The Fifth Vial Of Wrath

There is a distinction between the first four seals and the final three, likewise there is in the trumpets also. We have seen every element of the octal, the wider sea and the earth, as well as the spirit has had the wrath poured out upon them.

Likewise we now follow the wrath's final three vials which are poured out on the three woes constructions. The dwelling of the ungodly in the octal has been poured out upon them already - now it is the return of wrath upon the deeds of the ungodly that are to be shown the vials.

The first is poured out upon the seat of the beast - the place of facilitation or the one of ten kings with three mapped over one. It is this last one (the seventh) that is the wearer of the "crown" of satan (besides that given the rider on the white horse as used three times in the device so far) as well as the legal anchor of the image system as to the "permissible" (state approved) doctrine of the conglomerate with the sources of leaven.

The kingdom is full of darkness and they gnawed their tongues for pain. It becomes clear that the kingdom or city of the beast - the "Hell" that follows after as the image system, which anchors the laodicean conglomerate is in doctrinal freefall. There is no glimmer of truth in the system - they have "run out of oil" as five foolish virgins. Their speech in employing the devices of satan causes them great pain since the wrath is poured out on the earth {d,e,f,g} and the spiritual Death which counterfeits the life in Christ (confusing the K4 ultrafilter as blood of a dead man) of the opposing serpent spirits is already in receipt of the wrath.

They blaspheme God for their sores and torments thus far and repent not of their deeds - for their deeds are evil and the dialecic rules all that they are - they have no election. (the wrath is poured out upon the sun also.)

The throne of satan rules over the laodicean conglomerate (and synagogue of satan which leavens the amalgam to form the image.) The image (or scarlet beast) is such that the ten kings act as with one mind. "If the head of the snake is in torment then the tail writhes also" it may be said: The "Hell" spirit or "Abaddon" that corresponds to the locusts as well as the "star" with the key to the bottomless pit that is cast unto the earth (-ly elements) is ruled over by the device of satan.

The kingdom is full of darkness - it is now bereft of the Holy Spirit (pneuma or air) - it has been completely darkened by the smoke from the bottomless pit. There is nothing left except for the five elements of the city with the synagogue of satan (as liars that "buy and sell" doctrine) anchored by the image. The fallen star with the key to the pit has enabled the beast to ascend from the bottomless pit: yet it indeed goes to its own destruction.

The darkened kingdom functions on the dialectic process of dialogue. By our words we are judged according to the scripture, and the trinity is that within which we live and move and have our spiritual being. If we are judged according to the reins and hearts then we move in the octal as we ascend and descend on the son of man.

In spiritual reality the beast's kingdom is unable to rest without pain, and now with the fifth vial the wrath makes the beast's marked unable to function in the process they know as religion. They worship the beast by doing the deeds of their father satan, and this vial is effectively poured out upon that worship of the dragon. It is an overflowing scourge.

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