The Second Vial Of Wrath

The second angel pours out His vial upon the sea. The wrath arrives on every octal, including the Sun octal. We must note that this does not include the K4 ultrafilter of those truly elected to God. Those members of the two parts cut off in the wrath are not included in this vial. The octal only allows for four choices of unity rather than the full seven: creation however is limited to these four whilst life is in the Son.

We expect then that the intersection of the octal and K4 ultrafilters (unity itself) or the "altar" is free from the wrath likewise as t Son or K4 ultrafilter. Therefore the elect of God "are not appointed to wrath".

The sea is filled with all living things, whereas the life in Christ is extended to those to His right and left in the reaping by the angels. The two parts cut off placed to the Lord's left are also targeted by the wrath of God in later vials, but not in this one.

The sea becomes as the blood of a dead man. The intersections of each octal are either K4 groups or groups of K4 groups, but these are not in view here: The GF(8)'s legal correspondences of groups in one hand to the singletons of the other provide no "life" in Christ, rather we see that the life in the wider sea as with the "mingling of blood" as were it the case of the two witnesses. The only remaining place in the octals to flee to is the left/right pairing of the three last trumps or "woes" using the serpent devices.

a = 1 = [a,e,f]
b = [a,c,d]
c = [a,b,g] on the one hand

a = 1 =[a,b,c]
e = [a,f,g]
f = [a,d,e] on the other hand

Every living thing in the sea died. - that is every life not in Christ is moved into these three last trump devices (woes) corresponding to the serpent spirits, namely the rider "Death" or if you prefer, antichrist. Every living thing in te sea is moved into spiritual death. Those with life in Christ are not dead: they are preserved in the K4 filter apart from these woes - they are "kept from the hour of temptation."

In regards as to the winepress, those that dwell in the sea may not find the counterfeit rest of antichrist's static triples. Instead they find the torment of the fire and brimstone of the second death that awaits them. In every case smoke obscures the correct ultrafilter of Christ - there is no one left remaining that would repent.

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