Seven Angels and Seven Candlesticks

Consider the arrangement of two seven cycles that preserve subgroups in the same octal. On acting from left to right and the other permuting its elements downwards in this table.

a b d c f g e
c f a e g d b
e g c b d a f
b d e f a c g
f a b g c e d
g c f d e b a
d e g a b f c

Now, each row is a seven cycle that also preserves the octal's subgroups. Each row has a representative of a different C7 group - one of eight that preserve the subgroups of the underlying octal group. Also, if the top row is considered unity in each column, and the far left column unity for each row, then each column holds fixed a different group under frobenius on GF(8), and each row likewise. We have effectively generated each of our representatives of (the lower) six different groups of rows 2-7 by a representative of an eighth group (the columns) acting on row 1.

Each row would then correspond to a different church. The far left column (and indeed all the rest) are the seven angels, although we will distinguish only the first column (for all the elements are the same, but with unity varying as in the top row.)

Then we consider our identity church of Laodicea as our top row: and the angel of the first column (and the rest) overcoming the six churches in a particular order before automatically arriving at overcoming the Laodicean church as he overcomes the sixth. (and indeed defining the identity element of unity.) The ordering remains the same for all seven angels (columns), If we consider the first column as unity of each row, then we can establish a principle that all of the churches may be overcome in like fashion from this particular ordering. Only one ordering seems to be required ("And he will go no more out" - letter to Philadelphia.)

The open door placed before Philadelphia then appears to be a "rest": but continuing in Philadelphia doesn't work: it must likewise be overcome. When this occurs, One angel, (column) has overcome each church, but Philadelphia appears to be a godly church. Likewise the angel is a method found "within" Philadelphia that has overcome the other five refining churches whilst preserving the identity of Christ's grace to Laodicea: therefore grounding each row as an identity element for the row.

The seven cycle used for each column is a "rest state" - an identity for the last six rows (and the first of Laodicea), also proving each church can be overcome with the work of Christ.

We think of the Laodicean group as a "point" in Cartesian space, and we have extended downwards in another dimension with our "angel" cycle, which traverses the seven churches or rows.

Now, if there are seven churches, each element of each C7 group in the churches corresponds to a month, then That the beast is given space to continue 42 months we can relate to the separate section as follows.

a b d c f g e
c f a e g d b|
e g c b d a f
b d e f a c g
f a b g c e d
g c f d e b a
d e g a b f c

Laodicea, being the lampstand before God and His throne is separate from the 42 elements below it. The angel has had to overcome also, and we may easily divide these as separate. (six churches times seven months.) We can think of the angel as obeying the letter to Laodicea in order to approach Christ from within the other six churches. (The conditions for salvation are clearly shown in the last of the letters.) Philadelphia provides not a rest, but merely the last church in each cycle from which the "open door" or "only place left to go" is into the final sabbath rest and approval of God.

Likewise we could have chosen any two seven cycles to generate our table. we may choose seven dimensions to extend this table to until we have exhausted our eight groups: Note there are also six choices for five elements from six (the five refining churches. ) But one is arbitrary (the last, Philadelphia). Therefore we can choose for our two possible octals (witnesses) spanned by each of our C7 groups, (2x(6-1))^7 = 10,000,000 possible arrangements of "churches with angels" under two different underlying octals (witnesses). (One or the other may apply to any given cycle)

Thus far we have not fixed an underlying octal. We must note that travelling in any one dimension is using just one seven cycle: There are six to choose from in each group but we have generated a huge number of seven cycles by using only eight. (We started with a "point" and extended in seven dimensions.)

Now, the enemy does not know which particular seven cycle or combination of seven cycles are used for the obedience to Christ: There is more than one "traversable" route from each church in any order culminating in finding rest through Philadelphia. Then there are five elements that map each remaining row onto that of Philadelphia's from our "Angel cycle". There is also the possibility of two underlying octal groups, meaning that we should refactor our seven dimensional construction to having (2x5) possible maps onto Philadelphia from five other churches but in seven dimensions, giving us (2 x 5)^7 = 10,000,000 possible walks in seven spirits through five churches into Philadelphia.

Then, assuming that there are five refining churches overall, we can make 5 of these single angels into 5 separate angels or "methods" to overcome those five refining churches. (instead of one angel) bringing our number of completed combinations to 50,000,000.

Satan is without knowledge of whether these churches require their own specific angels that can traverse the route from any of the five refining churches into Philadelphia. Rather than starting at "Ephesus" and travelling in textual order, we require five angels obeying one set of seven spirits each: Our "five wise virgins". We simply have the same construction, this time repeated five times over for five possible angels from the text. (Satan wants to weaken the Philadelphian angel, and is not concerned about the Laodicean one. Foolish in the extreme as it is.)

So we find we have 50,000,000 combinations as required thus far.

Now we know that we can fix unity as an element of the octal and associate four possible fixed subgroups (as under frobenius) with it: This changes the underlying octal without affecting a change of structure in the seven cycles, merely the choice of "which ones" are valid (We had previously assumed only eight C7 groups, whereas there are a possible 120 in seven symbols.) In effect we are defining that which constitutes our initial "point" and our starting cycle by choosing an element of the multiplicative group with a certain unity-subgroup association. The underlying octal's are then "set" (and we need simply a factor of four). Then we increase once more by that factor of four. Now we have 200,000,000 possible combinations for the enemy to thwart.

Each octal has its subgroups preserved under eight different C7 groups. There are, for any choice of unity only four frobenius-fixed subgroups possible. Likewise for a fixed subgroup there are four choices of unity (not in the subgroup). We require as a must that the angels in each "route" preserve the very same set of seven subgroups. Instead of countering every possible choice of unity from seven, the enemy is given a starting reference, either a fixed unity element or a fixed subgroup. We would expect to find something to indicate one or the other - and indeed we do in Laodicea. Likewise we should expect there to be the matter of the relevance of which subgroup is associated with Laodicea. We find this in adding in a factor of four: but the choice of four would seem arbitrary or swallowed up in the other sums.

What we have then, is the number of possible choices built upon our starting position. (simply that Laodicea is unity.) Then the factor of four subgroups becomes relevant to our choice of underlying octal and the subsequent eight C7 groups to use. The initial assumption or limitation to the eight compatible C7 groups we have used thus far relate entirely upon the four choices of fixed subgroups. We in essence allow only one octal with this choice, upon choice of the same four fixed subgroups. (Since up to relabelling that is the only structural difference.)

One may traverse the rows (and columns) in any dimension setting unity at any "place", holding fixed under frobenius a different subgroup. We then have Christ as K4 "walking amidst the candlesticks or seven churches."

A route through these seven dimensions ending in Philadelphia is our goal, but the enemy is attempting to frustrate this. Our choice of element in the Philadelphian row is arbitrary: The possible combinations within which just one single route may be found is the concern of the enemy. Every base must be covered - If just one soul escapes (which regularly happens) then satan, (the enemy) is in God's eyes defeated.

We in effect have 200,000,000 possible "traversable routes" for five angels in seven spirits through seven churches mapped onto Philadelphia from the other five non-unity churches. (That is, in two octals that have the seven cycles preserving their subgroups).

Satan is not concerned with labelling the spirits or the churches. What he has to do is to counter their effect. The revelation of Jesus Christ describes the various numbered ways in which he or his "forces" are "turning away" men from these paths into the rest offered in Christ.

That's right. The army of the four angels prepared for an hour, day, month and a year at the sixth trumpet is 200,000,000. We see this army is set against those that are overcoming their temptation within mystery Babylon. Though only one angel (up to five) is required to show in the church that it is possible to overcome satan, if every possible combination is covered (counted) then this is satan's attempt to defeat as entirely as possible the work of Christ to redeem His people from these five churches. They must come out. They would be the five "wise virgins".

Christ states that Philadelphia will be kept from the hour of temptation. They need not undergo similar refinement, as they do not "need" to leave. Satan is preparing on the basis that the tribulation may last anything from an hour to a year - indeed he (and we) know not how long it will be. Perhaps we should be mindful of his insane mind - for he has been studying for the best part of two thousand years. Christians should come out - and come out quick: for their ministering spirits will be weighted and biased in one form or another: and only one of these angels of the church was ever required by God in truth to justify the 200,000,000 methods as escape plans overall. Two hundred million demonic spirits in opposition is something Christians should be mindful of. In effect it is 200,000,000 chances to leave.

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