Wonders In Heaven

We should be more than familiar by now with the content of the vision John was given of the woman with twelve stars and with the moon under her feet, as well as of the dragon. What is perhaps more peculiar is that there are three such sequences of "segue" of great importance - we see the vision of this page's title as well as the burning of the great city of mystery babylon: culminating at the end of the prophecy (or near it) with the descent of the city of New Jerusalem. (The bride of the lamb.)

The first segue occurs in the narrative between the sixth and seventh trumps (the second and third woe.) The second segue of the burning of the city of the image system comes after the seventh viol: The third segue occurs last of all, and from earlier study we may plainly state this occurs after the opening of the seventh seal on the last day with the voice of the archangel - and with the utterance of the seven thunders.

We thus far have aligned the sequence of the angel's circuit with the fifth seal and all the trumpets within the period of the sixth seal. Then we required that the viols are poured out sometime during the period between the sounding of the sixth and seventh trumpet. We justified this with the seven thunders occurring as a "movement" of heaven. All sequence stops with the opening of the seventh seal after which Jesus returns with His bride the "New Jerusalem".

We can sum up the alignment of the segue between the sequences as such:

However it makes more sense then to examine not simply the period in the revelation within which the segues occur and the transitions they represent, but rather the duration of the narrative that they represent.

We see that the "wonders in heaven" beginning with the woman with 12 stars over her head with the moon under her feet represent the initial state of the early fellowship of the apostles (as fed well in all good doctrine by Jesus Christ.) These leads up to the falling away during which the angel overcomes the image system and is brought forth as the man child delivered from the woman, as much as the woman from him.

The ability of the least to overcome is witnessed to by the two witnesses as up to the point of their death at the hands of the beast from the sea - in fact they die and are raised back to life - there is a great earthquake and a tenth of the city falls - in view then is the commencement of wrath with the duration of what is considered the seventh trump, with which the final viol(s) are poured out.

Likewise the elect are sealed - they know they are saved (as they are predestined) and they’re to be preserved through the wrath. Thus their election as the New Jerusalem precedes the wrath: after which their number will be made complete with the return of Christ and His saints from heaven.

Then we may simply recognise that each of the sequences in segue have a duration lasting the length of the sequences thus;

The angel's circuit lasts until he overcomes at the end of the fifth seal and start of the sixth. The vision of the dragon etc continues from that moment at the end of the sixth seal until some point when the great tribulation starts, warring against the "remnant of her seed". The witnessing of the two prophets to the angel's exit now toward all in the "churches" coincides with the exit of the whole elect, as the Church is stripped naked of righteousness within it - All the while leading up to the end of all her commerce with her destruction or burning by wrath.

The great tribulation lasts the full duration of the period between the Church stripped naked (the elect exit) by the ten kings (the image) and the arrival of the viols of wrath: (as it is burnt with fire) The fire of the Holy Spirit as within the "sun octal" and the action across the sea of octals treading the winepress against it leads to the whole elect exiting or vice versa (It is not done by an amateur, God has great accuracy.)

Whatever the duration, the elect are sealed and the wrath will not start until they are completed in number: We see that the eternal life we are gifted starts now: and despite worldly sufferings - we are justified before God and nothing in that respect shall harm us.

The question remains: If the rest of the book is sequence or rather structure, what is the segue and when does it happen?

Then we are given three "segues" that fulfil the sequence of revelation as we would experience it on earth. We are instructed to "be watchful" if we remain: It is this sequence of three things we are looking out for, as all else in the prophecy is structure and doctrine rather than sequence for us to experience. We should be diligent to observe these things.

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