Does Not Equal

After inserting the page "Burn In Hell?" in the redux section, It seemed right to me to write something in this section about the lake of fire, "burning with sulphur".

Sulphur is also mentioned in the sixth seal serpent spirits that provide the transpositions in the octal ultrafilter to emulate the elements of S5 acting between the fallen star and the first four churches of the letters: Whilst we may imagine that the smoke that comes form the sulphur (brimstone) is simply there to provide an agent to obscure the proper operation of the seven cycle, it makes more sense to draw a black and white dividing line through that imagery.

If the seven cycles of the Holy Spirit are "rest" and the smoke from the sulphur obscures that rest, then we may state with boolean logic that the sulphur "does not equal" rest. I.e. the operation of the sulphur is merely a "system of works". The Church and the image system that animates it is the system of works in view, far from being at rest in Christ.

So, if sulphur simply equates to "works", then surely there is a reference to the roman sulphur mines that unfortunate criminals were sent to work in, into bitter bondage? That the lake "burns" does not mean it is actually on fire: rather the "fire" as the Holy Spirit was representative of the reversed alignment of the octal that reaches up as opposed to the hail that "falls down". The fire shows that this work is fervent - it is not the fire of the Holy Spirit, but the fire of the image system coming from the mouths of the serpent spirits. It (as fire) is the counterfeit for the Holy Spirit, that then never gives rest and which is the final reward of the lake of fire.

So, "Does not equal rest" = "works in relentless bondage..." rather there will be no answers from heaven.

So, in "Hell", is there any torment in eternal agony? My Bible does not tell me so! Rather it states that satan will be tormented forever with the serpents and locusts, and not any human beings within.

What is the devils torment? To be honest I couldn't find a more appropriate end for him than total abject failure by not managing to steal a single one of Christs chosen (beyond Judas.) As for the serpents and scorpions; they could be sealed into the Church in the lake of fire to endlessly perpetuate the system of religion found in the image. Then, satan as their god, (their target of worship) may well be forced to serve all their "faith"!

When the door is closed on the image system and her "cup filled to her double" then satan is as much bound to operate inside and as it, as the inhabitants are to gather within it (There being no other "spiritual operations" outside the image system of 660+6.) There is no escape from operating that image after the judgment, there will be no true religion for the damned.

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