The Mark, Number And Name Of The Beast

If you've read the book of revelation you know to be found having these associations with the devil is bad news - and these sins condemn a person to the lake of fire.

We may number the antichrist reaction to the loosed restraint in the first four seals to 666. We did this simply by numbering all the static antichrist "bows" outside of the one "sun" octal as a fixed reference and its complement left handed form.

We may also number the carnal man in five senses with sin through the same dialectic process to 666. This has it's equivalence in the image to the beast facilitated by the false prophet.

Then to be found as antichrist is to be numbered 666 and to be found in the image is to be numbered 666. Neither is good news, for the Laodicean church will be judged and burned.

The mark of the beast is related to any fellowship having accepted the leavening process of the image; In fact it occurs also at the time when the Spirit of God in a fellowship is exchanged for the three woes of the trumpets. By incorporating for tax-exemption for example, or accepting another fellowship with false doctrine or bearing the "name of the beast" (see below) God is exchanged for government. We immediately see that the mark on the right hand or forehead is the freedom granted to a fellowship by it's God, and the creator of a corporation is government: (Which becomes the God of the fellowship.) The mark of the beast corresponds to a church's "license to operate". This is in stark contrast to the freedom granted Israel by God.

Exo 13:16 And it shall be for a token upon thine hand, and for frontlets between thine eyes: for by strength of hand the LORD brought us forth out of Egypt. (KJV)

Now when a fellowship gets its freedom to operate (to buy or sell doctrine) from the government, God has already been supplanted. If a fellowship accepts such a fellowship they have already diminished their standing in the kingdom of God. Once such acceptance is made, the false prophet moves in with the invitation to accept the system I named 660+6, finally leading them to operate as 666 complete with the synagogue of satan. In accepting a fellowship with the mark, we have the Spirit of God obscured by the smoke from the bottomless pit opened by the key that factors down the "five laodicean fellowships" from S5 to A5. This entails blasphemy of the Holy Spirit; conjugation by inverses and uptake of the image follows this temptation (trial). The solution is to leave the fellowship and run like "Hell".

So, the number of the beast is obvious enough from the math, the mark of the beast is that "invite" that infects a fellowship with the "abomination of desolation" That God is replaced or supplanted by literally nothing of any value - God is not mocked, He cuts off such sources of blasphemy.

This leads us to the "name of the beast":

Rev 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. (KJV)

Each head has names of blasphemy - a detail easily missed. The heads are as each of the churches of revelation (excepting philadelphia). To be found then in the laodicean conglomerate is to be found in acceptance of not only their own false doctrine but all the false doctrine of the synagogue of satan - so that the shed blood of all the righteous men from Abel "should come upon them".

To have the name of the beast is to then be guilty of accepting the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit - not just with the second death (the mark), but also the continual rejection of the truth - in pride as to "suffer not the loss of children". (As with the "rapture" lie etc.)

So, we have the "mark" - a license to operate by government, (c.f. a signature on a contract of incorporation) as well as a mark borne from fellowship to fellowship - a process facilitated by the dialectic process to which knowledge is not invited to the table, merely opinion.

We have the number, the operating signature of the spirit of antichrist, as the carnal sensuous man together with the sinful logic of the dialectic. The name of the beast is upon it's heads, as the five churches and synagogue of satan completed with the image. Every church is guilty of accepting the source of leaven, and the image ensures that dialectic "sin" is common to all "churches" in the image.

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