This section deals with the subject of the image of the beast leading up to the beginning of the pouring out of God's wrath. The construction of the image leads to the equivalent term "the image of jealousy" as the final pat of the mystery of iniquity. The life given to the image is a mockery of the creation of God. However the final ingredient to the image is the individual believer, led to the slaughter by the false prophet as Judas goat.

Life To The Image I
An examination of the temptation of Eve by the serpent is given in algebraic terms that number to 660. (The final six are due to the presence of a facilitator in this case satan.)

Life To The Image II
The application of the ten kings to construct a similar system over the five refining churches is shown here. Per and post multiplication is done in triples using the dialectic device of the dragons tail. It is truly an attempt to falsify a church "everywhere".

Life To The Image III
A description of a possible mark of the beast is stated - the actual mark is relying upon the beast government to be the author of one's faith and freedom to worship God.

Life To The Image IV
There has thus far been no mention of how the three from ten kings map to the 120 elements of S5 upon the churches. The answer is simple and quite natural - the alignment in bijection to the heart of the believer. If you are in a fellowship where this is in process, and you are at risk of becoming beguiled: whilst it is in view; buyer beware!

Life To The Image V
The mind of the ten kings is a puzzling conundrum - given the alignment of the believer to the churches of Laodicea there is a missing piece of the puzzle as to whence comes the process itself in these ten kings? Which ten kings correspond to which churches and doctrine, such that there are three chosen from ten?

The Three Angels
The message of these angels is to realign the timeline with that of the seals. In view are the 144,000 and the great thunders of the angel, followed by the judgement of Babylon. In this passage we see the alignment of the seven opened seals, the seven thunders uttered and the seven trumpets blown.

To The Right And Left
There are two angels, one that gathers the godly to the right hand of Christ and another that gather the ungodly to His left. The unjust are separated out to be trodden as in a winepress from the wide octal sea against and into the sun octal with which they are made as the Lord's footstool, the Earth (the four beasts).

The Wrath Is Come
The scene here depicts those that have overcome by the open door left by the angel, as carried over and across every isomorphic copy of the "sun octal" used by the angel. The sea of glass is such that only those who have overcome likewise are preserved: those in the wider sea practicing the devices of the dragon and following after the trumpet methods are to be blasted with God's wrath.

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