The book of Daniel is often studied side by side with the book of Revelation in the new testament. Daniels visions of beasts and images align neatly with the removal of the restrainer in the first four seals of revelation, as well as showing the dragons tail left by satan as he builds his worldly empires in history to match and leaven upon the removal of restraint on the people of God.

Daniel's interpretation of the king's statue dream also shows the "dragon's tail" constructed in four kingdoms in the old testament era; so that the dragon may "lie in wait before the woman" to devour the man child as soon as it is born. The dragon is a defeated foe and we see the path of the dragon's tail through history in the passage of the "kings of the north and south" in Daniel's text, leading up to the first seal of revelation at which the "lion beast" is created.

An Opening
The first chapter of Daniel contains an embedding of the finite field GF(8), although only in view as the left hand octal. The right hand may be deduced to hold static the subgroup of the three youths Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego with Daniel holding to the fixed position of unity. There is also an embedding in the text between the relationships of hot, cold and lukewarm which give more depth, as well as revealing that we may account the patience of God is become grace to us. Here it is a factor of ten rather than a thousand by which patience is multiplied to grace under the analogy of a better outer appearance through nourishing the inward man.

The Statue Dream

The Matter Gone
Nebuchadnezzar awakes without knowledge of his dream, and demands both the dream and its interpretation from the wise men of his court. Unable to show the king the dream, or its interpretation without the dream, the wise men show their inability to discern the matter - it is to them an impossibility but group consensus does not "define" truth out of existence, neither does the presence of a fact depend on whether it is known or not. The king offers a reward to the wise man that can interpret the dream, and it eventually occurs that the rewards are given to Daniel and his three companions. God, it seems signs His name in this section and in doing so separates Himself from the worldly "wisdom" gained by the dialectic method.

A God That Reveals Secrets
This page examines the way that God positions Daniel into the same place that the wise men of the kings court had found themselves. Daniel is in line for great honour from the king but this is done so by Daniel receiving revelation from God of the kings dream. It is clear that the greater gift is approval from God to answer the kings dream, saving the lives of his friends. The rewards of the king in respect are secondary, and to Daniel it is clear that he desires the election to favour in God's sight far more fervently.

The Dream And It's Interpretation
Simply put, here is the dream interpreted by Daniel to the king. Nebuchadnezzar's dream is of four successive kingdoms, beginning with his own and continuing to the advent of Christ. God sets up a kingdom that will never end or be diminished in its effect. The kingdom of God never fails or gets less - as it gifts eternal life. The worldly diminishing of the work of Christ is met by a slow increase from those that are saved and enter approval by God - something which no other kingdom had attained to before. The kingdom of God only ever sees population growth!

The Dragons Tail Revealed
The tail of the dragon is revealed by the nature of the dream of Nebuchadnezzar - one that could not be retraced logically. Daniel's description is actually prima facie evidence for the existence of the devil (Revelations "dragon" or satan.) The victory of the Lord in setting up the Kingdom of God as a spiritual house rather than a physical kingdom will stand forever. The Roman empire was built to exterminate fledging revolt and its many mystery cults and superstitions were no match for the truth of the gospel under the virtue of Gods blessings and gifts. There was one outcome, growth.

The Image And The Fiery Furnace

Imitating The Kingdom Of God
Opening chapter 3, we see that the worship of the image set up by Nebuchadnezzar is in imitation of God - the king has attempted to make an idol of the living God in his own way rather than approaching God according to the laws of Moses. The stage is set for the idol to be tested rather than worshipped!

Falling Down - Instruments Of Ishtar
The three friends are not so easily taken by the king's efforts to worship God in an incorrect manner. They know that the image is a lifeless imitation of God - no matter how close the king's intent is - there is no life in the idol and the system of worship set up by the king is no worship of God at all. They are told by the king that is this God is the one God there will be none to deliver them from not worshipping the image - yet the friends have a better idea of whom they worship than the king himself with all his wise men.

That God That Shall Deliver
The chapter concludes this episode with the salvation and translation of the three friends in the eyes of all observers. They begin condemned and become "born again" blameless before the king's judgement in his anger. The end of the chapter concludes the episode of the second chapter neatly and the episode is concluded with the friends rewarded as if they had also interpreted the statue dream as Daniel had done so.

The Tree Dream

Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
Nebuchadnezzar has a dream about a great tree hewn down. We see this is not included without reason, as the king's attempt to set up an idol of worship in the place of the most high God is not without an answer from God in heaven. The dream most of all is a judgement from God concerning the king's pride. Babylon will be greatly reduced in glory.

Daniel's Interpretation
Daniel's interpretation is no different from that given in the previous page, yet there is a similitude in the circuit of the angel of the church in revelation to the debasing of Nebuchadnezzar to the level of a beast. God it seems, knows full well that man is an animal and the blessings men have as set over others (men and animals) come ultimately from God. The ability to show signs of civilisation are gifts of God when one reads the old testament genesis.

Is Not This Great Babylon?
The fourth chapter closes in predictable fashion. Daniel's interpretation comes true when the king states that Babylon is all his own work. The God of heaven shows in a set of three "hours" or automorphisms of GF(8) in the K4 form that the king was set up over "peoples, nations and languages" by God Himself, and that since the king had raised himself up to heaven God has also judged and sent him right back down again.

Babylon The Great Is Fallen

The Party To End All Parties
The fifth chapter opens with the party to end them all, quite literally. We see the kingdom that was once lifted up to heaven (Babylon the "great") now cast back down to the dust as the pride of the king Belshazzar is exercised before his rulers. There is a comparison to the modern "Babylonian church" of the Laodicean conglomerate in the passage, the fornication of the revellers at the party assuming authority over the holy vessels of God is in view as is the parallel in revelation of the fornication between the "church" and the beast in the last days. However there is the work of the least in the kingdom of heaven that calls all within Babylon (the modern) to exit. In the OT timeline, the kingdom merely falls. (There is but one kingdom in the NT of three fallen to form one, the NWO.)

Daniel Interprets The Writing
Daniel interprets the writing on the wall and we see a link between the third seal and the kingdom of Babylon. The kingdom is justly taken by the Medes and Persians, the justice of God has tried the king according to God's laws, not without explanation - for the king is shown not merely to be a man, but is judged as sinful and not worthy to drink from the temple vessels.

The Kingdom Is Taken
The third kingdom of the dragon (the first of the statue dream) Babylon falls to the Medes and Persians. In the devices of the dragon we see how the new kingdom may function: Yet we should note that the judgement of God is not such as to demote the kingdom of Babylon to the status of the "second seal" or the associated device of the dragon. It pleased God to send His Son to overcome the world, and to do so at the height of it's strength in evil. (Under the full antichrist system of "Death") God did not make excuses or leave satan's effort to defeat God lessened, God defeated it all on the cross.

Daniel In The Lion's Den

Working In The World
King Darius sets up a system of law in his kingdom to facilitate a second "balance" of legal judgement in the land. The system is one of centralised, almost federal rule with the king able to rule directly as well as to entrust much of the running of the empire to the wheels of government. Daniel's position of pre-eminence is coveted by his governing peers - the effort to get Daniel to compromise in a fashion where he would lose his gift from God or face death is a set up they hope he will not have a solution to.

Daniel Breaks The King's Decree
Daniel's peers make the king condemn Daniel to the lions den after failing to make Daniel compromise on the law of his God. Daniel is caught praying to God under an edict preventing such prayer for thirty days. The rulers were hoping to either get Daniel to lose the approval of his God and lose his gifts of wisdom (the restrainer) or to condemn Daniel to a brutal death. In either choice Daniel's position would be filled by a man that would play the game of the dragon and sit according to his own pleasure in judgement as the man numbered 666. (As "Hell" following after "Death".)

Interred To Be Devoured
Daniel is cast into the lion's den - in which we see a neat warning to expect more than simply temptation in these last times. We should acknowledge that there is a time of tribulation separate from the time of temptation. In resisting temptation we are prepared for testing by God to see if we are truly faithful in adversity rather than simply when we are at ease. The picture of Daniel sealed in the lions den by the rulers is a neat parallel to the system of the image set up by the false prophet in revelation, and the lions den the testing of the sealed in the world as it undergoes the wrath of God and the last efforts of satan.

Delivered From Evil
The chapter closes briefly with the king giving God glory and commanding that the people under him fear the God of Daniel - who is a God able to preserve His people through adversity. Whilst not big on content this page shows a brief summary of the presence of God with His people through the gifts He blesses them with - resisting temptation armours us for tribulation: We know that if we do the words given us through Jesus that we will have a foundation of rock upon which storms and waves will not bring us down. Jesus, the ultimate mediator of grace bringing the Father's own words is just as trustworthy in scripture as is the word of the restrainer in those to whom He is gifted. In comparison, a man without such restraint is free to be debased as far as the system of antichrist in 666.

The Four Beasts

Racing The Restrainer
The four kingdoms of Daniel's vision align neatly to the first four seals of revelation but there is a twist: instead of numbering 1, 2, 3, 4 with "bows", they actually in the text number 2, 3, 4, 5 with an extra synthetic balance which is named in revelation as "Hell". The result is that the paradigm of the day is always slightly more perverted than the doctrine held to by the church - or their dogma. The result is they are slowly steeped in a system without restraint. When the bottom falls out, it will take them with it - God will leave them - and for the most part has already done so.

The Four Beasts
The book of Daniel lists four beasts that Daniel saw in a dream upon his bed. These beasts parallel the seals of revelation in a fashion that neatly dovetails the revelation text. It however is a mistake to consider these four beasts to be the same as the four kingdoms of the statue dream of Nebuchadnezzar - they are the OT quartet and these four beasts the NT parallel or equivalent.

The Ancient Of Days Did Sit
Daniels account reveals the immediacy of the judgement after the destruction of the beast kingdoms. This precludes the idea of a 1000 year reign of Christ. There is the judgement and then the co-reign for eternity of the saints with God over their own actions in the freedom given them in Christ. There is no sense of any continuing of testing after the Lord has written His laws on the hearts and minds of His people.

The Fourth Beast Explained
Daniel's vision of the fourth beast is unravelled by the angel in a manner that is confusing if one is expecting physical kingdoms as well as a spiritual false prophet: When one understands that the commonality between the state of Israel and the false prophet is neither, but is "doctrine" then the passage is put in order quite cleanly, it almost appears simple! Much greater depth is made from the book of revelation, which reveals far further the extent to which satan has tried to depose God from His people.

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