The Little Book

The little book open in the hand of the angel is his "little strength" mentioned in the letter to philadelphia. The result? The angel's strength is not merely his doctrine, - but also is his small ministry, that thus far the revelation is open and fulfilled by the angel himself, (alone). Now, the angel may have a "small strength" or small ministry, but his is indeed very powerful; (Perhaps an internet micro-ministry such as this one?) He is stood on the earth and sea; crushing serpents and scorpions and the devices of the seals applied over the sea as in the trumps thus far are overcome by his circuit in the Holy Spirit.

The little book open in the angel's hand is the same as the book of revelation as up to this point. It, (as far as this site goes also) is fully open and there is nothing left unrevealed in the text (and here on this site as up to some degree - "Give me a chance!") The "deeds" of the angel of the church however in their exact sequence and nature are hidden - John has sealed up the words of the seven thunders and has given a description of their effect for us instead in his own words.

The angels request for the mystery of God to be revealed in the seventh trumpet - the return of the final rest of heaven (as over the earth also) is important to note - because the angel has some further time to wait until the third woe is over and the full sequence of seven is complete.

However we may make some good guesses as to the content of the seven thunders. We see with the completion of the ministry of the two witnesses the tenth part of the city (of babylon, i.e the image) falls. This tenth part is actually a hole of 12 permutations not present in the "Hell" system of the locusts. However the "tenth horn" (one of a superfluous three) on the beast forms a three onto one device for the image as set up upon each of the seven "kings" - (for each of the seven kings there are three further kings set up using the same device as the pale horse (wormwood) over them).

So, after every particular arrangement has been shown by the witnesses as logically baseless, - (The dialectic is not a valid method) we see that the angel has overcome the seven heads on the beast, and the witnesses show that in the case of the angel every arrangement of the dialectic is also shown to be baseless in truth. (The thesis/antithesis of the pale horse to the opposing "balances" are not logically deduced as is true/false.)

So one would ask that "If the angel does these "deeds" of overcoming the seven heads sequentially, why are the thunders uttered in one event?" We know from the book of revelation that the seventh king is the one whom takes the place of "Death" and the five churches follow the increasingly leavened image (as the synagogue of satan or sixth) in following as "Hell" after; following the dialectic process in place upon the seventh.

The only "deed" of the angel that matters is "leaving" each of the "heads" and not going back to one already overcome (as a dog to its own vomit). Five churches are left easily enough by moving on upon spotting apostacy, and overcoming the sixth is as easy as avoiding the replacement of Gods elect with satan's synagogue. The seventh is truly simple to overcome; as finding rest in Christ. Then "Only he who believes Jesus Christ is the Son of God overcomes the world". In finding rest in Christ outside of the image system the completion of the "deeds" of the angel are completed in one event, overcoming in philadelphia: from which rest in Christ follows.

So if the exact manner of the overcoming of each head on the beast is sealed up, we may deduce that without the spirit of "Death" (antichrist) replacing Christ, and without fellowship with the liars promoting false doctrine (the source of leaven), the angel never consequently follows as "Hell" after the spirit of "Death". Then it merely entails the result that as the angel is separate from the image system the "open door" before him is also open before every other person remaining in the church, whom can still show that obedience to God is possible and a good christian life is plausible outside the mainstream churches of the end times also.

So to come full circle the seven thunders are sealed up to make the overcoming of the angel a mystery; (although the ability to do something requires two witnesses for it to be established before God.) The little book that is open in the angels hand is insufficient for explaining all of the fine detail from this point forward: But the book was sweet as honey to taste, but bitter in the belly to digest. John was ensured of the explanation of the mysteries in revelation up to this point; (as from the sweetness in his mouth) but he would have much difficulty digesting the visions he was to see later in the rest of the book. (It became bitter in His belly.)

The mystery of iniquity that fills a great deal of the rest of the book does not have such a clean interpretation in algebra: it is very confusing and requires a greater number of "tools" than does the instances of the octal and the finite fields used thus far. The building blocks are made for the woman riding the beast from the first four trumps and the three woes: I am confident in the Holy Spirit that John was made to clearly understand all of the fine detail of the rest of the book of revelation in completeness: but that as time passed and He "inwardly digested" the visions he became less sure of the detail and interpretation of His own writing.

In this fashion I confidently put down the statement "the correct understanding of the book is sweet as honey to taste but the memory of the vision bitter in its completeness as time passes." In my own experience whenever I have had such troubles I forget the detail of the start somewhere in the middle, and nearly all of it by the time I reach the end.

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