The Sixth Vial Of Wrath

The sixth angel pours out his vial upon the wider paths of the sixth trumpet - or the river euphrates. There is no water left as it is "dried up" so that the way for the kings of the east is prepared.

The euphrates river has represented the wider octal system that shows the constructability of the twelve transpositions forming the resurrection to life in the two witnesses. There are immediately seen six order two "transpositions and products of transpositions" that transform the sun octal to the wider euphrates octal. Under a further transposition on the earthy elements we attain another set of six, which completes the elements permuting the earthly elements without including the star with the key to the pit. The other elements of S4 on the earthy elements are non-constructible in the octal and are missing from the city - they are the tenth part of the 120 elements that fall in the earthquake.

The pairing of left to right handed octals is that which opens up the river of euphrates. The four possible choices of static subgroup open up the octal of the left hands seen in this construction. If these waters are dried up then they must be bereft of the Holy Spirit (water). We then require that there is only one permitted C7 group acting on the sun octal. Since every GF(8) field is isomorphic it would appear that God realigns Himself so as to prevent the further three possible choices of static subgroup.

In effect we have the situation that as the K4 ultrafilter is no longer sat at the right hand - the Euphrates is already dried up. There is no "relative" change from one static triple to another, they are all considered to be the exact same structure with the one static subgroup, however relabelled to one single field GF(8). This follows axiomatically from the separation of the ultrafilters of GF(8) and K4. We are left with one octal and multiplication, with one choice of unity - then descibed by polynomials as would be familiar to any mathematician understanding finite fields.

The "kings of the east" are a representation of the alignment of evey octal in the sea with the three heavenly singletons of the static subgroup in the heavens above, with the unity element or morning star above the three remaining elements of the earth. This is another word picture of the alignment of the octals to the three astrologers that followed the star over the birthplace of Christ bringing gifts. That they travel from east to west corresponds from moving from left to right in out sun octal (right hand) and subsequent generations from fire columns into hail columns writen on this site from left to right. We should realise that John as a hebrew wrte from right to left, so the order appears reversed to us "westerners". I apologise for the confusion with right/left handed octals, it was wise to be consistent rather than accurate and do a complete rewrite aligning text to the right of the page.

If every octal is aligned in isomorphism, like polynomials in 'x';

x = ... = b
x2 = ... = d
x4 = ... = f
1 = ... = 1 = a
x3 = ... = c
x5 = ... = g
x6 = ... = e

Then across what was the octal sea with the "stars" in different static subgroups becomes aligned to the top three rows or "the heavens" and the middle row unity or "Christ" with the morning star "seen in the heavens" and then the static bow beneath as the three astrologers following after the star (as the octals are written out right to left and from top to bottom.)

Now there are 5040 = 7! possible arrangements that may be so aligned, yet it could be argued that these these count the same fields three times over - duplicating the frobenius automorphisms of each field GF(8) (which preserve the sets of kings, stars and the morning star of unity.) Then it may or may not interest you to know that in the strongs greek dictionary the entries in sequence of 5040/3 = G1680, 5040 *2/3 = G3360 and G5040 itself form the phrase "hope", "until", "little children". Now, that has to be more than a coincidence surely? Even more so when "little children" is present between G5039 and G5040 - which in turn are "infalliable proof" and "to bear children (as a mother)". So, these "children" are present between what could be considered absolute proof (absolute truth) and as if begotten (born). Now, Jesus we may rightly consider so, yet Jesus is the firstborn of many brethren (not all of Mary) that follow after Him.

The alignment renders the devices of the seals inert; as the identity element may not be shifted in the one Sun octal there is only one "antichrist bow" remaining. Three more are required for the continuation of the dialectic process in selecting "Death" as for the balances made from the employment of the wormwood devices. (We require different static subgroups for a given unity.) The kings of the east are immediately referenced as three elements that complete the missing waters of the dried up euphrates, (As with crowns of antichrist, or the crown from the white horse repeated three times - chosen from any number of "kings" - there may be many.)

Those entities that take the place of those three dried up static triples in the euphrates are acted upon by the three spirits that come from the mouth (speech) of the dragon, beast and false prophet. They complete the image system in the only manner they may. These spirits as frogs "hop" from entity to entity, mimicking the three cycle of the antichrist bow that remains. The beast, false prophet and dragon are the lies perpetuated in dialectic process here whilst the wine at the table is the fact of Jesus' sure return. That one of these three must be the oil and the synthesis is found by the devices of the dragon employed by thesis/antithesis shows that the diabolical trinity mimics the absorbtion of one (as if it were identity) by the collision of two (as if inverses). In process or dialogue assembled, the kings of the earth practice the methods of antichrist even before the last battle of Armageddon - they are gathered together for that battle in dialogue.

The three frogs form the three stages of the image - as if a frogs three stage growth cycle, (spawn, tadpole and mature) is like to the dragons tail, accumulating wherever it goes. The three each as a synthesis of the other two result in the germ, or leaven that is sought to be planted in the fact of Jesus' return, in order to perpetuate their standing to preserve their authority as if they were granted a place under Christ when he returns.

The dragon is whom is worshiped by the beast and false prophet using the dialectic: The image to the beast is that which is the result of the dragon and false prophet's desire for an image to be constructed to be worshiped, and the false prophet's leaven is spread in the Church by the freedom granted under the beast using the devices of satan. When Christ is to be discussed on the table as wine, each synthesis or lie form the mouths of these three frogs perpetuate the dialectic as if one of the three were excluded and taken off the table. In this manner all three are considered by dialectic consensus and are self - perpetuating, the world finds not one of them dispensable.

The frog spirits are as it were spiritual parasites bringing the ungodly against the elect of God in the battle of the great day of God Almighty. They are not able to be present everywhere (forming closure), but fill up the requirements of these three kings to fulfil the role of the balances of the four seal's horses with the excluded pale horse as if it were in the seat of Christ.

One frog then corresponds to the factoring down, the second and third correspond to any "wind of doctrine" - as thesis/antithesis, and the fourth is already in place as the seat of the beast ruling as Christ. In effect God has poured out His wrath upon the ability of the dragon to continue deceiving the inhabitants of the earth. God is showing finally that they are only doing the will of their father the devil, whom can not be everywhere all at once, or indeed replace the reign of one who rules over them with "a rod of iron". These spirits perform miracles to reclaim the kingdoms of the earth for satan to continue to attack the camp of the people of God (New Jerusalem).

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