The Seals Opened In Heaven

The last three seals on the book of life are somewhat more complicated. In view is the unity element within what is now the elements of the static subgroup of GF(8) - an invalid alignment or concurrence in the octal structure. The only thing visible in heaven as shown with the Father is the lamb as slain before the throne - as a single blameless lamb that represents the one remaining unity element of the K4 ultrafilter with two parts cut off - Christ as in that moment on the cross when the Father and His Spirit departed from Christ - leaving only God in Christ crucified as close to a man's death as could be made.

The last three seals are then opened as Christ in the K4 form of the ultrafilter, and those last three seals on the book of life show those "In Christ" (And we see that Christ must have "life in Himself" to open these last seals.) These last three seals have no counterpart in the trumpets as devices of the enemy. In all truth the alignment of seals to trumps shows that on aligning the sequence of trumps within the sixth seal we must see that the fifth seal of the angel's circuit (as overcoming and exiting the image system) in the fifth seal/fourth trump moving to the transition to sixth seal/fifth trump shows the angel did not defile his robes whilst overcoming in Sardis (He had left the church already).

In effect the angel then draws out the whole flock leaving behind the laodicean conglomerate desolate - and the fifth seal moves into the sixth seal period wherein the seven trumps occur and the two witnesses have their ministry.

So we have the angel overcoming the image system at the transition from fourth to fifth trump - i.e. fifth to sixth seal (properly beginning the sixth seal.) Then we have a segue from the image system overcome without defiling the angel's robes. (He is still in the kingdom of God remember, and hears his Lord's voice) The overcoming of the image by the least then makes a segue to the wrath during the sixth seal at the blowing of the fifth trump - yet this seems to make little sense unless it is the case that the trumpets have "moved" from seventh seal to during the sixth seal. The seven thunders account for this! (We must not use the thunders more than for this movement, no "Deus Ex Machina".)

So, these last three seals are opened in the K4 form of the ultrafilter, rather than by merely some angel in the Father's octal whom would not qualify as to have "life in himself" as does Christ. (There is no octal K4 subgroup that may be static and contain unity expect for one that spans the whole octal as a K4 group formed under subgroup addition.) In that respect the one whom opens the seals must also be God.

Now, the Father uses the period of the fifth seal to preserve a remnant for Christ separate from the image system that aligns with the fifth trump. The first three trumps are the same devices of the first four seals upon the sea rather than on the earthy elements. (Don't forget that!) We must answer the conundrum of precisely when the first four trumps were blown if the sixth seal contains the seven trumps and also the wrath yet the angel overcomes the devices of the first four seals. (The worst case scenario) Hence the fifth trump is overcome by the angel - so when were the first four blown if the churches align to the trumps and the trumps align with the sixth seal?... If the angel's circuit is in the fifth seal, what of the first four trumps or churches to which they align?

An easy answer is that the angel is the least in the kingdom of heaven. He has restraint loosed upon him within the sun octal only with floating unity rather than "floating" octals! The angel overcame the same devices without shifting his walk from the reference octal (He has not had his candlestick moved from its place.) Then the first trumps are actually irrelevant to all those that dwell with Christ in heavenly places (The 144,000 sealed.)

In heaven we would expect Jesus Christ to have a (sevenfold) fanfare on His victory right? Who knows where or when the seven trumps will be fulfilled if they are moved by seven thunders, there is no data, only the implication of sequence.

Still, that the Father preserves a remnant for Christ in the fifth seal and the Holy Spirit pours out wrath upon the earth during the sixth seal shows that the static subgroup structure as with "two parts cut off" is there in the text. The three woes of the trumps that apparently follow with satans devices against the captive(s) in the church are already defeated devices to any that simply leave teh churches. There is some data on satan countering the K4 form of the filter with the serpents in the sixth trump - yet there is no valid counterfeit, only an aberration of the seven cycle frustrated.

The last three seals as elements in the octal are fixed with the lamb as unity of the reference (sun) octal. Jesus both opens the fifth seal easily as He is the resurrection - a promise for the patience of the saints, and with judgement as to whom is elect. The sixth also easily follows as the sealing of the saints to be preserved through the wrath. The opening of the seventh seal shows Jesus is victorious God, and the sevenfold trump of God occurs moved by the thunders. With the last trump (single or sevenfold) Jesus descends with the elect from heaven, we would expect their number to be completed (fifth seal) and the remnant truly preserved (sixth seal).


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