The Harvest Of Sharp Sickles

There are two angels with a sharp sickle that take part in gathering together the elect of God and the "vine of the earth" that represents the not saved. The first angel is covered by a cloud or mystery - we explain the cloud as the mystery of the timing of the harvest - that only the Father knows of. (Timing is dispatched by a messenger from the temple.) The angel's golden crown is great honour, and his resemblance as to one of God's people. (Is he the least in the kingdom of heaven, now caught up to God and His throne?)

The first angel reaps all those that are of the 144,000 and gathers them to the Lord's right hand. The second angel with the second sickle reaps all those from the two parts cut off in the octal and gathers them together to the Lord's left hand. The angel from the altar that gives this commandment to harvest the earth has power over fire (the left hand in opposition) - that is, he realises when the sacrifice on the altar (The Lamb) is spent and the offering finished. The fire is also reserved to be added to those prayers offered with incense - that are cast back to the earth unanswered. The non-elect do not get prayers for their salvation answered even if they are offered by one of the sealed.

The grapes of the vine of the earth are fully ripe - the transgression has come to the full yet the fruit (the firstfruits) of the Lord's elect that are alive in the wrath are already separated out into the right hand by the seals on the book of life. The transgressors are ejected from the right hand and cast out as in to the octal sea to be eradicated by the wrath, grinding them to powder toward and against a sun octal they may not enter.

The winepress is trodden without the city (outside) - the city is babylon: and the sea that contains the city is not present as within the sun octal. The winepress is trodden therefore by the sun octal, or rather from the sun octal so that those that dwell in the sun octal are free from being trodden within the winepress. The city is now equated to all those that dwell to the left hand of God. (There has been a move of heaven or a thundering) Outside the city is therefore the mount Zion of Christ - the woman or image that is "Mystery Babylon" (the city) in the text is therefore numbered 666 and will be pressed against the four beasts of the right hand sun octal. (To which they can not enter - but since in Christ (as the K4 ultrafilter) these elements stand firm, the movement of the winepress is towards the empty set or complete destruction.)

The movement of every "least" in the kingdom of heaven to exit the churches ensures the flock leave and are "drawn out". Those that remain are therefore those tares and fools that are numbered 666. They are deceived but will not repent. Destruction is theirs as they are truly "outside of Christ".

The space of 1600 furlongs (or 40x40) is a reference to the five months of the five laodicean churches across eight possible octals. There are four choices for static subgroup for each unity and two such octals as left/right paired, giving a factor of eight. There is the squaring of 40 to 1600 to show that the five elements from the total of the one to the Lord's left and the earthy four of the four beasts (indwelt by the ungodly making five across every octal.) is given every chance to continue.

Every binary operation on a set S is a mapping from the cartesian product S x S to the set S itself. Therefore in these five elements of the city there is no exit into the redeemed sun octal in Christ.

So, even with the action of the Holy Spirit on the sea, the set S has 40 elements of five "months" (as the locusts) across the city, rather than the sun octal and these are now closed: The possible movement or products are limited to the 40 elements, giving to the space of 1600 possible pairs (products) - the result of the products is not given, but the winepress is trodden out to completely crush these products as it were into the empty set.

We do not need to regard S40 here, merely the set of 40 products over every octal in the sea itself! (The rest are not constructible from the sea of octals at all!) The result of the various products in the sea in S from S x S are similar up to a simple relabelling: They do not form the whole city since a tenth part fell. It is a wonder they within still do not repent. Those that approach God are sealed on earth as they are written in heaven - The Lord Himself knows whom and when.

The term "horse bridles" is a conundrum: why include it? The four horses of the first four seals are rode by the same rider (Death). The earthly four elements are outside of the static subgroup in the octal - The triples of the left hand (as static) corresponding to the first four seals are the devices of the dragon. With the bridle on leviathan placed by God when He sends His wrath, God bridles these horses and as Christ is at the bridle, those outside of Christ are trod out in the winepress. If we consider Death to be doing the riding, remember it is the Lord's curse of Death that He is in control of here. The pale horse or empty set of contradiction (Death) becomes the reward of the dragons's dupes.

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