Overcome -The Great City

The two witnesses ministry is complete when the angel's exit circuit or cycle has been shown to be effective when starting in every one of the seven churches, and in every octal. Their ministry is complete when in every octal (of 30) there is shown to be an element for every church (of the seven) at every point in the seven cycle of the Holy Spirit that sends that element to the identity (i.e. there are inverses of each element.) Then it becomes plausible that in every church there is a solution for sending whatever element to unity necessary by product with the correct seven cycle element. (For details examine the letters to the angel or the rest of the bible itself if things are not so secure.)

When the only element left to "witness" is unity itself then the witnesses themselves are not "constructed" from a seven cycle element but from "1". We may assume that those that have not been convinced by the witnesses and are left inside the S5 system are all tares. The witnesses truly state "Come out of her my people". The beast that ascends (the S5 construction) makes war against the witnesses and overcomes them with violence, and in doing so completes their ministry when Christ shows the world finally what is the reward of rest in Him actually is: the resurrection.

Taking just the one element for the witnesses remaining, we have for unity "a" with the seven cycle (a,b,d,c,f,g,e):

{[a,b,c],[a,d,e],[a,f,g]} => {c,e,g} => a <= {b,d,f} <={[a,e,f],[a,b,g],[a,c,d]}

Certainly if these groups and "a" are all unity then there is no constructing a seven cycle using just unity, likewise there is no longer any thing they may do except rest.

However if "a" is unity what we are actually looking at here is not the cycle (a,b,d,c,f,g,e) but unity or "1". In deciphering what is meant by "The great city" We must examine the seven cycles we construct our octals (and witnesses) from. The great city is said to have a "street" and we ask what is the street? Is it the way which has constructions either side, or the road with trees either side whereon people are crucified?

Jesus was crucified as a singleton element instead of the static subgroup we may expect. (For God the Father left Him at the cross.) As with the expansion of the witnesses above we see that the construction reduces to a single element and the subgroups containing that element (as "a" here). The "blood" or intersection property that is found to be the correspondence to the static subgroup in the alternate octal may be interrupted and we may simply reduce to the singletons and corresponding groups of K4 groups thus:

{[a,b,c],[a,d,e],[a,f,g]}=> a <={[a,e,f],[a,b,g],[a,c,d]}

Then this simplified pair of "trees" or "waters" in the two octals are exactly the same principle of "two parts cut off" but "in the octal" so as to remove the possibility of infinite descent. Without the "circulation" of the "blood" in each other which gave the witnesses their animating life (as in this principle of correspondence), these sets act as their bodies, and lie dead in the great street of the city: which can only be formed of the similar "trees" for the other singletons as acted upon by multiplication as upon the above sets in columns.

Then the opposition of the three remaining accumulating choices for unity (the dragons tail) forms upon these groups (of the witnesses "trees" or "waters") the octals as follows

{[a,b,c],[a,d,e],[a,f,g],[c,e,g],[b,e,f],[b,d,g],[c,d,f]} on the right and {[a,e,f],[a,b,g],[a,c,d],[c,f,g],[b,d,f],[b,c,e],[d,e,g]} on the left

We may divide the bodies of the witnesses from the "three" days separate as so; (on the right hand) (I have just shown the generators of each column under the original seven cycle)
{[a,b,c],[a,d,e],[a,f,g]} and [c,e,g],static with three more days formed of {[b,e,f],[b,d,g],[c,d,f]}

(and on the left hand)
{[a,e,f],[a,b,g],[a,c,d]} and [b,d,f] static with three more days formed of {[c,f,g],[b,c,e],[d,e,g]}

Then the coset formed by the static subgroup with the "three more days" set of group representatives form the "half a day" of the octal formed on the witnesses "trees". (Their bodies.) The three and a half days or "horns of the altar" were this scene in heaven (but it is earthly on every octal) are easily made by transpositions (as "f<=>g" on the right hand combined with "f<=>e" on the left hand in the example above)

The people give "presents" (exchanges of transpositions) to each other as it were a celebration, but in view is the same blasphemy of offering gifts on the altar of God and giving that which should be holy as meat to the dogs.

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