On The Earth And Sea

The angel as the "least in the kingdom of heaven" or "angel of the church" is pictured here as overcoming the beasts from the earth and the sea (the first beast, not it's scarlet counterpart as with it's deadly wound healed.) In fact, the angel is stood on the earth and the sea, indicating that He is victorious over the dragon's devices (the accumulation of it's tail.)

Jesus told His disciples that He had given them power to tread on serpents and scorpions, we see this in this very same image, that the power of Christ is even found in the very least of His elect, and that there is not one whom He has saved and freed that are not also as victorious in exiting, (as is the angel.)

The beast from the earth "speaks like a dragon" and we see this device in the loosening restraint upon the (church, or) image of the first four seals of the revelation, as well as in the four angels bound in the euphrates acting over octals in the sea from the mingling of fire and hail with blood, even to the wormwood devices as added upon the burning mountain cast into the sea. These same four devices (of the seals) upon the earthy elements are also acting upon the sea since a first second and third octal and wormwood device are formed by the "hurting of the oil and the wine" in the dialectic device by incurring or assuming the existence of the empty set in the place of some octal as one of the four "earthy elements or of the four "octals" related by the same device upon the sea of 30 octals. (There is a symmetry in logic between each triple of the four.)

Then we see how the dragon is overcome in his devices by the angel, using the authority of the Lord to exit the Laodicean church of these last days. The angel, faced only with logic (although only dialectic) has discerned correctly to leave the church through the instructions given Him by Christ. As the least, we expect the same instruction to be a calling out for far far more of the elect from the churches.

The dialectic devices upon the earthy elements form the basis for the scorpion devices of the image itself in the churches, the locusts are the effect of the animating (albeit demonic) "life" under the image using those devices. The church becomes nothing but a cage for every demon. (which is the domain of the false prophet beast with it's mark.) the devices form the same action under the four angels bound in the euphrates as over the octal sea (the serpent spirits) - those that form the scarlet beast. The inclusion of cult or false doctrine within the church by the agency of the synagogue of satan (alluded to in the letters from Christ) under the action of the image system is that which leavens the church - by the motions (of its fornication) in the speech of the dragon to animate the same synthetic "life". In the sea, the authority of the first beast that was once insufficient to negate the freedom of the true elect to worship God; (Which same beast is required to allow the false prophet cult or synagogue of satan to freely continue under the same authority of freedom to worship.) allows the beast to receive it's deadly wound, yet the scarlet beast goes into perdition as easily overcome by all, (and the angel) whom have part in the first resurrection which excludes them all as kept apart from the second death which has no power over them.

The second death is constructed from the sea in the form of the scarlet beast, and the image (woman) itself is stripped naked with the inclusion of false doctrine by the exit of the elect. The "eighth king" or "little horn" is the physical state of Israel, required for the healing of the first beast with it's deadly wound to enable the presence of the cultic synagogue of satan within the church itself. Israel is not a tenth horn on the first beast but an eleventh aside from it, and it is the existence of physical Israel which forms the basis for the false prophet spirit to use the authority of the first beast (freedom of worship) to permit the inclusion of cultic false doctrine within the laodicean amalgam under the image (without including physical Israel except in falsity of doctrine.) then replacing the philadelphian elect with the cult that will leaven the laodicean church to it's final judgement as become the woman riding the scarlet beast - that beast is an eighth king, the little horn of Israel, which enables the synagogue of satan's cult status as under that judgement. (Israel is not the judged here, but the Church - as the state of Israel or the physical bloodline of judaism is (in true Christian doctrine) already judged as unbelieving.)

The angel has overcome the devices on the laodicean construct: The two witnesses have the correct ministry to oppose the same devices upon the sea: These are the only manipulations in revelation used by the devices of the seals: albeit that the angel has overcome the carnality of the church, whereas the witnesses testify to the failure of the same system upon the octal sea under the four "euphrates" angels. The angel overcomes the ten kings and the image - and the witnesses show the generalised form of the angels circuit is true for every combination of the same devices (200,000,000 in all.)

In hurting the oil and the wine we see that the device to oppose the seven cycles or spirit of grace is to cross from one octal to another, whether unity is altered in one octal or the octal itself is altered keeping unity constant, the effect is the same - there is no dialectic logic when the truth is that God is assumed to be absent. When the people "rose up to play" and began to worship the golden calf in the wilderness of Sinai, The Lord swore that they would never enter His land, just as when the children now arise up to "leaven" the body of Christ when the Lord does not require it, the rest of God is only found outside the churches without the dialectic system. The land is become "rest" in Christ.

The mark of the beast (from the earth) is the speech of the "beast" (as the dragons speech) used in the fellowship that accepts the mark into itself, as a token of their freedom to worship (granted by the first beast with the deadly wound.) The name of the beast is in the fellowship's seal of agreement with the same system (present in other fellowships with the same speech) as if a token in contract, (unity of the church within the beast system.) and the number the combination of the image system of 660+6 underneath the ten kings that number it using the speech of the devil's devices (dragons tail) that numbers as antichrist to 666.

The former, 660+6 (the image (600) with factoring down to A5 (60) using hurt oil and wine giving 6 states of dialectic logic) numbers the dialectic devices upon the churches using the devices of the tail (in 666 states) which is the number of the false prophet rather than the image. Is the same "speech" used to construct the beast from the sea using the same devices of the four angels bound in the euphrates.

If the ten kings are perceived to be at work in the declining standard of the church, then the angel may also perceive it and therefore all may do so. All are required to remain separate not from the church only, but also from any oppressive regulation of religion by government. If so required to survive, we should then be completely silent rather than condemned for evading secular oppression. No Christian is required to reveal their faith openly; we are taught by Paul not to betray each other when we meet as did Judas with Christ - we are to greet each other with a Holy kiss. In like fashion, Christianity has many lessons from the past which we still have not learned from today. We should remain obedient and without any bad report before the consciences of all (and/or many) by showing virtue rather than legalism, patience rather than ferocity, temperance rather than retribution and faith to keep our savour rather than fellowship to dilute our spirits with the miry pit of false doctrine. The angel has not sunk - there is no such requirement on anyone else to sink.

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