Seven Thunders Uttered

I said (See revelation, "the last three seals - triune") that the last three seals aligned with the static subgroup of Father, Spirit, Son and the seventh seal aligns with the completion of the viols of wrath; so at the resurrection Christ would complete the "rest" (seventh) of each sequence. I had in effect stated that the fifth seal through which the Father preserves a remnant for Christ, and the wrath aligns with the sixth seal through which the elect are sealed by the Holy Spirit.

However, the devices in the seals and trumpets themselves align differently with the seven letters, we could show this as if it were "cold and hot" toward the conviction of the laodicean letter.

The release of restraint in time precedes the circuit of the angel by we may presume centuries: However it is Christ whom chooses the standard by which we are to be tested: The angel is tested with the same devices of satan as if in sequence. (We can tell this from the first four churches aligning with the "Death" system where satan has his throne.)

Now we may define the trumpet as the voice of an angel announcing the completed work of the angel's circuit as from one church into the next (as overcoming the device of the seal preceding it.) Thus every believer in the "church" is required by conviction to overcome the same loosed restraint. It makes sense to blow the trumpet when the last of the elect under that device has left that "church". Thus we should expect all seven trumps approaching or on the last day when the very last of the elect has left the church, and the loadicean Church (as become one global corporation) is stripped completely naked of all righteousness.

Each seal and trump then (we may presume) corresponds to the overcoming of the angel as in each letter and thus generalised over the elect in the completed trumps. However, we are a little far off from the seals, trumpets and viols as yet. We will return to the angel in a while; first let us take note of the sequence of the static subgroup. For the Father and the Holy Spirit both correspond to elements in the static subgroup in the sequence of the opening of the seals. (Only Jesus Christ could open the scroll.)

Thus the fifth, sixth and seventh seals correspond only to elements in the K4 form - though placed in sequence to the seals as below, and not as elements in the octal. (Else there would be two parts cut off.)

I hope the diagram is self explanatory. However the completion of each sequence of seals trumpets and viols is with the resurrection on the last day. We know when every seal is loosed that the resurrection will surely happen: it is the end of sequence in the prophecy. However the rest element of each cycle (of seven) both precedes and follows the cycle and is the "background" to the setting of each cycle as if the seventh were an identity element. The question remains, that during the days of the seventh trump as the angel swears there should be time no longer then the seven thunders are uttered - (which represent a movement in heaven as opposed to an earthquake which is a movement of the four earthy elements.) what movement is there?

From our perspective the viols are given after the seventh seal and after the seventh trump is blown, so we expect a movement in heaven to translate the wrath from after the seventh seal to the opening of the sixth. First however, the trumpets need to be aligned with the viols - in effect the sabbath rest of each and every sequence is met with the product "trump + viol = rest".

Back to revelation for John's account of the thunders:

Rev 10:5 And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven,
Rev 10:6 And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer:
Rev 10:7 But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets. (KJV)

We may interpret within the passage "He whom created heaven" to be as the structure of the octal over which the viols are generated with thunder; the things "in the earth" as the devices of the seals and the things "in the sea" as the devices of the trumpets; thus in generating the viols of wrath at the seventh trumpet - there is truly "time no longer". The "days" of the seventh trump are then the duration of the sixth seal as the whole elect overcome, as drawn out by the angel. When the angel overcomes and the seven thunders are atterred, the wrath is shifted as heaven "moves" from after the seventh seal to the opening of the sixth.

The rest element of the seals (Christ as unity and static subgroup) itself becomes under the product of trumps and "reckoned" viols; and rather we see that the wrath required for the sabbath rest is generated (under product) by the conditions of election and exclusion present in the fifth and sixth seals (trumps and viols.)

Thus each viol is filled by forming a K4 group with "the third part" (viol) comprised of the rest elements from the seals and trumps multiplied out (presumeably) by a seventh cycle of the Holy Spirit to fill all seven viols. The seven thunders represent these judgements, and the corresponding movements in heaven are to map in time or "rewind" back to the opening of the sixth seal to begin the final wrath sequence.

Then when the angel overcomes Laodicea and swears there should be time no longer we have the completion of the fifth seal and the utterance of the thunders at the opening of the sixth. In the generalised cycle witnessed to by the two witnesses all the elect must similarly overcome by exiting to philadelphia. Then, the trumpets must be blown in sequence during the ministry of the two witnesses (during the sixth seal) and are finished when all have likewise overcome. It is in these days of the sixth seal (of wrath leading to the final resurrection on the last day) that there should be time no longer. The result? there is no time left for the trumpets and wrath after the seventh seal, it needs to be placed alongside the witnesses, requiring a "movement" in time in heaven.


The seventh of each (our pair) of the seals and trumpets align also to the completion of the angel's work of drawing out the whole flock - with all overcoming Philadelphia (and the whiole elect meeting every condition to overcome laodicea. The days are cut short - Jesus indeed comes quickly.) Then the viols are generated as necessary for the resurrection and the seven vials are filled by the action of the Holy Spirit in a seven cycle. Lastly the same seven cycle finds its rest element after the movement in the sixth seal sequence - the time-line has moved from completion of the seventh seal to the start of the sixth seal.

Then the seven trumpets and the viols align as we would expect in sequence; the angel overcomes the devices of the image system as also found in "the sea" whilst the same devices generalised over every octal overome by the whole elect under great tribulation entail a blown trump. When every device is overcome in the sea, presumeably when the whole elect is separated out to philadelphia - the seventh trump is blown with the final judgement of the woman riding the beast. The Church (image system) completely stripped naked is then desolate and to be burned.

The wrath as poured out then has appeared to be totally shifted in the sequence. Heaven indeed, has moved as seven thunders.

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