The Kingdom Is Taken

Now Babylon is the first kingdom in the series of four from the statue dream yet is the third system set up by the dragon, (Egypt and Assyria being the first two "heads" on the dragon in revelation.) We have a link between the third seal of revelation with the balances and the first kingdom of the OT quartet - the remaining three kingdoms are also formed of balances to construct the "Death" of the fourth seal or horse.

Each successive kingdom provides the machinery of another system of balances: as each kingdom operates in the system of dialectic logic of the dragon. I.e. not under the same restraint as the people of God were in the christian era (as evidenced by the restrainer being placed in the minds of the faithful), providing them the words to speak in times of trial, and great comfort by supplying the answers to their faith, that particular unity element ignored by the logic of the dialectic process. (The fixed truth of correct doctrine.)

The world has always been without restraint, yet satan has only the use of one kingdom left in opposition to the kingdom of God. The revelation states that the beast from the sea is this last worldly kingdom. The seals - being the loosened restraint on those in the kingdom of God are coincident with the four kingdoms of Britain, the USSR , Nazi Germany and the USA (the NWO). However the loosened restraint was accompanied with the slower construction of a new set of balances up to the Nazi "empire" immediately followed by the full four-balance set of the USA or NWO - standing to "devour the man-child as soon as it was born".

The four modern kingdoms are analogous to boiling a frog in a pot... put the frog in hot water and it will hop out, heat it up slowly with the frog inside and the frog will stay in. It is the lukewarm that God wishes to more stringently exclude from His kingdom by releasing the restraint on the paradigm of His people, only taking those whom show the fruits of election (as hot with love for the truth) - numbers are never a sign of success in the kingdom of God.

The four kingdoms of Babylon, the "Persians with the Medes", the Greeks and Rome were all constructed to the intent that all that followed after Babylon were in full a third seal or "balance" that was interwoven with the same dialectic logic in government to nullify the success of the coming kingdom of God that satan was expecting - yet God turned the world upside down and chose the baser things to exalt the lowly and debase the high. A spiritual kingdom was able to circumvent the rule of men to whom it was just another "cult" or "sect" until it was so successful it could not be ignored, or even opposed directly.

The OT quartet is denoted in the revelation as four heads of the dragon each with one of seven crowns upon them. It is given the authority of the dragon in order to function as if it were in God's place - operating under the same logical system as antichrist - yet unaware of Christ.

There is no sense in the division of the kingdom of Babylon to its successors is a demotion from the third seal to the second seal equivalent: rather the territory is divided into the form of two powers that facilitate for each other when they meet with a third party - the second seal, that "they should kill each other" is not in view, rather a sort of union instead.

The succession of one system of balances to another is in view as the third seal, yet with two sets of balances - the increase of one choice of unity (oil) to another choice of unity (also oil) if required. In each situation we have the possibility of both a dialectic "XOR", and a continuation or second layer of a dialectic "AND" (see the creationism area) in that there is now a system of reaching a consensus between two opposing powers rather than a situation where they have to "kill each other" for the sake of territory or any dispute.

One could liken the situation to punch and Judy arguing over the quality of dinner whilst the crocodile steals the sausages, presenting a new situation where punch beats the crocodile and Judy intercedes for it, (the dinner wasn't good anyhow). The kingdom has built a system (however ungodly it may be) where the underdog (the crocodile as mediating the centre) is able to have intercession made for him and be heard as his case has merit. (The position of the facilitator in the middle is defensible by the lesser of the two powers, out-voting the greater power two to one.)

Sausages, really? Rather, the logic requires the empty set.

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