Lies At One Table

The second episode of the king of the north's exploits completes in the two verses:

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Dan 11:27 And both these kings’ hearts shall be to do mischief, and they shall speak lies at one table; but it shall not prosper: for yet the end shall be at the time appointed.
Dan 11:28 Then shall he return into his land with great riches; and his heart shall be against the holy covenant; and he shall do exploits, and return to his own land. (KJV)

Now, either king may forecast devices against the other, and we reach an impasse that before each king the other must assume to be without the "honour of his kingdom" as each does not retain "the power of the arm" in the estimation of the other - (They may not both be considered as static subgroups in a pair of octals - rather they are mutually exclusive.)

We now find ourselves with the situation where the two kings meet at one table (the element in the centre) We also recover the situation of the dialectic process, in that there is still in place the restrainer - (The unity element can not be sent to the empty set) so that this is not "the time of the end" when the restrainer is removed - but that event and the end is "yet at the time appointed" many years from the utterance of this passage.

So, we must look for a different "lie" - one which enables the two kings to maintain their status in meeting with the other. Clearly we (without hurting the oil and wine) have the system of balances of the third and fourth seals.

For, if [b,d,f] is static and unity may float, we may choose unity from {a,c,e,g} and have the associations of static triples;

a = {c,e,g}
c = {a,e,g}
e = {a,c,g}
g = {a,c,e}

Now if "a" and {c,e,g} are static say, then we may have the balances in
{a,e,g} => {a,c,g} <= {a,c,e}

With which we may "lie" and absorb the unity element to make a = {c,e,g} = {{c,e},{c,g},{e,g}} with which we may mimic a K4 group on the basis that like elements cancel, so {c,e}*{c,g} = {e,g} etc..

Then speaking lies, the kings may meet each other "at one table" (the element between them, "a" as unity). This method "will not prosper" however, until the restrainer is removed at the time of the end, when it is appointed. (Unity is not logically absorbed, rather it requires the removal of the element (the restrainer)) The process will only prosper when unity is fully sent to the empty set and the son of perdition is then revealed.

Now, we have not hurt the oil and the wine - yet we have constructed the pale horse system of the seals. No king may take the position of the south (as in his fortress) in meeting with the north (in the northern octal) - rather the south must construct the balances from the possible 666 on offer. Thus, in each others octals the king of the north and south find their sets of 666 to the left and right hands of God - The element in the centre - (unity) with which they agree are indeed the devices they forecast against each other - the subgroups with unity as their intersection. We have reached the 1335 days.

Then the north returns to his own land with much riches (as if it were in possession of the riches of the south also) I.e. he now has every K4 group formed of K4 subgroups as well as those K4 subgroups in singletons which only his "father and fathers' father" had. - and also possession of every possible static subgroup of the south, yet only in the form of "bows" in the north. He in effect possesses them all through the use of seven cycles using frobenius to cycle closed their sets.

In using the balances of the dialectic, he is able to hold static the antichrist triples (bows) as well as his own K4 subgroups - he has widened his "fortress" to include their cosets also.

In his pursuit of power, he has set his heart against the holy covenant - (that only Christ is sat at the right hand of God and the static triple which is now a device in the hand of the king of the north is actually antichrist): He is now operating as antichrist as well as Christ.

He does exploits and returns to his own land... So in the south he (with the balances mimicking the K4 group of the southern "fortress") does works as if he had the same power of the southern king in his fortress - he operates as if he had the "power of the southern arm" in the territory of the south. (In the southern octal, the converse to the lie at the table of both kings is that the northern king's static subgroup is invalid in the southern octal - and the converse holds that in the southern octal the king of the north uses the dialectic balances to show his power (only a coset) as if it were to hold also in the southern octal (as a subgroup by mimicry).

With an uneasy peace, the kings separate and return to their own octals. (We prepare for the next clash.)

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