This section deals with the first four trumpets - and the revelation that we have more than one approach to number the pale horse system. The trumpets are the consequence of the opening of the seals, and are concurrent with them. We have found that the seventh seal or sabbath rest, is the state that we began with; identified as the "rest" period or identity-element of the seal's seven cycle. It allows the next sequence of seven trumpets to be "blown" at any point as in the seal's seven cycle.

The Trumpets - Shifting Octal Subgroups
The equivalence of shifting identity element and shifting the static subgroup is discussed.

The First Trumpet
The algebra involved in the opening of the first seal has a like correspondence in the result of shifting a subgroup - the consequences of the seals as opened begin to be shown.

The Second Trumpet
The wider system of octals come into play - we see that there is an almost natural way to slip out of the original octal.

The Third Trumpet
The consequence reaches the fallen star "wormwood". We see yet further ways for men to slip out of the mystery of the lampstands and seven angels.

The Fourth Trumpet
The limitations of the open seals with respect to the wider set of octals is shown. There is indeed a missing product (a third part) that indicates that there is no logical reason to exit the original octal.

Wormwood = 'Death'
Immediately we see that the "wormwood" star has the same numbering as the pale horse of the seals. It is merely the reverse side of the coin. With the wormwood construction we see how men are spiritually "Dead" as a consequence of slipping through the octal sea.

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