The Beast Coming Up Out Of The Earth

The second beast arises from the four earthy elements and utilises the four antichrist "bows" in its speech, instead of requiring the devices of satan to be made a physical reality as in the first beast. The two horns (strengths) of the second beast are the ten kings that form the image to the first beast and the renowned little horn state of Daniel's account. The horns on Christ as the lamb slain before the throne are His perfect example fulfilling the law of God and the minimum requirement of repentance - to exceed the righteousness of the scribes and pharisees, leaving the domain of grace between the two. The two horns on the beast flip this upside down. The little horn state provides the "perfect" example and the ten kings set a declining standard that causes the moral floor of the churches to "fall away".

All of the power of the first beast is exercised by this second beast - the ability to legally set forth the devices of satan not just in the form of government but in contract and incorporated status lead to the whole world following the second beast (the false prophet's) blueprint. In doing so they take on the first beast as their church's "creator" and supplant the obedience due Christ with the approval of the first beast, in effect "worshipping it". All those dwelling in the earth are caused to do so, as the devices of satan are upon all those not in Christ. Dwelling in Christ is the distinguishing characteristic of those that do not worship the beast - and the false prophet has complete sway over all the five refining churches.

The false prophet appears to be in complete control of the situation during the wrath of God - even taking advantage of the wrath of God to further the uptake of his spiritual blueprint using the dragon's devices, when actually this a deceptive move. He is "seen" to do so but never actually does so. By taking credit as the facilitator for what "should" be done, the false prophet causes those that dwell on the earth to follow after his other gospel in the hope that they are doing and fulfilling the Lord's will.

The first beast is described by having a wound with a sword - this would indicate a beheading (the exit of philadelphia from the beast system) - or that the Lord's letters are the two edged sword coming out of His mouth. Either is actually an adequate picture of this reality in the revelation. Either of these indicated here are enough for the false prophet to be distrusted at the very least. Perhaps he should be asked what he interprets this to mean?

The life given to the image of the beast is a complicated subject described in the "metamath" section under the "mechanics of temptation" pages - suffice to say the devices themselves are utilised by the ten kings that form the image - so that a facilitator can guide the falling away of the churches in the system with the same devices of the dragon, in order to leaven the doctrine of the church with the sources of leaven.

In fact, as the false prophet is the same agency of the "synagogue" within the wider body of believers, accepting the system or "image blueprint" itself is giving the image of the beast not only power to speak, but taints all believers that give it sway - causing them to be cut off from Christ as with "Death". this is the "Hell" that follows after. (It will cause weeping and gnashing of teeth) There will be cries of "Lord Lord! Did we not do these things in thy name?" etc.

The image is a counterfeit spirit of Christ - (properly antichrist or in place of christ) and forms the anchoring to the beast that the churches are slaved to. It provides a continuously declining moral standard that is in view as a vast "falling away". Those that are in the five churches and ignore the sources of leaven's rise amongst their churches are either asleep or better described as "five foolish virgins". The mark in the right hand or forehead is the spirit of "Death" that numbers 666 from the image or blueprint of inter church or inter faith dialogue (leavening).

Whilst "Death" can not be physically instantiated, being the empty set itself, the answer of the text to the three balances opposed as rich/poor, small/great, free/bond have a fourth balance that negates the method used to synthesize them. (Each of these "opposites" are not logical opposites, they are points on a scale from one to the other, and are relatives.) The fourth bow requires a exchange of wine <=> oil, and it is given in the text that they are not to be changed, as it would contradict the method. The fourth "bow" of antichrist is formed by the image to the beast and the synthetic life given it by the ten kings. In truth the mark of the beast in the right hand or forehead is in agreement to the image system (the right hand) or the tacit understanding that if it works it is permitted (the forehead).

The empty set becomes the token of election of these antichrist churches to the beast - having exchanged God for what is truly nothing in return. The fourth balance - (the contradiction of the dialectic method itself) requires perpetuation alongside the three former balances as by human agencies - much like the need for communism to "swallow whole" more nations to keep the bellies at home filled. The right hand (agreements/contracts) and the forehead (the motivating intellect) pursue this goal purposefully. There is nothing left to complete the fourth balances intended purpose except growth and consensus. Even if it is ultimately fruitless.

The money that flows through the world is the motivating force of modern life - in no other time has the love of money been more completely put forth as the only goal in life. In order to perpetuate the empty promises of the image system, money is at stake - and the system itself provides a blueprint for the total consensus of one "super flock" to allow huge growth in the churches in a manner people are used to as in the world - being able to buy this from other churches and sell this blueprint to one's own church is only possible if the goal is consensus - the broad path is easily trodden when every other tainted church using the same blueprint can flow through your own doors freely.

The "buying and selling" is of pennies - the measure of wheat for a penny and the three measures of barley for a penny seen in the balances of the third and fourth seal. (Nowhere else have we read of commerce in revelation thus far!) In selling ones inheritance (the reward of a penny worth of wheat) for nothing and attaining from that sale three other measures of barley in return, (worth nothing as wheat but ready for leaven.) One must employ this dialectic process to have a seat at the table.

There are three spiritual offices in the balances: Once we strike out the penny due the wheat in God's kingdom and replace it with the "mark", the 'thesis' in the leavening of the churches becomes the "mark", the 'antithesis' is the name or the identity of the corporation to be processed (en masse, represented by the members of the (to be) corporation) by the position (synthesis) held by the facilitator (Which is the spirit of Death numbered 666.) that has the number of his name. The process moves on and repeats with the synthesis becoming the thesis to the next church to be swallowed up. The reward of a penny is never used as it is replaced with nothing: merely that wheat is exchanged for a greater amount of barley - there is never any money on the scales in this process.

In affect the "mark" is accepted in welcoming the process (as with the right hand in greeting) or in practicing in it knowing it has no godly worth (as in the forehead). It is well known that the "mark" of dialogue to concensus is a worldly system, but the decision to employ the process assuming it is "ok" with God is truly fault; after all they ask, how much damage can 'nothing' make?

The purpose driven church scam pulled this exact same manoeuvre on my former fellowship - The pastor had put forth the mark, the church was consulted in meetings with its membership present and those meetings were facilitated by an agent that was clearly a marxist. The result was that the church was pointed at growth through compromise on a decision that was decided for them by the very process they accepted before they even voted on it. We missed the arrival of the mark being sure of our election mistakenly. They do not preach the fear of God in the churches these days. Thank God in His Christ that others do so.

The calculation to 666 is shown in the "behold a pale horse" page of the revelation section.

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