We begin this second section on the book of Daniel at the start of chapter 8. The book itself moves on following Daniel's dream of the four beasts: There are now two parallel timelines under consideration, one of the OT quartet of kingdoms from Babylon to Rome, and the other in the NT era of Britain to the USA or NWO beast.

Daniels visions concern the twin timelines, for Daniel's "cogitations" upon the vision of the fourth beast troubled him - Gabriel is sent to clear up Daniel's understanding and to make him "to understand the vision". Daniel, (a man gifted with wisdom and understanding) we may assume understood completely the revelation of his dream, God willing we may do so too!

The Ram And He-Goat

Greece Subdues The Medes And Persians
Daniel has a vision of the Ram and He-Goat representing the coming of the king of Greece conquering the kingdom of the Medes and Persians. It is often said by those who assume themselves "in the know" that the accuracy of these prophecies implies that the book was written after the fact; yet this is historically not so. However, that said - the accuracy is startling!

The Little Horn
Daniel sees another little horn (a second one!) rise up from the dynasty of one of the four generals following after Alexander's death. It is not such a mystery to draw a parallel between the five empires survived by the jews thus far with the five churches of revelation - including also the little horn (Antiochus IV) and the host of Israel that followed him as the false prophet and synagogue of satan respectively!

The Interpretation
Gabriel interprets the dream of the Ram and He-Goat to Daniel so that he may understand the vision - there is a little horn ruling for a time period of 2300 days mentioned in the text. Using the NT parallel of the beasts of revelation we may calculate this number precisely - It is revealed similarly in the manner of the little horn's NT equivalent - the parallel "false prophet" little horn on Daniel's fourth beast.

In Summation
Just a brief summary of the last few verses of Gabriel's interpretation and Daniel's reaction to the vision. The coming of Christ is foretold at the end of the 2300 days after the transgression of Israel had come to the full. Error under the law was systemic as well as human; the law can not make a man perfect, unlike the training of the Holy Sprit's action of predestination. In reality, the Jews were held at knifepoint by their religion, something that will never happen to the elect in Christ.

Daniel's Seventy Weeks

Daniel's Prayer
Daniel prays for the people of Israel after the vision which none understood. Clearly the confusion was over the timing of 2300 days, or that only one group in GF(8)* was preserved sanctified in heaven. We may interpret that Daniel now knew the people of Israel would return to their own land and still be caught in transgression before God. They require His mercy, As Daniel knows the jews have blended into Babylon in their captivity - they have ceased to think of themselves as a "separate people".

Seventy Weeks Determined
Daniel's (or rather Gabriel's) prophecy of the seventy weeks is a spectacular prophecy in a book preceding Jesus Christ by several centuries. (Jesus even mentions Daniel in the gospels). This precludes any chance that Daniel's book was written after Christ: It is suspected by many whom wish to discredit the book (as not written by Daniel) because of its startling accuracy concerning the kingdoms up to Rome,.. The accuracy predicting Christ's coming reaffirms that this book is divinely inspired.

Skill And Understanding
Gabriel's account of the seventy weeks to Daniel contains embedded information that would have helped Daniel to derive the figure of 2300 days. None understood it, but Gabriel has delivered the necessary skill and understanding: every ingredient required for the calculation.

A Matter Of Timing?
A brief summary - I thought it best to write a page on the dangers of trying to calculate something that should not be calculated. Jesus Himself couldn't have done it - so there is no embedded secret code for Jesus' second coming. We just have to remain patient and have faith.

Daniel's Revelation Of Christ
Daniel's tenth chapter opens with a revelation of the person of Christ. The similarity between Daniel's description and that of John is striking - as are the numbers embedded in the text itself. Clearly in view is the same mystery of the seven golden candlesticks and the seven angels in the revelation text. (Although the words are "sealed up".) What must be noted is there is deliberate and accurate prediction resulting in fulfilment within history that prevents the construction of the abstraction of the vision. Why? There can be only one messiah.

To The End Of Persian Rule
The opening of the kings of the north and south" prophecies is easily identifiable - so much that the book of Daniel is said to have been written after the fact. There is a strange jump in the text between Daniel's vision of Jesus Christ and the sequence of kings. Clearly Daniel in the text stated he had a vision and the understanding of it - but what was the vision, and what was the understanding? We have to take a step back and peek "over our shoulders" from the end of the passage to interpret the beginning.

The 1335 Days - The Power Of The Arm
The passage of the kings of the north and south needs unlocking before it may be interpreted. The clue is at the end of the passage when the time period of 1335 days is stated. It would appear that the left and right hands of God come into play and both are undermined by antichrist. We should examine carefully each exchange to see where the flow of the passage indicates a calculus of prophetic current.

The 1290 days - The Abomination
The timing for the start and end of the passage are given in the statement that two events in the passage will be separated by 1290 days. We do not expect this to be a chronological or earthly period of time, but again to resolve it to symmetries of the octal. There is in the text both a clue as to when these events occur and to what manner of events they are. It becomes clear that between the ceasing of sacrifice and the instantiation of desolation in the worship of Daniel's people, there is a large measure of grace - which can come in only with Christ. The desolation then becomes like to the parable of the ten virgins.

Identifiers In The Text
I parsed through the text rather quickly here, looking for place-markers in the passage that would help identify where the dialectic devices were used: Yet they are a little thin on the ground. I hazard a guess to the abstraction of Daniel's vision (that is omitted) that may appear fruitful or not, Lord willing we shall see - perhaps if this attempt develops well then the metamath area may get a new section!

The Abstraction Of Daniel's Vision
Daniel's vision has identified itself as of Christ - And Daniel had set his face to understand - it is Christ that comes to him with an explanation of the nature of His person - and it's relevance: For Christ shows he is in complete control (because He is God) and the patterns of the trinity are more than simple abstraction: God directs the affairs of the king of the north and south as surely as Christ explained it before the fact. Christ defeats every attempt of the enemy to instantiate the coming of a messiah in mimicry of Christ Himself. He will not share his glory with another - the fulfilment is a failure to instantiate the abstraction by the enemy.

The Kings Of The North And South II

The South Establishes His Kingdom
Opening the passage on the two kings is much simpler in word pictures - once we have discerned the lexicon used we will be able to speed through much of the text. What we see in the vision is the equivalence of the two octals, left and right handed, as north and south - one must also recognise the other even if it is a lesser sibling. The history does not match the abstraction - Christ wins.

His Sons Stirred Up
We continue on seeking the abstractions that were in Daniel's mind when he asked of God what these things could mean. We interpret the text that states that the king of the south attacks the north despite his earlier defeat. Historically there were not four sons - Christ defeated the creation of a fiat version of His person by physical means.

Casting Up A Mount
The king of the north is now extended to extensions of both GF(4) and GF(8). Examined in the passage to follow are the attempts of the king to establish the vision of making his force as the one God in trinity. There is no homomorphism that allows the forces of the king to be assembled as a single unit modelled afer the trinity: The lack of a morphism has it's uses though, showing the opposition of the king of the south is part of one inseparable system.

The Strength Of The Kingdom
The first series of events of the kings of the north and south concludes with a vision to construct the kingdom of God as a physical and military force. The maths however will just not allow it to be made, it appears unique to the perfection of God. There are simply no morphisms made by the king of the north after his victory over the south - his vision for which many stood up with him is unable to be constructed and the king "is not found" - his kingdom vanishes away in a puff of algebra.

A Raiser Of Taxes
The first episode of the passage concludes with a final attempt to construct a "God of forces" by the king of the north. A "raiser of taxes" is a neat word picture of the setting up of toll booths along a path through the kingdom and over the multitude underneath the auspices of this ruler. However as an attempt to create a homomorphism; the attempt fails.

The Kings Of The North And South III

A Vile Person Stands Up
The second episode reveals a converse construction of the "god of forces" - which is much closer to the sequence of the seals and trumpets found in revelation. The "vile person" takes the spiritual position of antichrist in order to subvert and bring the position of the king of the north under his rule, to emulate Christ.

Stirring Up His Power And Courage
The king of the north prepares devices to oppose the king of the south: There are traits of the northern octal that can not be replicated in the south if both are assumed to be valid octals: Symmetry reduces one to a set of cosets of the other's subgroups - so that only one may succeed in "establishing the vision".

Lies At One Table
The second episode concludes with the introduction of the dialectic process - man does not sit in the judgement seat of God - and the attempt to do so is the fulfilment of the period 1335 days. The kings in meeting at one table bring together the two sets of 666 to the left and right, they are unable to meet together without it - as each are mutually exclusive in their octals: The devices they forecast against each other represent the three days in the centre, the vision begins to unfold.

The Kings Of The North And South IV

The Restrainer Removed
The last king of the north is referred to in the passage as holding to the "God of forces" - Christ's victory has been completed when the king leaves the effort to set up Christ as a god of battle, killing "in His name". Christ wins finally because there is just one attempt left for man to "invent God". That is, the octal is not under the control of the man and the only recourse is for the man to assume the place of God himself - but there is no such place - the king goes to his end with no help.

The Ships Of Chittim
We begin to tread familiar ground with the book of revelation in the final third of the prophecy - the king of the north sets the scene for the introduction of the "God of forces" - the beast that is instantiated by military power - the "beast".

The Abomination - A Little Help Given
The ships of chittim have their analogy in the book of revelation - we see them as the four angels bound in the river Euphrates - which provides a wider way for the believer to fall away and stumble. Christ expects us to stand firm in the gospel and hold fast to Him, not to find our relevance today in compromising the gospel or the commandments of God with fellowship "corrupting" the simplicity found in Christ.

That That Is Determined Shall Be Done
The king of the North's device is described in the passage leading up to the final clash between north and south. The octal has been replaced with the removal of the restrainer - we should note that the octal is still in the background with it's Galois group to induce three cycles on triples of elements.

At The Time Of The End
The kings of the north and south are put together rather loosely in this page - there is a more specific rendering in the next page, but here the ingredients are put together in order to show that the construction of the North's devices are from the text itself.

The Final Clash Made Succinct
A simple reduction of terms coalesces the previous examination of the account to a form that more simply aligns to the text: but which I did not do so beforehand because the more general case applies: For countries composed of many subgroups of F, there are only in view those that are fully conquered here - as opposed to those that are partially left intact or "passed over" previously.

The Conclusion - The People Are Tried
The short twelfth chapter wraps up the book of Daniel with enigmatic reference to Michael - to which we may link in with revelation's text. Daniel is instructed that he may write the prophecy in his own words and the words will only be unlocked following wide references and much study. As we approach the end we begin to see all these building blocks move into place - and the prophecy (also historically fulfilled) is nearing its completion.

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