The Millennial Reign?

Now the question we have to ask is, "Is there a literal thousand year period during which Jesus returns and reigns with the saints before satan is loosed from his prison?"

If we answer in the affirmative then what of those armies satan gathers to himself (to surround the camp of God's people), where did they come from? Jesus has not lost a single one of all whom He saved, so these armies must be formed of the "rest of the dead" that lived not again until the thousand years were completed. (actually "expired".) We hope to eliminate this case. After all, Christ will raise up every believer also upon the last day.

The period of thousand years makes sense in terms of applied grace - through the "foreknowing" of God of His chosen. The foreknowing of each believer by God of a period of one thousand years, separates out those that would show their love for God by repenting and being obedient from those that are irreparably disobedient (continually by their own choice). On an individual basis the thousand years foreknowing continues indefinitely or "expires" at the time as to whether a potential believer is favourably chosen or not, respectively. (As under grace) - Therefore the thousand years expires when the Lord has chosen His last disciple, gifting the Holy Spirit and predestinating them into His kingdom, guiding them into that predestined obedience. (Read 2nd Peter Chapter 3 again, in particular noting 2Pet Ch3:v15.)

2Pe 3:15 And account that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation; even as our beloved brother Paul also according to the wisdom given unto him hath written unto you; (KJV)

However the thousand years "prescience" of grace for a believer being foreknown would appear to allow Christ to return and reign for up to a thousand years until that "final" person has become suitably obedient. (And all His people have been made subject to Him.) However a thousand years is completely arbitrary then, (as a figure pleasing to God.) and is only a bounding maximum for some chosen measure of usefulness for a "millennial reign". Then immediately comes the judgement. The "mystery shopper" as above (I know it's a nonsense) is foreknown by grace to be obedient over a thousand years: yet predestination is itself grace, so the judgement could occur straight away, there is nothing stopping God saving someone who is "currently not fully obedient" but "yet will be". (as elected among His chosen.) Why would grace preclude forgiveness?

So if the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished, what does that tell us? It shows that the first resurrection is taken part in only by those worthy of it. The cut-off point for grace is such that from the foreknowing that the Lord has of these "dead ones", grace never applies when the potential for obedience takes longer than a "thousand years"; Even in gifting His Holy Spirit to predestine them, they are not able to reign with Christ, but only under Him. Those that take part in the first resurrection are described as those upon whom the second death has no power. This immediately qualifies them as having no involvement to damnation with the beast or the false prophet, or even the dragon. They are inside the "camp of God's people".

However then, after the thousand years are finally fully and universally expired (read "failed"), there is no one left worthy to be "entered into" the book of life. We see then that when the thousand years have "expired" no one is worthy of the qualification to become chosen and elect. We could consider this the "tipping point" or the judgement for the timing of the sealing of the saints.

We then equate those in this setting that have part in the first resurrection as those that are kept from the hour of temptation as in the letter to Philadelphia. They are the sealed. This passage describes precisely the meaning of the seal. To the sealed believer only those serpents of the sixth trumpet tempt: whereas to the unsealed satan is able to tempt also. That, (the thousand years and the sealing) is God's answer to the satanic copy of His grace found in the image system of 660+6. His sealed may tread on serpents and scorpions, but God has reserved the right to tread on satan to Himself.

We know that satan is bound by his "I will be like unto the most high..." statements under the inability to construct the key to the bottomless pit - he is unable to construct the image in all its completeness, (1/10 of the system forming S5 fails over the five refining churches, aka "laodicea".) Unable to complete his work of damnation of the Church, satan is unable to complete his intentions until the outpouring of God's wrath, in which God states;

Rev 18:6 Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double. (KJV)

Then, as the scarlet beast and Church is damned and the devices of Death and Hell are cast into the lake of fire in her - in filling the missing 12 elements of 120 in the image of the Church (with her judgement) God looses satan upon those that have polluted His holy name, lastly casting them into the lake of fire - a "synchronym" for the judgement upon the Church, the second death. (Evidently the damned surround the camp of God's saints and will be consumed with fire from the Most High.) Satan it seems, is loosed from His prison only upon those that are not separated, and not elect. A slim opening for satan to attack God is not given in the text, neither shall one hair on the head of the just be harmed by him - to come out of the church and stand before God is to have God between the believer and satan. The closed system of the image is a cage for satan and is intended to remain so. All the elect within must come out.

Then satan is loosed from His prison; the sealed are they which are immune to satan's temptation within the "hour of temptation" (re: the forcing of the mark of the beast) and follow Christ, (as faithful until death) they have the "thousand years principle" that will never end: (They will reign with Christ in eternity.) but the unsealed are they who have failed the calling of God to be His elect - and satan is loosed from his prison after the "foreknowing in grace is broken" or after "a thousand years expires" and satan moves in as if he were the unbeliever's spiritual father. Then satan gathers (tempts) the unsaved world together to fight against the remaining elect. I.e. the thousand years "expire" when each individual rejects Christ.

So the first resurrection is at the time of the end at the sealing of the saints, and is before Christ returns to judgement on the last day. The first resurrection is in the book of revelation a term to describe the sealed alive and present in these last days that have part in Christ. The rest of the believers Christ will raise with Him on the last day, for he comes soon and "His reward is with Him". There is only one resurrection of (all) the just and unjust and it is on that last day. Although there is a first resurrection, those that have part in the first resurrection are alive already at the end of the age, and their raising is to become spiritually confirmed to eternal life in Christ, though they can be put to death - they have nothing to fear of the second death. (Thrones are prepared for them in heaven.)

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