Worshipping The Dragon

Chapter 13 states the whole world wondered after the beast. In accepting the legality of lawful practices under approval by government as the constituting framework of liberty and freedom, the beast has a single name of blasphemy upon its heads. That name is "the creator". The rights of man deduced from the laws of nature are not the same as obedience to the laws of God. Rather than in accordance with God's own laws, all forms of acceptable disobedience and apostacy are permissable from the laws of nature, as man himself is a fallen creature - indeed so is nature therefore with man in it!

In allowing liberty as were it from the creator when indeed it is given by satan (as behind the curtain) we see that the mixing of state and religion is the turning point when the leaven begins to fester. A creator places no limit on sin or obedience when it comes to the individual with freedom. Either make ones self all one way or all the other.

The beast with its wound healed and the source of leaven in place ensures the practice of freedom (in the beast rather than Christ) is with full employment of all the devices of the dragon and his angels. The same devices given to the beast therefore show that the giant melting pot touting freedom of religion is just that - a leavening influence. Why should a protestant be able to travel from one church to another of the same denomination and be accepted based on a baptism certificate? There is no such requirement in the NT to second guess this in a court of law, but this is acceptable as a reason enough over which to sueue a church.

In wondering after the beast the world shows it follows the lead of the beast in matters regarding freedom of religion and behaviour. The beast sets the standard of our time, (and globally does so.) In doing such worship the world acknowledges the dragon (as having past reworked the original USA into the new world order's modern beast) as their "creator", and they worship the beast also as lord and protector.

The modern USA is the most effective and powerful nation on earth that has ever been - It's freedoms are coveted at home and abroad for one purpose or its opposite - it is truly the mover of our time, yet it is the most sinful and wicked nation on earth by any religious standard in christianity. There is no reworking or mending or overhaul that can defeat this beast's present state, it can not be made war with in this regard - yet it appears necessary for freedom in the world because there is no other nation to fill the void of legality left by its destruction that would permit man's own lusts for sin or his need for security. Who is like unto the beast? Who can make war with him? Either of these positions is a dialectic can of worms.

The mouth speaking great things and blasphemies is the supplanting of obedience in Christ found in obeying the laodicean letter. In reworking the beast to incorporate all religion, (also melding christianity together with the sources of leaven) The USA is given a mouth to define any standard no matter how base as legal - and approval of one church by this "beast" creator with its incorporating stamp is as good as acceptance of any other corporation by that church. One must ask "What concord hast Christ with belial?"

The beast is stated to continue for forty two months: that is, by seven C7 groups not including the unity element. The existence of an eighth C7 group on the octal is enough to permit an open door to exit all the churches in accordance with the angel's circuit. Likewise we may arrange the walk of the angel's circuit so that in overcoming, the angel is at rest in Laodicea to start and finish. In remaining separate the angel exits the requirement for keeping his faith "legal" under the beast, keeping it personal. He also exits the churches and therefore the influence of the beast (over any religion) in accordance with finding rest in Christ. The philadelphian church is still in obedience to government laws but only under the requirements of obedience to God first. The rest element is an open door to walk through from philadelphia - and is just a matter of time to come.

The beast opens its mouth to blaspheme God - it supplants the true creator and it also blasphemes His name in doing so. Blasphemy of His tabernacle (New Jerusalem) follows by legally requiring acceptance of quasi-christian cults as acceptable elements of proper worship (eg the rapture debacle) amongst all churches. Those that dwell in heaven are likewise blasphemed - the rest due obedience to laodicea and the reward for doing so is always for "someone else" and never the person to whom the letter was indeed written - everyone is supposedly in philadelphia and the calling for obedience to Christ to the laodiceans is always for "some other guy" - everyone assumes they are saved and they refuse to open their eyes.

Verse 7 states that the beast is made to make war with the saints - the saints only win by non-participation in "religious congress assembled", although truly representative government is plausibly exempt from this - there were no laws placed over any religion in the original bill of rights. The dialectic process used in this NWO beast of satan's construction overcomes arguments of an absolute nature - the art of debate is to meet concencus and never to separate right and wrong.

The mouthpiece of the USA that supplants the Laodicean rest of the churches can use any corporation as a blunt tool to use in place for the source of leaven. Any corporation - (kindreds, tongues and nations) may be used to leaven the churches, and those churches that are leavened themselves may do so likewise and in return - the result is that physical groups of people have no voice against the devices of concensus other than deliberate self-exclusion. The individual is the unit of God given freedom, whereas the group concensus is the mark of the dialectic device used by the dragon.

The dragon's devices are indicated in the text to be used by the whole world except for the body of believers in Christ. It is more accurately stated that using these devices excludes one from salvation. The statement of leading into captivity and fighting with the sword are warnings that the beast can not be fixed by participating, and can not be overthrown without needless bloodshed - the patience and faith of the saints is found in living according to God and not in the devices of satan - government is good to participate within if it guarantees godly freedom, yet if participation requires the mandatory use of the dragons devices overall then it is better to have no involvement. The result is to be patient and endure as boldly as one may.

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