The Four Winds Of The Earth

The four winds of the earth are related to the subgroups that may correspond to unity in the octal. If we have say, a choice of unity "a" and [b,d,f] is held static then in the left hand we see that {c,e,g} is static. Likewise if a=1 then [c,e,f] may be statc with its pairing {b,d,g}.

The"four winds of the earth" are equivalent to the corresponding static K4 subgroup in the right hand for a particular choice of "floating unity". We may choose any unity element from the six seals (we assume that we began at rest, or the seventh with the scene of the twenty four elders about the throne.). And one subgroup is always static in the octal under frobenius. This subgroup does not contain unity, so therefore we have;

a = 1 one of {[b,d,f],[b,e,g],[c,e,f],[c,d,g]} held static
b = 1 one of {[a,d,e],[a,f,g],[c,e,f],[c,d,g]} held static
d = 1 one of {[a,b,c],[a,f,g],[b,e,g],[c,e,f]} held static
c = 1 one of {[a,d,e],[a,f,g],[b,d,f],[b,e,g]} held static
f = 1 one of {[a,b,c],[a,d,e],[b,e,g],[c,d,g]} held static
g = 1 one of {[a,b,c],[a,d,e],[b,d,f],[c,e,f]} held static
e = 1 one of {[a,b,c],[a,f,g],[b,d,f],[c,d,g]} held static

Of course for each seven cycle we may partition these choices of static unity into four "columns" under the action of the same cycle. Were we to write out the pairs of the left hand, the head of each column of the left hand would be a "corner of the earth". I.e.

[a,b,c] static implies one of {d,e,f,g} as unity. Corners of the earth are {d,e,f},{d,e,g},{d,f,g},{e,f,g}.

The winds are "held back" - they do not "accumulate" on choices of unity as only one is actually in view at any one time (at this point in the text.) With the opening of the seals and the accumulation of the dialectic (or the dragons tail) we see that these four corners of the earth are not yet permuted in their "left hand octals" by the seven cycle of multiplication. When the winds (seven cycle or spirit) are loosed we have then generated four "left hand octals" for our sun octal.

The "holding back" of the winds stops the winds blowing on the earth (the elements {d,e,f,g}) and upon the sea; every other octal generated as a left hand may be further used as a right hand octal: (ie like to the "sun moon and stars" previously), present in many "generations" and with the four winds loosed upon the many sets of consequent corners - generating the sea.

Neither does the wind blow on any tree - there is no corruption of the left handed octal subgroups in comparison to their right hand singletons: The "trees" are hurt when the choice of unity becomes ambiguous. Counting more than one such "corner" at a time corrupts the association of branching that terminates with "blood" intersections.

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