Flying Through The Midst Of Heaven

Take a quick look at the following verse;

Rev 8:13 And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound! (KJV)

We know the first four trumps correspond to the first four seals, the difference being between the shift of a floating unity to a shift of the corresponding static subgroups. (Most often in the left hand) The last three seals and the last three trumps are opened in the K4 ultrafilter only and are separated from the octal structure.

The "flying" of the angel (through the midst of heaven) represents the transformations from elements to elements in the octal that are possible in the whole of heaven, or including the four beasts, (as "earth".) The three woes represent those two (plus one) parts of the K4 ultrafilter that are not present in the octal: however the unity element is present in the octal, GF(2) is a subfield of both GF(4) and GF(8).

Then the first woe corresponds to the opening of the fifth seal, the second the sixth and the third the consequence of the mystery of iniquity. (As opposed to the promised sabbath of rest in Christ as a unity element.) These trumps are not acting in the "octal" - there is a separation between the K4 ultrafilter of GF(4) and that of GF(8). As a result we can immediately say that these are not consequences of God's actions. Rather the mystery of iniquity rises and goes to its own destruction.

These three woes are not authored by God and actually lead to "the desolation" due to the system numbered as 666. There is no "element" in God that would transform a man into this system, in anything other than death itself. (It is an empty set). The angel flying through the midst of heaven reveals that there is no authorship of God to this beast from the pit, merely the rising of iniquity from the bottomless pit. The angel's flight shows that the system of seals and subgroups is actually a closed system (of GF(8)) and is testimony in the text itself that this closure of heavenly habitations is well defined. The "sealing of the saints" is therefore the proper operation of this system.

The "angel flying" could correspond to the seven stars as well as the twenty four elders. It would appear this angel's work is the equivalent of checking every door is "open" to those in Christ. In flying over the earth (in the midst of heaven) we may assume that the angel's message of the woes is to the currently living rather than those whom are under the altar.

The three woes then represent the "spiritual disobedience" of man and the consequence of man's own actions - The manner in which he refuses to obey the calling of God. The first two woes (respectively "Hell" and "Death") show those two parts cut off to whom Christ will say "I know ye not from whence ye are." and "I never knew you." The mystery of iniquity (or the abomination of desolation) that results from these two spiritual consequences is an artificial "rest" that is totally antichrist (In truth there is no rest found in the system. It results in an absence of any rest, as to none such "static subgroup" or floating unity.)


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