Tormented Five Months

Five "months" refers to "five times" or properly five elements of the seven cycle upon the octal. In the case in the text it is five of the seven churches of revelation as under the action of the seven stars in the Lord's right hand.

The five elements of S5 formed by the possible permutations of additive subgroups of a field are under some action of union. There may be case of a three cycle acting on three elements of the five, but the other two elements are left constant. However the ability to form orbits of additive subgroups of a finite field as under cycle by multiplication provides three, four and five cycles whcih may act upon any subset of the five "refining" churches.

The result under composition or union is the full group of S5 or its normal subgroup A5. Neither of these groups is abelian. (The operation is not commutative). This, as well as the cyclic nature of the orbits of elements within their additive subgroups leads to the "torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man" as a description of the "twisting" of limbs in pain.

The fivefold system however is not finished there. We know that across the octals there are a possible 666 arrangements of antichrist bows forming a dialectic balance or a "pale horse". This system of A5 under bows or "three cycles" with the remainder held fixed allows a greater number of "bows" than does the octal. Whereas for each octal there are four possible bows, in the group A5 there are ten.

The fourth horse of the seals shows the rider to be "Death" with "Hell" following after. Death provides a contradiction that ends the dialectic process and begins the start of a new thesis. Were we to use A5 instead of the octal there would be no such structural contradiction (being non-abelian permits this). We would then have a system of "Hell" where there is no such relation to true or false even in a relativist setting.

Likewise, by continuing with the dialectic process; moving from octal to octal will eventually lead to a contradiction and a "restart", or will eventually as a product of the method itself, will arrive at contradiction itself, or the empty set. This need not occur with the group S5 or A5. There need be no contradiction in result leading to the empty set. "Death" indeed does flee from them, though they seek it. He, if it were possible to call him a "he" has removed himself a long way off. This is as close a definition to the system of "Hell" as one could desire from the text.

However we still require an orbit of additive subgroups of length two. (otherwise we can not form the element (ab)(cd) in permutations of the elements {a,b,c,d}). Without explaining why (as done elsewhere in the main part of the revelation area) we must have a field of characteristic 2. However then we may not attach the root: so we actually require a second spiritual agency to adjoin to this one to provide those various two-cycles (transpositions).

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