Overcoming In Stages - Treading The Winepress

With the exit of the angel from the churches of revelation we would expect the whole flock to be convicted: yet although all the elect may have exited there is still the matter of judgement. There in the text is a requirement of continuity that all the churches are unified into the image we see as the woman riding the scarlet beast. In there being one aberrant Church there is one fold and one condemnation.

Who are we to say that a catholic will not reexamine their faith if their church becomes co-lutheran? Will they find Jesus? Whom can say? More so, will they leave to study and show themselves approved?

So, we actually have a definable period between which the body of Christ overcomes the devices of the trumpets (that the world will not) and the arrival of the wrath after the burning of the city of mystery babylon. We expect then a separation of the trumps and the wrath: If the sequence is to be taken from the passage that there is time left between them. The Church is stripped naked with the exit of all the flock, and the Church judged when there is one image: rather - one legally recognised corporate religion known the world over. One template legal "church" (i.e. "MYSTERY") recognised by all government ("BABYLON THE GREAT") the basis or cause of all recognised state partnered and sponsored religion, ("MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH").

Now, those in the image system that have the mark of the beast, the number or name of the same, practice their worship of god or mammon under the same template - whether it be the one template of religion or of commerce under the process that legalises and regulates all, they operate under this template of a "corporation". Then as the wrath is poured out upon the seat of the beast, those with the mark and those whom worship the beast and its image; We have a decided separation between the trumpets and the wrath. The wrath arrives after the last of the flock has exited and the angel has overcome laodicea. (He has not backslid and returned as to his own vomit.)

Judgement begins with the house of God. The wrath occurs at or with the last trump.

The structure of the viols as generated by the trumps (and done so to satisfy the rest of the seventh of every heptad cycle in the heavenlies) allow the wrath to be poured out in sequence, as the winepress is trodden out. The result is that under eight C7 groups for five churches (five foolish virgins) there is then closed the door of the operations of S5 upon the image, she may have any permutation in S5 she desires but no true "mind" to form S6 in the lake of fire. (The result is that every operation on S5 is defined by a map TxT => T Where T is that set of five churches) Thus, under every seven cycle in those eight groups then, the door is shut and in S5 the blood runs out of the winepress (to the space of 40x40 = 1600 "churches") destroying those whom would live in God's creation but without acknowledging him.

So, when the last of the flock exits the church we may have the sounding of one or more trumps, yet as the last trump is to be sounded the wrath should already be prepared. There is a mystery in the manner in which the Lord spans all 30 octals in the sea to pour out this wrath on all but one (reference octal) in a single seven cycle. With the conclusion of the act rather than the algebra of this, the mystery of God may well be finished. It could be done: Yet will we understand how?

Even if the trumpets are blown together or one at a time there is clearly scope for the wrath to be poured out in sequence also. However we first require the last of the flock to follow the least out. In this particular instance we appear to have sequence, structure (a mystery) and the viols follow the trumps in segue.

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