I Come As A Thief

With every alignment of the octal sea to the sun octal there is an important distinction to make. Whilst the right handed "sun octal" is our "hail column" it's corresponding left hand octal is a "fire column". It is the left handed octal that is also preserved under the same seven cycle as the "sun octal" to which every other octal in the sea is aligned, (To form the lake of fire).

Then we see the correspondence of "fire" to the lake as it is formed, as the "much reduced sea". In truth, these octals align to the left hand with only the one "right hand" (sun octal) separated, and therefore as before in the "behold a pale horse" page in part two of this area of the site, the lake of fire itself numbers to 666.

Now, we know the wormwood device only works upon the "sea" and thus only on the various left hands of the sun octal. Now we have in the alignment in the lake a coincidence in the one unity element for the wormwood device with the dialectic devices of the dragon (sending unity to {}) and also with the the mouthpiece (also empty as {}) or facilitator of the image to the beast. I.e. an alignment made in the sun octal's earthy elements. However it is the left hand only that is in the "lake of fire", in all truth: We see through the judgement of the Church that the left hand is the cage for the dragon as much as every foul spirit.

Then the dragon which is bound in the bottomless pit is unable to complete his work (because 1/10 of the city can not be constructed) it is certain that the judgement of the Church will be so instant as to close the system with it's missing elements and then the image itself is become the lake of fire; both are numbered 666 by wormwood count or by the count of antichrist bows. The Church under the image (the woman riding the scarlet beast respectively) is itself given carnal or sensual "life" by the image with the mind of antichrist, seeking only pleasure and not pain which numbers 660+6 - the lake of fire however is, (we are informed) torment, and to be greatly feared.

In the coming of Christ a second time we are given a sign, that the sun will be as black as sackcloth and the moon red as blood. In this very passage we have the exact same thing in allegory. The sun octal is in octal reversal to the lake of fire (which is itself only aligned to the "fire column" of the left hand.) The sun octal is not "attainable" by passage through the lake as "the moon" so had in the trumpets - whilst the passage from every octal aligned in the lake (now aligned as by the way of the kings of the east) may be considered as a single left hand by isomorphism, and the analogy to intersection is made in the passage from one octal to another as the moon (from day to night) being as "red as blood".

The creation of the lake of fire is the very moment of Christ's return - when the Church is emptied of the elect because the image is (globally) unified enough for the least in the kingdom of heaven (the angel of the church) to leave and call to account his "betters" to leave also as under conviction by Christ's spirit and command to be separate from the Laodicean pack.

The chapter closes with the verse;

Rev 16:21 And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great. (KJV)

Now the sun octal corresponds to "hail" as also the "lake" aligned with the left hand aligns as "fire". Hail, falls down and fire "burns up" in reversal. (Fire aligned with multiplication by the seven cycle of the Holy Spirit as seven lamps of fire before the throne.)

The separation of the sun octal from the lake of fire is seen in completeness, that the winepress is trodden out and there is a great earthquake formed by the destruction of every earthly dialectic device in the second coming (the presence of the unity element is made certain.) and the plague of hail is so great because of the didactic separation between the elect and those whom perish in the lake of fire; the difference is black and white.

The plague of hail corresponds to the "cutting off" of the lake which is generated by the same seven cycle as upon both left and right hands: only the sun octal is "safe ground" and previously the earth quaked because every coset of the static subgroup in the "lake" is shaken at the very same time by virtue of the alignment. We may know that an earthquake is a movement of the earth, thunders are a movement of heaven, voices are of judgements and lightnings "falls from heaven". In the second coming we have all these things. As the winepress is trodden out we have the earthquake and storm of hail by the seven cycle's action moving all in the sun octal 's eight C7 groups into the one single C7 group over the octal. (One seven cycle is needed to transform seven others.)

The generalised alignment to the left hand found in the lake's elements align to the seven cycle as "fire", whereas the one seven cycle on the left and right handed sun octal transforms through the seven other C7 groups upon the sun octal. (we may transform amongst the "seven lampstands" as the angel also did in his circuit.) The alignment to the lake ensures that every possible set of elements in seven symbols aligns to the one seven cycle over the left hand in isomorphism:

As the winepress is trodden out, every possible collection of four "earthy" elements (of which there are 35 - 7 = 28 from seven symbols) are permuted in every possible way (24 combinations each, then subtracting the six possible permutations forming (S3 as over) the possible antichrist "bows" present in the left hand with the unity element in both left and right held fixed that is in correspondence to the "sun octal" and it's seven cycle, giving 666.) - the lake is under a massive "movement" of Earth in four symbols found in transforming every combination of the four earthy elements to every other combination under each seven cycle. Under the action of every such seven cycle on the sun octal (there are truly eight) The alignment in the isomorphism accounts for not just a great shaking of the earth: but also a great plague of hail where safety is only found in the Lord. The dialectic mind of the devil is answered with the wrath in a just judgement, rewarding like for like.

An earthquake is then upon a rejection of the (three onto one or pseudo-logical) dialectic devices (death and wormwood rather than abaddon and hell) by introduction of the absolute fixed point found in the unity element of GF(8) over the sun octal under eight C7 groups. (Which was unity as a fixed truth denied by the placing of the empty set in the dragon's devices.) The thunders are an analogy then to the seven churches overcome by the circuit of the angel of the church (as the uttering of the seven thunders with the overcoming of "abaddon" and "hell".) The voices are analogous to the called out separation of Christ's bride from the Church then to move to the right hand, (the ministry of the two witnesses) and the falls are an indicator that many whom are considered "great" in the kingdom of heaven (i.e. in the church or some of the "stars of heaven" drawn by the dragon's tail) are shown openly to be liars or ministers of wickedness. (We know them by their fruits. I.e. There is a vast falling away and forsaking of the scripture.)

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