This section follows the text through the pouring out of the seven vials of wrath and up to the conclusion of the destruction of the city of Babylon - properly "Mystery, Babylon the Great..." as a corporation from which all nations have drunk in like manner, associating themselves with, and accepting the devils final devices as acceptable to them, bring God's wrath upon the whole world.

The Wrath Poured Out - Part I
The scripture of the first four vials as poured out is examined here.

The Wrath Poured Out - Part II
The last three vials are examined in this page

The Wrath Poured Out - Part III
The passage leading up to the completion of all seven vials and the subsequent rest element of the seventh is looked at in this page.

Three Unclean Spirits Like Frogs
This page addresses the cryptic passage concerning the "Three unclean spirits like frogs" and gives an indicator in the revelation of the return of Jesus Christ. The passage concerns the making of a place called Armageddon, where all devices of the dragon over the people of God are decimated and destroyed. In one act God splits the devices of the devil in the churches into parts that do not agree with the truth of His Kingdom, and the lake of fire is created ready for the burning of "Death" and "Hell" along with the image that bears her mark from the beast with pride.

I Come As A Thief
This page describes the lake of fire formed at the second coming and great judgement by Christ; The lake surprisingly (or not so) numbers to 666. The text also states that the "sun octal" and the lake of fire are separated and the sign of Christ's second coming may be watched for - we can actually see the time approaching as the church becomes more the image and the believer becomes less in the eyes of those whom assume the greater eminence in the church.

Mystery, Babylon The Great
The passage of the judgement of the woman or Church sat on many waters is examined and compared with the first satanic beast of revelation. This passage depicts the ultimate end of the woman - and she has been given a bill of divorcement from God, and not here as for a second time.

The Woman Riding The Beast Explained
The imagery of the final state of the churches is explained here - although more lies beneath the surface when it is considered that the image is in overlay.

The Angel Of The Church Overcomes Laodicea
With a single thunder the angel overcomes laodicea and said thunder is uttered when the least of the flock has departed. This also depends on when the church is singularly leavened enough for the angel's leaving to become as universal as "thunder" truly is.

The Smoke Of Her Burning
The angel reiterates John's requirement to prophesy - the destruction of Babylon would make John ill - it could be misread as to perceivably reference the destruction of Rome, the seven churches could be at risk. The circulatory system of the woman and the beast she rides is likened to mammon.

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