified as the little horn in Daniel's vision) The image itself is a method of leavening the churches, and so the "little horn" is more appropriately identified as the false doctrine from Israel, that has survived each of the ten kingdoms of the dragon and that is worked into the church by the false prophet. Israel is then physically separated from the image but not spiritually, as we will see in the interpretation of the fourth beast of Daniel's dream.

So, on to the restrainer - The restrainer we see in the book of revelation in the opening of the first four seals, in the provision by God of absolute truth to his elect (in the octal as a unity element) and we see that through the process of "hurting the oil or the wine" (sending unity to nullity - the empty set {}) - as in the creationism area of the site - the dialectic system forms a rudimentary emulation of the logical laws of inference, with logical operators of NOT, AND and XOR (as well as "OR").

However these logical laws of inference contradict themselves when four states of floating unity are considered together; for if all four elements are sent to the empty set the system is null and the ingredients for forming dialectic "knowledge" have been opposed (contradicted) in the discourse already - so then we have "four strikes and you're out!", and if only one element of unity (which is fixed) remains and the other three positions are so hurt, and are null, then the last remaining fixed (unity) position is clearly contradicted in the mouth of the dialectic practicitioner when the "unity" is opposed by its corresponding triple whose elements are all made null.

Satan however may have indeed beguiled Eve with dialectic witchcraft - but she made a decision upon the carnality of her senses when she coveted the fruit and found her feelings justifying her desire to eat the fruit to become wise (with the dialectic logic.) She factored down from S5 to A5 as subgroups in S6 (with her logic slaved to her senses as the last element of the G-set) in order to gain the mind that would enable her to logically approach pleasure and avoid pain (employing the final 6 choices from pairs of four "earthy" elements.) In truth, she removed her own restraint by ignoring the commandment: she trusted in her senses.

This set of carnal "balances" formed by "thesis and antithesis" of a pair of inverse elements in S5 conjugating A5 - with the conjugation as the synthesis (which always gives an element in A5 because it is a normal subgroup.) in respect is the "lust of the eyes" with conjugation of A5 as the "lust of the flesh" (it privides a "leavened" system where the senses do not state "No!" but state "Maybe".) The lust of the flesh is in factoring down to A5 to justify the lust of the senses by conjugation. The "pride of life" that remains is the result that the timeline continues with the living standing "upright" as it were, upon their sin and self. The system continues to be used again and again. The carnal balances "stand" in pride with the sending of the fixed position to the empty set and the use of the dialectic logic associated with it.

This synthesis of carnality and dialectic logic (that is the continuing mind of this system) to be continually approaching pleasure and avoiding pain whilst ignoring the fixed position in the octal is constructed within a mind without restraint - which logically takes pairs of four elements from the coset of the static subgroup in the octal, to make further thesis/antithesis pairs which occur in 6 ways. On the basis of the "lust of the flesh" conjunction and disjunction are sent to the empty set as required to justify pleasure as truth and pain as falsehood.

The carnal balance that numbers 660 without the dialectic mind is "Hell" and the false prophet's image to the beast which numbers 6 is added to the "Hell" to make the full image numbering 660+6. (There are also 666 states outside of the original reference octal in the "sea" of 30 octals that construct alternate "balances" to sinfully (and dialectically) reason upon. If Christ be God with the Father in Him, this set is empty - a lie in nullity.)

In any event, the synthetic balances constructed upon the senses may be added to the constructions of the first four seals, allowing in effect a "fifth horse" or more accurately a second rider which is named in the text as "Hell" which is "following after."

So, as the four kingdoms in Daniel's vision of the four beasts are constructed one antichrist "bow" at a time (the dragon has one crown left to use on four horns), satan takes full advantage to pervert each empire's citizenry by including space for the carnal balance of "Hell" that is joined to the first "seal" kingdom of Britain to make a "second seal" system, to the second kingdom of the USSR to make a "third seal" system,.. up to the fourth with a "fifth horse" as "Hell". (A second rider following after the accumulation of the dragon's tail that is found fully formed in the "Death" system of the beastfrom the sea.)

This is no accident, God in loosing the seals has loosed the restrainer - (the giving of absolute truth to the body of Christ in the form of the unity element) Little new scripture is given today and scripture only may be trusted by those that cling to it. As the elect are swamped by people spying out their liberty in Christ (Nicolaitanes) the empire of the day (by the design of "the god of this world") is always one set of balances ahead of the seals. So, as the people of God are called to hold firmly to a "pre-first seal" paradigm of virtue in Christ, the tares in the church are slowly cooked as time passes by; cooked by shifts of the secular world's paradigm of government over them. In truth, there comes a vast "falling away" as finally the image system with the ten kings (of the fourth beast) makes this fallling away part of the institutions of state and the church itself, and it becomes systemic doctrinal free-fall.

The true elect are born into the system that they are, and we as a people have retained the scripture but not the spirit of the restrainer. We are called on a basis of the love of the truth - without it we lack knowledge and God stated "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because they have rejected knowledge."

In truth the world is no less wicked and unrestrained than it was in Jesus' day, yet as the harvest grows and the number of tares increases the people of God may be known by their fruits - which may seem illogical to this world, but virtue is illogical! (As is clinging to the truth of scripture in a world that considers you a lower order thinker.) It (virtue) depends on the character of the creator, not upon morality and the ethics that we build around that character reflected in us. The governments of the world may indeed seem to show "progress" as time goes on, but the system is there to slowly cook us as a frog in a pot and to destroy correct faith in Christ.

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