This section covers the battle of Armageddon to the judgement of Christ. This is a section with an amillennialist slant - some effort was spent in reaching the conclusion that there is not a literal thousand year reign of Christ preceding the judgement: Rather those that are saved remain saved after the judgement and rule with Christ forever as kings and priests to serve God.

The Victor The Spoils
The battle of armageddon here has raised the possibility that this may not be the second coming of Christ yet - this is before the thousand years comonly expected to follow the second coming, but then that must precede the "last day" of the second coming - seeming to give a contradiction.

The Lake Of Fire
The lake of fire is the inheritance of all those that reject Christ or expect to be able to call themselves "Gods" in blasphemy. Let's see them handle the last three seals on their own without the Father underlying the individual.

Does Not Equal
A page added about the lake of fire and the burning torment the church has associated with it for two thousand years odd. This is dreadful news, not "good news"... It makes a great deal more sense to disassemble the terms used in their proper context than it does to threaten people with a text that has been misinterpreted completely.

Reign One Thousand Years
The thousand fold factor of the 144,000 shows that there are thrones made ready for a further 24,000 - also corresponding to reigning with Christ in eternity - (and in a symmetrical fashion as we have floating unity.)

The Millennial Reign?
This page examines and applies the thousand years reign. The millenial reign is interpreted in the light of the grace God shows His children.

A Caveat
The millennial view is given a final airing in this page,.. some things must be kept simple to understand. God is not the author of confusion.

The Second Coming Is When?
The battle of Armageddon is equivocated to the gog/magog war and the second coming on the last day.

The Judgement
The great white throne and the separation to Christ's right and left is again shown here. The maths once more uses the same construction as the last thre seals.

The More Sure Word Of Prophecy
Jesus shows us the inheritance of the just and the unjust in this passage. In Him we have hope of reward.

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