Life To The Image V

Now we have entered another conundrum. How do we identify which set of three of ten kings to which permutation within the laodicean amalgam?

We know the ten kings have one mind and that as "Hell" they follow after every decision of three kings (made as if it were) using the pale horse paradigm of "Death".

We must note that to choose three from ten is the same as to choose seven from ten, there are 120 ways both. Then, if we have ten sets of false doctrine we may choose seven of those ten in 120 ways. In giving us ten kingdoms including the three-onto-one of the USA as the tenth (and it formed from the seventh, eighth and ninth) making only seven overall, we have in effect one empty chair for the process and then five churches each with false doctrine as well as a source of leaven as the sixth and the image itself as seventh (in the place of Christ).

The result is that the image to the beast is the false doctrine sourced from the USA and the USA's own leaven is the analogue of of Britain, the USSR and Nazi Germany, - the loosed restrainer in the first three seals..

The result of three kings' doctrine as chosen using the first three seals results in the image system; and we may consider this element as the identity in the image or "e".

Likewise the seven that remain define the image implicitly also.

Is this as far as we may go? We know that there is a hole left within the system of 12 elements: However these are due to God being the "strong man" and the devil unable to spoil His house, these are not specific to the image system.

The scripture states that the false prophet taught that they "should" make an image to the beast, not that they "must". Is this as far as the rabbit trail goes? One could try to select three kings as required as fairly as possible by choosing them by lot: However there is a more subtle mathematical way, albeit just as inapplicable.

There are ten ways to choose two or three elements from five. Thus, the number of transpositions amongst five churches is ten. Then every permutation in a set of five elements is a product of these ten transpositions. Every element can then be represented as a product of these assigned transpositions to the ten kings. This however is not fit fot purpose - as the inverses conjugating A5 are in the same transpositions and not distinct as thesis vs antithesis would be with two different transpositions (or kings).

Also, we only have three kings to hand at any time: we can only construct products of three of ten elements. We are unglued unless we modify our requirements!

Can we generate any element of S6 from the remaining seven kings? (In 120 ways.) We would be restricted to using all seven transpositions in each instance, not just "some of them" - so no.

It would appear then that the only result is to choose the 120 elements of S5 arbitrarily along with each triple in the ten kings.

The fact that each triple is chosen separately for each permutation is telling: The triple of kings relates uniquely to the elements of S5 conjugating A5. This makes sense, as in each case a different permutation of the churches is in view - and the group (the scarlet beast) gives its consensus (approval or authority) to the triple of kings to facilitate and "lead the group" in the dialogue.

The kings reign for an hour - a particular arrangement of the octal with one group C7 (of eight total) for multiplication - and only one automorphism (frobenius) in view. Clearly if one fixes unity and two more elements in a seven cycle (philadlephia and sardis - ignoring the fallen star for a moment.) Then one has fixed a particular element of C7 from one group of eight over a reference octal - that same one hour - and all such "hours" are isomorphic as GF(8). (It is given to torment the churches five months - which includes the fallen star of the fifth trump as the fifth "month".)

Aside: In restricting the seven cycle (in one group of eight over a reference octal) to a single element by fixing sardis and philadlepia as singletons/elements in a seven cycle along with a specified unity one has "strengthened the things that remain that are ready to die." (against the device of the fallen star) The works of the angel are such that sardis is not fully "dead" and there is a way to transition to philadelphia in obedience still. Likewise the door is open to all those in sardis that have not defiled their robes with the image, and quite rightly so. The angel is simply required to find that door and walk through it in obedience to the underlying octal and the seven cycle over it.

The kings strip the church of all its righteousness in Christ, assimilating every false doctrine of each member into the whole. In this fashion they "burn her with fire" - they do what the governments of the earth always do when they invade, they destroy - seen here in John's words as the sacking of the "great city" by the kings now setting it on fire.

The result is that the fire is the replacement for the Holy Spirit leading to the complete destruction of the church rather than the ten kings calling down the Holy Spirit to do the same work for them.

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