The pages in this section concern the alignment in sequence of the seals, trumps and viols in the revelation, not simply to give some order to worldly observation - but to make sense of the imagery, i.e. what is a trumpet being blown for? Many prophetic studies use charts to align church "ages" etc, If that is what you are seeking this section is perhaps the closest on this site to an answer.

The Seven Letters

In Ephesus
I begin an examination of the letters of the book of revelation; most of it seems to follow quite naturally having read the revelation. It at first seems to have unlocked all of this section.

In Smyrna
Moving on to the next letter to the angel there is a clear sense of purpose to the completed circuit known by Christ beforehand.

In Pergamos
Moving on there is more to see in the next letter.

In Thyatira
Having done good works and having been commended for them by Christ, the angel is charged with correcting his doctrine. In view is the same heresy that Jesus has had to bear as done in His name for a great time. The angel is at a crossroads, though is not to be concerned with the depths of satan as yet. (The image is not yet set up in his fellowship.)

In Sardis
The angel is now in peril, with his doctrine and the remainder of the circuit (seven cycle) "ready to die" if he does not overcome. Those that are not part of the beast's image are also strengthened in the ability to exit the image to salvation through "philadelphia". The angel must overcome the device of the key to the bottomless pit. (He is now under the image system whilst the beast ascends.)

In Philadelphia
The last church in the sequence where the angel overcomes Laodicea is a joy to read for many, Jesus' oft misinterpreted words of keeping the angel from temptation are not a message of "rapture", but an assertion that his faith has been tested enough already. The angel will go no more out. (He as the right hand will no more be "cut off".) In keeping the Lord's word of patience, the Angel is not, to be "led into temptation" (as in the Lord's prayer) after exiting the churches under the commandment to do so - He has positioned himself in a position of truth in good doctrine.

Of Laodicea
The last of the letters is either to be placed first or last, and equates in those places as hot or cold and received hot or cold. (in fact cold and hot, reversed!) In overcoming all the churches the angel is given a full inheritance. There is the ability to restrict Laodicea to the five refining churches but this is not so under a seven cycle. Revelation states the attack of the enemy is upon those (not in favour) whom are to be tested with temptation.

Seven Thunders Uttered
The angel's circuit completes when he has overcome Laodicea in Philadelphia. This is in the text as the "seven thunders" which are uttered in answer to the oath of the same angel stood on the earth and sea. This angel swearing there should be time no longer causes heaven to move to meet his oath.

The Seven Trumpets
With the overcoming of the false doctrine in the church that has come from OT Israel there is also the presence of the doctrines that are the effect of the loosed seals. (Thus the angel is under tribulation "ten times" as per the image system.) So the angel is present as in the fifth trump. In overcoming to exit into philadelphia the whole remnant is convicted to leave the image system: the result? The trumpets are blown when the Church is stripped completely naked.

The Seals - Loosed Restraint

The Seals Opened On The Earth
This section may be teaching the reader what they already know,.. but best do that then omit the subject matter altogether! There is no segue from the seals to the trumpets - clearly the seven thunders interrupt the sequence as the text records them in heaven - on the earth things are somewhat altered - the angel's circuit of the seven churches aligns the fifth church with the sixth seal and also the fifth trumpet. So, there is indeed a changing of order in the sequence which is seen in the seven thunders. On Earth, there can be no such segue.

The Seals Opened In Heaven
The last three seals have a deeper mathematical structure, and the seals on the book of life are opened in sequence as we would expect - for as the seals are loosed it becomes obvious to God (Jesus) as to whom is now yet waiting to be martyred and whom will require sealing in the last times of the sixth seal. Who will be left alive? Clearly as the last seal is opened the remnant children of this Christ-like generation of brethren are resolved as also dwelling in Christ in heavenly places.

What Or Whom Is Being Restrained?
Without including the famous verses on the restrainer from the epistle, I move on answering the question of the restrainer's identity from the octal structure seen in the loosing of the seals. Jesus is soon to return, and we can happily answer that this event is closer with every failing reproach we suffer from the dialectic process.

The Seventh Seal Of Rest
It is common for the revelation to be considered as a segue of three sequences, seals, trumps and the viols,.. It makes sense to think of the seventh of each sequence to then continue, so that they are elongated into the full duration of the next sequence. This is not strictly the case as there is then extraneous detail as well as the presence of alignments which conflict with other parts of scripture such as the "last day" etc. In fact, there is greater structure - doe sGod answer with His wrath as if it were also a "god of forces"?

The Trumpets And Viols

The Trumpets - In Or Out?
The blowing of the trumpets must match with the devices of satan that they represent - yet these devices are as old as Eden. So, when are these blown? It is a mystery easily explained by the action of the flock and their exit through to the Lord's approval in philadelphia.

Overcoming In Stages - Treading The Winepress
The blowing of the trumps and the preparation of the viols is to be poured out between the sixth and final seals. Yet there is still room for sequence and structure - even for the viols to follow after the sixth trump. There is, as the last in the sequence in the text no need for a repeat, some manner of segue to the viols and final rest.

The Alignment Of Trumpets To Viols
The first three viols align totally with the first three trumpets, although they also appear to align with the seals, trumps and woes respectively. There is some sense of completion with the third; yet we know that the static subgroup of the trumps is with the last three; the case here would appear to be the first three as the subgroup. Could there be an implication of an octal reversal within the Spirit?

The Completion Of The Viols
The remaining three viols align with their corresponding trumps. The result is that there is no way to exit the sun octal or to ignore God and refuse to repent without bringing on oneself the consequences of blaspheming one's creator.

Is The Wrath In Reversal?
We have a peculiar result that the Holy Spirit is the member of the Godhead that delivers the viols of wrath: They are in themselves a seven cycle, or an answer by form of a seven cycle. We opposed the operation of hail and fire as mingled with blood in the form of an octal reversal. It makes sense that the wrath will be in reversal to the seals and the trumpets if the former were the works of the Son and Father rather than the Spirit.

The Scope Of Wrath
A study of the viols as over the sea, and compared with the text (without including the verses again). This is my most complete study of the wrath yet, and gives a meaning for the term "Armageddon". That battle is an untenable position which forces God to intervene and act. If we were all nuked tomorrow, would God put us back on earth none the wiser? Another subject, but that kind of idea. In effect the final battle is not a case of God stating "play nice, children" but "this has got to stop."

The Peculiar Structure Of The Viols.
The structure of the viols is rather odd, we generated an octal that does not contain the K4 form of the ultrafilter as well as it having an operation assuring us that never the twain shall meet. The lake of fire then becomes the last refuge for any souls left in the octal sea from the wrath, - yet only temporary and failing refuge for those that will not repent and give God worship.

Wonders In Heaven
The three segues or sequences in the revelation are aligned not with the heptads within which they are mentioned in the text: Rather they align end to end with the events on earth - aside from the remainder of the prophecy that describes events in heaven (structure) for the most part, or useful doctrine as may be the case.

The Burning Of Babylon
The second passage in the text of this second segue in revelation I present to see if there is anything contradicting the alignment posed in the previous page. The revelation is a long sequence when all is taken into account - here we see a historic view of the church from its falling away to its peak with commerce and mammon until the point where it has no righteousness left at all.

The Descent Of New Jerusalem
The final passage that segues does not strictly align with its start and finish at the position in the tribulation where the saints are completed in number (the last is sealed) and the second coming truly continues into eternity: Rather, it begins with the work of election by Christ completed with the cross. It never ends; and we see that the sealing of the Holy Spirit is a great gift - and that we are blessed to be called the "sons of God". It is the sealing that preserves us all through the period of wrath: and it is that same period in the segue in the text - though the scope of the gospel is far more greater reaching than simply the end of the age.

Gathered Together To Armageddon
The last element in sequence is the battle of Armageddon; (at least we are led to think so by tradition.) The wrath of God occurs after the harvest of the vine of the earth and the great city burns in the lake of fire forever, (only after it receives its last plagues.) So, why place this page here? Well, because It may be the place people expect to look! Armageddon occurs in one verse in the sequence of the sixth viol, and is the last event in earthly sequence before the final element (viol) transforms the scene in heaven to the rest element of the seventh seal and the resurrection. The battle is then the "great dividing line" between the God of this world and the Most High - the choice of whom is worthy to be called elect.

Alignments In The Sequence

Sequence Completed
There are some simple clues as to alignment in the text - events in the narrative that seem to occur in several places. The seven thunders which are answered with movement of the trumps to the sixth seal and the viols to the same - as just before the seventh of every heptad is synchronised with the last seal leaves some breadcrumbs for us to follow.

Babylon Fallen
Continuing on there are more alignments to be found in the narrative - some that will shock you if you accept only the traditional forms of the imagery in the text. I advise you keep an open mind and compare the alignments in the text and deduce their similarity to be correct as I apply them.

No Millenium
This page does not speak of an alignment so much as the biggest misunderstanding in the revelation since the time of Christ. I was a futurist milleniallist - now no longer, I and I hope you will see that the constructions in the algebra used to interpret the book give us an entirely unexpected result. One that I had to swallow with the taste of defeat, and much wasted time.

Those That Have The Victory
In this page a run a few "background checks" on the martyrs and the sealed on their journey through the wrath and into heavenly places. All of their papers are in order and none are found out of line. There is nothing in their repeated mentions that would show our realignment with the seven thunders to be incorrect. In fact, they are in perfect alignment.

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