The Temple Filled With Smoke

In chapter 15 the redeemed from both covenants (Moses and the Lamb) sing their song of rest in Christ in heaven. The answering judgements of God in His wrath are ready to be poured out upon the earth. We see here a stutter step again, the passage aligns with chapter 14 and we see the heavenly pageant behind the earthly effects of the winepress upon the city of Babylon.

The tabernacle of the testimony of God is opened (The heavenly equivalent of the tent of meeting) The seven angels with the wrath come out in clean and blameless fashion bearing the wrath of God in seven plagues. One of the beasts about the throne gives seven vials to contain the wrath of God to add upon those plagues. Presumably the 666 system of the pale horse corresponds to one of the beasts (with the appearance of a flying eagle?) The recipients of the plagues are those with the mark of the beast. What is unclear is as to whether seven vials are given to each of the angels or the seven as to one each.

The former possibility permits one lampstand of the angel's circuit to be free from wrath whereas the remaining seven of those lampstands in the cycle of the Lord's bow are filled with the plagues of wrath. The unity element is not spared the wrath in this manner. (but the six non-rest elements of the angel's circuit are free from wrath.) Likewise the seven bowls as "one each" do not spare the unity element either as applied across every octal: but there are eight groups of C7 on the sun octal, each giving a different left hand. If there is no left hand spared then presumably the last bowl would consume the right hand as well! Only those present and preserved in the K4 ultrafilter forming the twelve tribes of Israel as the sealed have a place before God.

2Pe 3:10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. (KJV)

The temple was filled with smoke (obscuring the action) from the Glory of God and as from His great power - no man could enter into the temple. (The difference of the powers of God here make the smoke as the empty set. In placing all of creation into the hands of His Son, the Father exchanges His creation for one made new.) In destroying the creation outside of the K4 ultrafilter (with the K4 filter as the static subgroup in the octal) to its place as the empty set (Making all in subjection to Christ) The four earthy elements are collapsed to nothing. God remembers those whom He chose and in Christ they are preserved. It is not possible to enter into the temple because it has ceased to exist behind the smoke. There is no longer any altar, beasts or lamps of fire: Only The Lamb sat upon His throne as God almighty. The judgement has begun and is set in this scene. We may expect another stutter step.

Where is the Father then? We can make the Father into elements of the K4 ultrafilter - with those whom have the Holy Spirit to one side and those that have existence without to the other. (See the metamath section for the trinity as vectors.)

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