The Spirit of Life, Clouds And An Earthquake

When the spirit of life enters into the two witnesses (say (a,b,d,c,f,g,e)) then their bodies once more form the intertwined groups of:

(a,b,c), (a,d,e) , (a,f,g), with (b,e,f), (b,d,g), (c,d,f), (c,e,g) with unity (a = 1)
(b,d,f), (a,b,c) , (b,e,g), with (a,d,g), (c,d,e), (c,f,g), (a,e,f) with unity (b = 1)
(c,d,g), (b,d,f) , (a,d,e), with (b,c,e), (a,c,f), (e,f,g), (a,b,g) with unity (d = 1)
(c,e,f), (c,d,g) , (a,b,c), with (a,d,f), (b,f,g), (a,e,g), (b,d,e) with unity (c = 1)
(a,f,g), (c,e,f) , (b,d,f), with (b,c,g), (d,e,g), (a,b,e), (a,c,d) with unity (f = 1)
(b,e,g), (a,f,g) , (c,d,g), with (d,e,f), (a,c,e), (a,b,d), (b,c,f) with unity (g = 1)
(a,d,e), (b,e,g) , (c,e,f), with (a,c,g), (a,b,f), (b,c,d), (d,f,g) with unity (e = 1) On the right hand

[a,e,f],[a,b,g],[a,c,d], with [b,d,f], [c,f,g], [b,c,e], [d,e,g] with unity (a = 1)
[a,b,g],[b,d,e],[b,c,f], with [c,d,g], [f,g,e], [a,d,f], [a,c,e] with unity (b = 1)
[b,d,e],[a,c,d],[d,f,g], with [c,e,f], [a,g,e], [b,c,g], [a,b,f] with unity (d = 1)
[a,c,d],[b,c,f],[c,g,e], with [a,f,g], [a,b,e], [d,f,e], [b,d,g] with unity (c= 1)
[b,c,f],[d,f,g],[a,e,f], with [b,e,g], [a,b,d], [a,c,g], [c,d,e] with unity (f = 1)
[d,f,g],[c,e,g],[a,b,g], with [a,d,e], [b,c,d], [b,e,f], [a,c,f] with unity (g = 1)
[c,g,e],[a,e,f],[b,d,e], with [a,b,c], [c,d,f], [a,d,g], [b,f,g] with unity (e = 1) On the left hand


In either case the leftmost three columns correspond to one column from the rightmost four (as of the other hand). So say:

[a,e,f],[a,b,g],[a,c,d] on the "left hand" pairs with (b,d,f) on the "right hand" octal etc;

So the "Spirit of life" enters back into the leftmost three columns, and the same spirit (seven cycle) shakes the Earth with a "quake" by sending the coset of earthly elements to another set of the same.

The life that enters into the witnesses is shrouded: we can when looking closely tell which of the "earthly" columns in one hand correspond to the "blood" of the witness of the other hand. The part remaining on "Earth" (in this case, alike to the column generated by [b,d,f] on the left hand) of the witness is seen to represent him, "stand on his feet" as alive and in full view.

We note that the groups on the left three columns are closed under frobenius: Therefore this "frobenius" is the separator of the "heavenly" part in these three columns (which also holds static one column of the other four from the other hand (phew!)).

However the seven cycle that adds the life in each column shows the K4 ultrafilter once more "walking through the candlesticks". The original right and left hand octals are regenerated (and closed under frobenius.) The witnesses, as having found the "unity" element are in all sense of the word "free" to ascend to the "sun octal" and the throne surrounded by the elders.

The cloud represents a "mystery": it is a mystery why and how these two men ascend - except that they are bidden to do so by a great voice: That "voice" would indicate a change without movement of octals as would the "moon", or "lightning" or "thunder" of overcoming. These men are free to enter heaven having fulfilled their entire earthly purpose. Then the mystery is solved when we consider the K4 ultrafilter as in the last three seals.

We may expect on the right hand
a = [a,b,c] = 1
b = [a,d,e]
c = [a,f,g]

And on the left
a = [a,e,f]
e = [a,b,g]
f = [a,c,d]

Then we may also consider these groups equal to the "trees" [[a,b,c], [a,d,e], [a,f,g]] as well as [a,b,c]. (The coset of [a,b,c] which is {d,e,f,g} may be permuted in some fashion outside of the K4 ultrafilter as long as "d+e = f+g = a" is preserved on the right.) The intersection of the fields GF(4) and GF(8) is the set {0,1}, equivalent here to [0,a] or [[a,b,c], [a,d,e], [a,f,g]] itself.

This hidden K4 ultrafilter part which is not present in the octal is "hidden behind a cloud" and is the reality in heaven of life in Christ. That the witnesses are seen ascending up to heaven in a cloud is not surprising: under multiplication the earth as the coset of [a,b,c] or [[a,b,c], [a,d,e], [a,f,g]] in the "great city" is cut off completely and closed upon itself - even the (former, as in the octal) static subgroup is "cast aside" as not present in the hidden K4 ultrafilter when it is under multiplication. The static subgroup becomes part of the earth rather than the person of the witness and is the qualifier for a "great earthquake".

The great earthquake is then completely described in "the same hour" which is one C7 group upon one automorphism of one GF(8). We use the same seven cycle, say (a,b,d,c,f,g,e) and upon both octals in their left/right pair, so that we stick to the "witnesses" as cut off separate from the "earthly" parts that are "heavily shaken."

NB: There is only one static subgroup of the sun octal: we may observe that the remaining three columns of this "great city" (of the earth) are composed of the "three days" the witnesses are dead - it is formed from the opposition of the employment of the dragons tail or rather, dialectic process. They are opposed by these columns as against the original octals. Then we may state that these other three columns are "their enemies that beheld them." The witnesses, having been placed once more in the proper setting of the resurrection and the sun octal: have found rest in Christ and go to their reward with their enemies looking fearfully on.

The great earthquake also includes those parts of the witness' "blood" left in the four earthly elements. In fact although they are as the "trees" of the K4 ultrafilter in the original octals, (the left/right of the "Sun octal"), their "blood" as a column is cycled through the earthly elements during the quake. Then we have one static subgroup in the earth (or unity) on the left hand (say) in seven positions (and at a grace factor of 1000 as for the sealed) from which we deduce that 7000 souls were "cut off" from the witnesses through their "blood" in the earthquake. However we have two octals and two witnesses, we cut off 7000 from the "left" and preserve 7000 to the right, Fortuneate indeed to be part of the remnant of God's people leaving Laodicea.

The remnant of the people were afrighted and give glory to God, clearly indicating that the sealed servants of God fear Him and know that at that time, the last of the ministration from God is complete and the wrath is to begin. Also the witnesses indicate that the sealed can now readily identify their enemies as all those in the church conglomerate of laodicea of the five refining churches.

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