The Rest Of The Wrath

The pouring out of the seventh vial is preceeded by the verses:

Rev 16:15 Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.
Rev 16:16 And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. (KJV)

We are warned here with a stutter step - We are instructed that Christ has come as a thief - that we are to understand that a thief comes before you notice him, after he has left. That we are to understand that the election is finished before armageddon approaches - so that we do not do any unnecessary work in the gospel and engage with the ungodly and taint our garments with those that practice the dialectic process. To get such a stain on them is to lose those robes altogether - we must exit sardis completely beforehand to be blessed in philadelphia.

It is within the angels circuit that the least in God's kingdom leaves the laodicean conglomerate exiting from sardis to approval in His grace. The election is completed when the leavening process is universal amongst the "churches" and all corporations of the world are composed of tares. For the angel swears that there should be "time no longer". Otherwise new satanic devices would leave the world bereft of faith at the return of Christ. Christ has truly come as a thief by this stage, the K4 and GF(8) ultrafitlers are separated to alllow the elect to continue alive.

Both the dragon and Christ are in view as gathering the armies of these kings of the east and the elect of God towards armageddon. In this battle we see the worldly act of the settlement of the spiritual war of Gog-Magog preceeding the judgement seat of Christ.

The seventh angel pours out his vial upon the air (pneuma or spirit) The seven symbols of the Holy Spirit and octal of the Father are winked out in distruction and the ungodly are destroyed in the judgment of Christ. Christ then sits in judgement as God (triune in bodily form) until such time after the judgement, whilst the Father dwells separately from Him.

The death of the two witnesses occurs as the seventh angel prepares to sound his trumpet. The rest of the seventh trump aligns with this rest of wrath of the judgement as happening shortly after the angel completed his circuit. Those that persist alive after the judgement without the second death are they that have "watched their garments" as above, and preserved their election. The passage of the angel aligns the last of the election and separation into Christ of the elect as separated from the octal (as having been sealed) as if he had come as a thief just then, at the completion of the mystery of God.

Then at the last trump, as with the judgement there is revealed every possible rest, overcoming, and fall in the octal (voices, thunderings and lightnings) as well as the same great earthquake within which the city of Sodom and Egypt is shaken and a tenth part falls. Jesus has surely "come as a thief". We remember that these events leading to armageddon are chronological events and are to be considered separately as even the judgement of Christ is outside of our timeline, being separated from the octal ultrafilter.

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