The Last Three Seals - Triune

So far we have four seals corresponding to the "earth" and the last three seals which may only be opened by Jesus' Christ whom has the correct triune structure (to sit in the octal) and whom has the keys of hell and death.

In the shifting dialectic paradigm loosed by the first four seals we see the "restrainer" loosed on the earth fourfold - and the series of NT kingdoms the dragon's tail accumulates become as the modern USA we know today. So, we can expect the last three seals to be loosed in heaven rather than in the earth, and that each of those three correspond to the elements of the static subgroup of the octal and K4 form of the ultrafilter, and each of those three elements correspond to Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As the seals correspond only to the lamb, (in view as with two parts cut off in the octal) We may state the identity element is the "seals" as if they were as "Christ" whom reveals that He is God and has life in Himself as well as spanning the octal triune.

We can expect the trumpets therefore to be corresponding to the Father's work of preserving the remnant for Christ through the wrath proper, (as singletons of addition extended over the additive elements of the prime subfield GF(2) (forming a shifting K4 as by a trumpet ready to regenerate the field GF(8)). Lastly, we can expect the viols of wrath to correspond to the Holy Spirit - that in one go the seven cycle regenerates the life of Christ and of the Father (as multiplication) to once more induce Christ's life in Himself (as C3 in GF(4)*). In this manner we see how the believers are brought "through the fire" to final resurrection on the last day as baptised with the Holy Spirit rather than fire, which is the inheritance of all those whom have their place in the lake of fire, they not being sealed.

So, if each one of the seals corresponds to the various positions of Christ in the Father (seals 1 - 4) and the latter three to the position of Christ in Himself; (seals 5-7) We expect the transition to the trumpets not to be the seventh seal or sabbath rest (which is common as rest to all three sequences) but the period of the sixth seal corresponds to the sequence of trumpets found in the Father - I.e. with the Father's isomorphism over the sea of 30 octals. (We see the property of infinite regression as Christ is proven true in heaven before the throne, blameless.)

Lastly we find the Holy Spirit positioned in the viols alongside the trumps as the sixth seal, with Christ's resurrection as the seventh state (of rest) common to every structure referenced in the book as being of heaven.

So, the fifth seal corresponds to the martyrs, and the sixth of wrath to the sealing of the saints. The trumpets show by exclusion the devices of the first four seals used by the devil and the beasts wherein all those who willingly give their souls over to Death in place of Christ, and the Father spares Christ a remnant which are sealed to survive the wrath and to be resurrected otherwise. The Holy Spirit by wrath then simply treads the octal sea into a "lake" in the Sun octal within which the sealed are present as the unity element in the Holy Spirit - not within the static subgroup, but found in Christ all the same. They will be truly brought through the fire.

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