The Seventh Seal Of Rest

In opening the seventh seal Christ shows He has the proper K4 structure to fulfil the final victory of the mystery that is God. There is silence for half an hour, in fact for the "space of about" half an hour. We know that there are 24 elders (hours) to each day of one of 30 octals per "month" to each cycle of seven months (a year) that is an octal.

Jesus as God Himself spans the octal group (as under subgroup addition)so in sitting as the static subgroup at the right hand, the system is so constrained that for "the space" of half an hour (a coset of the static subgroup) the coset becomes as {} - an empty or null set. (I.e. "silent" or "empty".)

We then expect the Lord's enemies to be made His footstool as the prophecy of David attests.

Each heptad sequence in the revelation concludes with a rest, Yet these rest elements are the return of the state from as if it were multiplication to the action of identity. The revelation's imagery allows us to put vision to detail rather than to interpret vision as substance: In the latter though, there is only personal interpretation as to "what it means to the reader" rather than for the student to find the reason for the scene or the vision itself.

Rest, is the state of God that is our reward as heirs. In gifting the fruits of the tree of life we are promised by God that we will always be able to return to that rest. His rest then is comfort.

With the arrival of the rest, God resumes His normal state of approval with His chosen, single in Christ or in plural with us - yet assuring us all of His promises. In revelation we see a snapshot of God's judging the world according to their works, as sickening insults of the dragon upon the Lord's bride, having encroached as far as he is able.

Then the seventh of each heptad is the same state of rest or the (re)attaining of it. God has no need to answer with wrath more than once. That would imply that the three sequences of seals, trumps and viols all complete in the same alignment or in truth there are only six of each with one extra common to all three. Yet in the text there are clearly seven of each. Could we elongate the seventh to permit the full passage of the next sequence? Clearly not unless seals, trumps and viols are linked, (which they are). The viols are somehow in product with the trumps to sum towards or to be appropriate to attaining that rest in Christ.

This would imply the seventh seal is opened and used so that trump[1] + seal[7] = viol[1] and trump[2] + seal[7] = viol[2] etc.

Then under a seven cycle the Holy Spirit answers with the wrath during the sixth seal period. (There is no interruption of sequence - as when the seals are then completed the mystery of God is finished and the wrath is finished with the seventh seal of rest.)

With the movement of the trumps and viols the sequences all align at rest: and by the appropriate K4 structure the completion of the last trump (prerequisite for the seventh seal) along with the satisfaction of the Lord's wrath with viol[7] = seal[7] + trumpet[7], The structure of the octal shows that God will indeed be satisfied.

Satisfaction? Clearly - since only that necessary for rest is done, and only that wrath required poured out, and only that evil which is then present is judged present. Under a seven cycle with the treading of the winepress of the wrath of God, God is satisified.

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